Wednesday, February 26, 2020

🎃 Happy Halloween 2019 🎃

 Hello ladies and gents, 
Today I am finally getting my Halloween post...posted. lmfao
I could give you an assorted variety of reasons why I've been late to post this but truly,
it will not do anything but cause me to waste more of your precious time reading this darn thing. lmfao I think the best coarse of action would be to simply give you what you've come to see--Halloween tricks and treats~!
Google had a cute little banner for Halloween, too~
On the day of Halloween, I took to the internet. I know that some people have a bittersweet relationship with social media (and the internet, in general) but I really do love it!! I love how it can connect like-minded people together from all over the globe. I also happen to love to see what other people do on such a glorious holiday such as this. From Google Search Engines to Facebook friend posts~ I love it all! Here are some of the highlights from the internet (as well as some stuff I did in the month of October, too!) If you don't follow me on any of my social networks then this will be new to you but if you do--let's rekindle that old Halloween feeling together~
Here is a screenshot of our local newspaper's Instagram! I made front cover...err...front post? lol

Sunday, February 23, 2020

🦇FB Marketplace Halloween Bundle🦇--Vtg Gemmy, Mr. Christmas & Chrisha Creations!

Hello ladies and gents, 
I know I said I was done hauling Halloween wares 
but my heart is forever engulfed in the Ween of Hallow. 
Especially old vintage items that I can't quite pass up.
My dog when we brought in the bundle. lol
Today I have a lovely post full of wondrous little Halloween trinkets and thingies!
In this lot I have a little bit from everywhere--Gemmy (which are my favorites among favorites
when it comes to Halloween trinkets!!), Mr. Christmas (A brand I never heard before until now!) and an inflatable from Chrisha Creations! (Another brand I never knew existed until now!)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

🎃Last Halloween Haul of 2019🎃--Dog Costume, Glow In The Dark Fingers & Dollies

Hello ladies and gents, 
Sorry for the absence, I've been extremely busy with life. (Such is life, right? lol)
I have SO MANY posts to blog about but I think I should finish up the Halloween stuff I started with last year. (It's been THAT long, I know! Eek!)
We went into pretty much every store, looking for last minute trinkets. This was Pet Smart. 

This is the LAST of my Halloween hauls of 2019.
Now, I can't say I won't find anything new in the upcoming days with Thrift stores being so random with their contents...but the following items were the last I picked up in the month of October, before Halloween. The themed things during the season, so to speak.

They wanted all their costumes for a pretty damn penny, so we left with a few dog cookies and these photos. lol

 Anyways, I will talk in each photo--
as I am sure you are all aware from my previous posts in the past. 
So, let us get to the goods~