Friday, September 19, 2014

♥ My New Nude Pumps! ♥

Hellou ladies and gents, 
A while back I bought a pair of nude pumps that were on sale at Kmart. 
I did a look wearing them and never got to an actually talking about 'em and all that. 
(In case you were all wondering how they felt and/or what they looked like)

anywho, I barely shown you my pumps in their full glory. So this post will take care of all that and then some. 

Again, Kmart was having a sale and I decided to buy two pairs of the same exact color for me and my brother. I am in NO WAY being paid for this little "review"'s just my own opinion!

 I've never bought nude pumps before, so this is kind of new for me. 
I've only ever kept to basic blacks or whites...but never nude. 

As far as "pain" is concerned...I am used to the pain of high heels, but they truly are a pain to keep on during the whole day. I would suggest you get a pair of gel insoles to help with your aching feet. (As if proper for all high heels in general) Also if you aren't familiar with walking around in heels, these will be a bit hard to do with since they are truly high.

Anywho, I do love them. I don't even know where I was even going with this post but I just wanted to show off my pretty pumps, is all. 

If you want to see the look I did wearing these, click HERE!

Thanks for reading!