Saturday, February 28, 2015

❤ 2015 Valentine's Day with Hannabal Marie ❤

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Today I bring you a post on my valentines day fun. 
I waited for a long time to post this because well...
I was a bit lazy and didn't feel like typing all this before you now.
I am not going to lie. I can't. I'm...not a crook. *peace signs up*
but...anyways...I just didn't feel like posting until now. 

Valentines day is one holiday that I LOVE to HATE. 
It's something I so direly am in love with yet it always brings me great depression when it finally arrives. 
It's the sad song of us lonely single people.

I ate a load of chocolate while I soaked in a bath listening to "Blue Valentines" by Tom Waits. 
I was in a rather....depressed mood...chocolate does waits. A lot actually. 

 I couldn't resist...I had to do a line.....

 my baby girl was quite happy...until....

 ...I gave her a bath.

 My blind shih tzu was full of love on this day, though. 
Just look at those love-struck eyeballs.



 Lily was sulking in the corner though. Still mad about that bath.

 Among a bunch of holiday treats...I had to add my addiction in the mix. 
I don't know about you guys but I FUCKING LOVE THE BLACK LABEL HOT CHEETOS!


I also made chocolate chip cookies...because if you haven't noticed...I'm obsessed with baking cookies and treats and I use any excuse I can get to bake something. XD A Holiday is just another excuse for me! 

The moon was full that night.

She is still pretty mad, though.

Here is the bunch of sweets and treats I got for cry over....on Valentines day...because it's 2015 and I'm...still....single....HA.
and yes....Jesus chocolates....who better to eat a chocolate Jesus square than this harlot?'s gotta be a chocolate satisfy my soul...

 If you are on my Facebook, then you probably seen my made up mug on a video for Vday. 
I just made a small point on video about my love and hate for this holiday simply because I am a hopeless romance who is hopelessly in love with no one because no one loves me back. Haha.
Nothing much else needs to be said. Ha. 

So yeah, my mug. I got prettied up, since I wasn't feeling like myself and wanted to fix that problem. So I spruced myself up...for myself...

So yeah, that is all.
Like I said, I just felt like posting something, since I need to get these pix off my laptop. 
So yeah, enjoy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
Today I am bring you a little post that I am quite happy about. 
A while back I entered into a mini contest that the lovely Brit's Makeup hosted!
The makeup companies who helped with samples for her contest were; 

And lastly, the judges were:

I won FIRST PLACE with this look below!

The concept of the contest was "Nail Art Inspired"
Basically we had to pick a google search image of a nail art piece we liked and turn it into a matching makeup look. 
I choose this nail work from NailCraze!
(I do NOT own the nails, I only own my face on the top!)

 I am sure you are done with all this small talk, so let's just go right into the prizes that I won! 
I received a box today and inside the box was the following:

Let us just go straight into what I got in full detail and what is to be expected from this loot.

Disney Jasmine Beauty Book "A Whole New World" from ELF & Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara from L'oreal!

 When you open up the Jasmine Beauty Book, The insides look like this.
You get (7) Eyeshadows, (1) Doubled-Sided Sponge Applicator, (1) Black Pencil Liner, (2) Blushes, (1) Blush brush & (1) Lipgloss. 
It comes complete with little bookmark with the cute little decal and lotus mirror. 

When you "open" as asked, the fold-out looks like this. 
It gives you a step-by-step guide to achieve the best "Arabian Days & Arabian Nights" looks.
I really ADORE all the small minor detailing in this book. Coming from a Disney lover as myself, I was crying with joy over all the little innuendos! haha!

Also I got this mascara as well. 
Volumnous Butterfly Intenza from L'oreal. 

 When I opened the packaging, this is about how big the mascara product is to my small hand. 
It also comes with a little closing cap, that you can dispose of when you put the item together with the brush and all. 

 Here is the tip of the brush in full detail.
Just look at those "wings" haha! 

 and to end this portion, here is the mascara put together. :P

Now, the second portion of this post I wanted to leave for last. 
I was also given some indie cosmetics. 
A few indie companies took part in this contest and gave some samples to the lucky winner! (me)
so let us get into the small talk...

