Monday, October 22, 2012

☽ "Cemetery of Children" The Liberty Cemetery ☽ [My Experience & Photos] | Hannabal Marie

The front gates that scream in agony as you move them to enter inside.  

Hello ladies and gents, 
Me and my family love to explore abandon buildings and sacred burial grounds.
It's a fun little Sunday afternoon thing to do, when you just want to explore nature
and remember the dearly deceased and sadly, forgotten.

Upon our trip to Galt--
(we occasionally like to do little road trips outside our city from time to time,
just to see what our little nook of the world has to offer in terms of hidden gems!)
we came across this tiny little hole-in-the-ground cemetery.

At first glance, it didn't look like a cemetery. If it wasn't for the big iron gates informing me of just that--I would have just assumed it was discarded land and forgotten vegetation.
For a lack of a better way to put it--it looked very dry, abandoned and sad.

Liberty Cemetery, after researching about it when I got home, has a history that is quite chilling and extremely heartbreaking. Mostly for the fact it has been reduced to such a sad state.
I know, as what I am about to show you, that the topic of restoration is being brought up but I still can't help but feel sad for it ever having to be in such poor conditions at all. With broken grave markers, vandalism and headstones being pulled right up out of the ground.
Age and the common wear/tear also being another factor, here.

The following is from Cemetery Records Online, which states: