Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss Spider Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, 
It's Me, Hannabal Marie Bringing You A Makeup Look I've Wanted To Attempt Since Grade School! xD HA!
It Would Have Been A CRIME To Leave This Little Cutey Out Of My Makeup File. . .


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Cookie Monster Inspired Makeup/Fingernails

Hello Lovely Ladies And Gents,
It's Been FAR Too Long Since I Last Posted Something Makeup Related, So Since I Found Some Precious Time I Went Ahead And Made A Makeup Look And Dramatic Fingernail Art Based On My One And Only True Love. . .COOKIE MONSTER!!!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Beautiful Cassé!!

I Want You All To Meet Someone I Got Today From My Mum. . .She Found This Cutie Laying In The Streets Collecting Dust! 
My Mum Said, "When I Seen Her, I Thought Of You" And My Mommy Knows Me All Too Well! xD

I Called Her "Cassé" Because In French It Means "Broken" <3
Isn't She Lovely? <3

Note: The Broken Eyes And Split Lid...She Has The Most Beautiful Blue Eyes I've Ever Seen! :3 And Look At Those Lips! *Dies* <3

She Is Going Straight Into My "Oddity" Section Of My Room! <3

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

The Baroness Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, Today I Have A Makeup Look I Did On My Mother! 
Yes, You Read That Right. . .I Applied Product On My MUM This Time Rather Then Myself! xD 

My Inspiration: A Glamorous Baroness From GI Joe!
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