I got my first cosmetic sample pack from BFTE Cosmetics!
 BFTE (Beauty From The Earth) Cosmetics included this cute little box full of samples for me.

 They were kind enough to even put a little complimentary sample baggie of "Wine Country" in the little card. 

 Here are the pigments up close. 

Here are the name labels. 
I am assuming they are of some kind of coffee collection. 
Which is perfect for me because I am quite the addict myself!
Pigments From Left To Right:
Foam On Top, The Last Drop, 
Turkish Coffee & Java Junkie.

The next Indie Cosmetic Company is Glamour Doll Eyes.
They included (8) Pigment Jars, (1) Glitter Fix, (2) Business Cards, (1) Glitter Fix Instruction Card & A Sticker!

The Pigments Left To Right:
Mermaid's Plumage, Cheapskate, Poodles, Island Chic, 
Funeral Selfie, Parlor Tricks, Bruised!, Royally Yours. 

And up close shot of the glitter fix!

the next indie cosmetic brand is called BeautyBarBaby!
 I got (2) Full Jar Glitters, (2) Sample Baggies Of Glitters and (1) BlingBling/Glitter&Eyeliner Sealer!
All wrapped inside a cute maroon mesh baggie with instructions on how to use the loose glitters and make loose mineral eyeshadow become liner.

The Glitters Left To Right:
Gold Gone Wild, Fantasy
Champagne Cocktail, Cleopatra

And the last Indie Cosmetic Company is Alter Ego Nail Enamel!
 I received (3) Nail polishes and (2) Business Cards!

 I really have a love for nail art and I will surely be making some amazing things with these guys!

 The Nail Polishes From Left To Right:
 She Shines, Vintner, Girly Girl.

and that is the end of the indie portion of this post. 
I also got a Beyonce "Heat" Perfume set. 

I have given the set to my mother because she LOVES the scent and I thought I'd do something special for her. 
(The whole reason I even entered was for my mom and that jasmine beauty book. 
I seen Disney and I flipped! 
I didn't even know I was going to get all the stuff I got, I was utterly blown away by all my prizes! 

I will definately have swatches up soon of all the pigments I got. 
I was just so happy to find a package by my doorstep, I just had to share with you all the loot I got! 

 So stay tuned for my swatches and some makeup looks using the stuff I got!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

⚜ The Chequered Lily Apothecary "The Spring & Halloween Collection" Rant/Review/Swatches! // Hannabal Marie ⚜

Hello ladies and gents, 
Today I bring you all a lovely review full of photos and videos galore in regards to 

(I was in fact given some samples to review today but in no way, shape or form is my opinion being altered. Everything I review and have reviewed has always been 100% truthful opinion AND on my own will.)

 (logo belongs to The Chequered Lily Apothecary)


As I mentioned, I got some samples to review but before we get into the good stuff, can I just please explain my little story here involving this cosmetic company and the lady in charge, Kim. 
I want to just tell you guys about her for a second, so please bare with me. 

I have never meant a more sweeter, kinder, down right amazing person as her in my entire life of makeups. Most companies I have interacted with (the few I do remember) were...just that, companies. Doing business and not really caring much for small talk. 
 "Wanna sample my stuff? ok!" and then never talking with me again. 
Never, and I do repeat...NEVER have I ever felt so "comfy" with a stranger in my entire life. 

Aside from all this mushy stuff, she is really fast with the shipping and when she means something...she means it to a "T". I had some issues with people in my past that will keep saying one thing but do the exact opposite. They will ignore you until the cows come home...well, until the costumers stop coming and they need a fresh new mug to help "get their name out here again"! haha. So you can bet on having prompt replies and great customer service.

Anyways, I bring this all up because I've seen countless "reviews" where people just don't talk about the main person in all...which leaves me guessing. "who are they?", "what services do they have?", "what kinda person am I dealing with and who is my money going to?" 
Yeah know? Cosmetics are nice and all but I think we all should (at the very least) be familiar with the person for whom we are buying/receiving products from. If someone is rude, no matter how great their line of makeups are, I certainly will not want anything to do with them or their cosmetics.
anywho, Kim...hun, you are one helluva gal and thank you for this opportunity for me to try out some of your stuff!

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