Wednesday, March 27, 2019

🌹Anita Blake Cosplay--Progression Shots, Finished Look & Little Chit Chat | Hannabal Marie🌹

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Hello ladies and gents
As I have promised, I am bringing you the last post to end Grape City Con. 
The making of and progression of Anita Blake. 
As well as anything and everything else I forgot to mention from the previous post I already have done which included (but not limited to) the actual convention. 
Read about our time at Grape City Con

As I already stated, this was a spur of the moment sort of deal.
Consisting of what we, me and Ghost Lee, had already on hand. It took about 2 days to finish this look. Alongside many pots of coffee and music blaring so loud in my earphones that I had to stop a few times to jam out to an air guitar. lol

Anita Blake is one of those characters that I have had on a bucket-list for such a long time. 
Scared to just "do it" due to fear of messing her up and not doing her justice.
It's been years, lemme just tell ya...YEARS since I've wanted to cosplay this girl but I decided this time was good enough for me. 
A quick sketch of the costume and all the minor details. lol
I also thought this would be great seeing how Marvel bought the rights to her and are creating comic books about the very novels I have fallen in love with. So, I spent a few days rereading the comics and getting into character. I really wanted to mastered her attitude but it wasn't that hard, considering that Anita and myself have very similar attitudes and personalities. 

She is a badass who doesn't need no man--yet, she somehow still gets them crawling to her. (no pun intended. lol) She also loves coffee, penguins and having the type of humor I love in female characters--very sassy and dark. 

All of this was just more of a reason to do this character. 
Also, I thrifted a very beautiful long sleeve shirt that reminded me of her. 
So, it was written in the stars for me to cosplay her. hahaa
Image Source: Dorkadia

🌟Grape City Con 2019--Meeting Freddy Krueger, Bob Ross Deadpool & R2-D2!! | Hannabal Marie🌟

Image Source: Universe

Hello ladies and gents
It was that time of year again--Grape City Con 2019.
In truth, we didn't really expect to go this year.
Getting the tickets was a last minute thing but spontaneous moments were made from this. 
The wristband we wore. I am going to make a scrapbook with all of my paper elements. I have this one and the few from other conventions. As well as Zombie Walk newspaper clippings with me and my brother on the article. Making memories and all of that. 

I have been reading some of my Anita Blake novels again, falling back in love with this badass animator and vampire hunter. I also found out that Marvel is making (has been making) comics about this, I thought I'd do my take as Anita Blake. 

Everything was done in 2 days or less. Outfit planned the day before and the gun I hand-painted all in one night. I will post a progression before/after about my creating the gun and stuff as soon as I get this one done here. But for now, this is about the con and all the little things that took place.