Friday, November 30, 2018

👉Covetable Curiosities--Baby Doll Earrings, Vintage Charms & Circus Tchotchkes | Hannabal Marie

Look at all the little trinkets~ 

Nothing fuels my heart with more passion than vintage oddities and collectibles.
As someone who loves to thrift store hunt around for odds and ends, 
I can truly appreciate what this company has to offer.

Covetable Curiosities offers a range of amazing curios and trinkets.
One-of-a-kind and unique, each item found on their website can only be obtained once.
(unless otherwise stated) A true collectible for those who enjoy a good find. 

I really love the vintage lady on the front of my package!
I'm going to cut it out and use it for something! 

 👉What can be found at this shop? 
"Old Religious Medallions & Charms, Vintage Plastic Prizes & Dime Store Toys, Steampunk Supplies, Vintage Lockets, Vintage Risque Items, Jewelry Findings, Genuine Paper Ephemera, Stickers & Snail Mail Accouterments, Altered Art & Mixed Media Supplies, Old Warehouse Salvage, Antique European Scapular Cloth, Vintage Holy Cards, Fantastic Nonsense, Things You Never Knew You Needed."
-From Their Business Card.

With such an array of selected items, there is something for everyone!
If you happen to be an avid collector or someone who loves to craft, 
this company will be perfect for you. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

👹Monsterz Of Mayhem Ceramics👹 | Hannabal Marie

If you try to define "monster" online, it will state the following:
"an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening"

To some, the idea of a "monster" will cross their mind with what the media has painted them to be--Entities with horrible appearances that both scare and intimate the audience.
But I, for one, have always found monsters as beings worthy of love and appreciation.

At a very young age, while most kids were crying over Frankenstein, being scared about the creature that lurks in the depths of the sea and getting creeped out over the zombies deformities...
there I was, admiring them for their kindness they shown and sheer beauty that is skin deep and unseen by a naked eye. 

I loved this image, I don't know why. Something about it really calms me. 

As someone who used to grow up identifying herself as a "monster" to the general public when being forced into a corner in grade school because I just so happened to dress differently and act differently...As one who idolized monsters and leveled with them in such a way that sparked a form of unspoken connection between me and the "thing" people feared on TV or read about in magazines...I can truly appreciate what Monsterz of Mayhem is about! 
I, as well, have a soft spot for the ideology of what a monster represents to those who just don't understand or rather, fail to understand. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

"Tarot of Bones" Review/Showcase | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
Very rarely do I ever feel a connection quite as strong as I did
when I first seen this deck of tarot cards.

Tarot of Bones instantly spoke to me in a way that was more than human words.
An animal voice speaking to the animal within.
That was how I felt when I first seen this beautiful deck of Tarot cards.

Lupa, the creator behind Tarot of Bones, with the help of Sandra Swan behind the camera,
did an amazing job in capturing and displaying nature for what it truly is--life and death.

Friday, November 9, 2018

🎃 Halloween 2018--Dirty Devil Dancing, KitKat Pumpkin & Trick-or-Treaters! 🎃 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I am bringing you a post full of the crazy antics 
and silly events that took place this Halloween.
We didn't really have anything planned. 
Mostly wanted to have a calm, relaxing Halloween
to make up for all the chaos and running around we have done the months prior.

So, we stayed home, gave out candy and had a blast. 
and to make matters even better--
AHS was on that night, so we had something to watch as the night came to an end.

So, enough with the chit-chat--I am just going to show you what happened.
I gave all my babies a bath the day before, so they would be ready for the big day. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

🌙 Halloween Tarot Inspired Looks: Tarro-ROT🌙 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
For Halloween, me and my brother came together 
and created a series of Halloween inspired tarot cards. 
we selected a theme and/or Halloween Tradition/character/concept 
to which we combined the classic Tarot arcanum with--
in order to create what we have to show you today.

I chose 3, he chose 3 
and together we have a series of 6!

We wanted to create more, but were strapped on time. 
So, 6 will have to do for now.

We plan to come back to this concept next year but in the following months of Nov/Dec--
we are planning to do an actual Tarot representation of the cards alone, 
without the Halloween reference. (of course!)

So, stay tuned for that. 
But until then--indulge in our Tarro-ROT cards!