Monday, December 31, 2018

👉Thrift Store Find: 'Two Hats' Haunted Doll | Hannabal Marie

My little haunted doll, 'Two Hats' wants to wish you all a very happy new year! 
He's quite ecstatic about it, actually. 
He kept falling out of his cabinet onto my floor, trying to get my attention. 
He's my little cutie-pie~

 I got him a while ago, from a lady who claimed he holds a spirit inside of him.
But she also told me, she found him at a thrift store and did some work on him. 
She said that the spirit is of a quirky young man who like to chaos innocent mischief. 
Not to harm, but to get a laugh out of you because he doesn't like people being upset or sad. 

Goodbye 2018--Hello FUTURE!

I know it isn't 2019 just yet, with my timezone and everything but I know that as soon as I blink, a new year will be already here. Time keeps flying and it hasn't stopped yet but that's life, right? I am bitter-sweet about 2018--it started out pretty horrible but it's ending fairly okay. I am not going to keep you reading a long detailed post about silly resolutions or things that could have been but didn', it's no use to ponder on the "what ifs" and "should haves", in my honest opinion but I know what I know now and I can waltz into 2019 with a better sense of judgement and so much more knowledge. If ever a year was made up of battling and fighting--2018 was definitely mine. I fought to get to where I am and truth being told, I am still fighting. I fought against negative forces trying to bring me down and belittle me and mine. Negativity in the beginning of the year, negativity in the middle--it wasn't until I decided to continue to fight for my own best interest, that everything started to change. I was at a point where giving up felt a decent idea...but something in me, with the help of my family and friends, kicked me back into shape and kept me moving forward. Now, I have so much to look forward to. I haven't even acknowledged what I'm talking about due to fear of saying something too soon and having things fail. But all I will say is that me and my brother are working, have been working, on some amazing things for this near future. Our skills and talents have been recognized by a few companies and we are coming together to see where this future takes us. I may not be entirely free from harms way but I know that if I can go through the bullshit I had to endure in years previous, I can go through anything! I know 2019 will be better for me and mine because only until now has a fire been lit under me to want to make a change and take my craft/skills/hobbies/talents seriously. Aside from physical skills and things of this nature--I also know who is around at this very moment, those who make a difference in my life and those who shine hope down on me...I know who you are and I just want to say I appreciate your efforts, deeply. Thank you for being here, for as long as we've known each other! Thank you for putting up with me, supporting me and inspiring me to be a better artist each and every day. Some don't see "likes" as anything other than food for attention hungry people to obtain...but I can't stress how GREAT it feels to see them on my work, to look at it being appreciated. The comments telling me how great it is or how I blew them away. It really makes me feel good to know that someone, across the globe even, seen my work and loves it...instead of just making it in my bedroom and pinning it on my bedroom walls for no one to ever see. lol But enough with the sappy stuff, let's hold our heads up high and embrace 2019!! We got this everyone!! <3

Sunday, December 30, 2018

۩The Original Hearse Purse--Review & Showcase۩ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 
If you follow me on Instagram, You would have seen that I posted a "sneak peek" of this surprise item for all to see. Everyone seemed to really love it, even to the extent I was receiving messages in my inbox guessing what it might be--some got it right away, while others came up with some wild ideas. But for all those who guessed "Hearse" you were correct!

But it's not just any hearse, it's a HEARSE PURSE--
The Original Hearse Purse, to be exact. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

🍭SWEET TREATS--Project Pinup Jewelry & Accessories Mystery Gift Box Subscription🍭 | Hannabal Marie

All the goodies I got in this months Mystery Box! 

Hello ladies and gents
A while ago, I received my Mystery Gift Box from
I really love when people put little things on my packages--
this little sticker, though such a tiny little thing, really brightened up my whole day! 

I was sent this box courtesy of Project Pinup, just to play around with and showcase for you.
I plan to do a unique look when I get the time, but for now--I am merely showing you the goodies I got. 

Unfortunately this subscription box is no longer available.
Project Pinup had to stop doing them, but I will still show you what I got--to give you an idea of what you can find on their website.

I will still review as if the box is still around, letting you know the prices and what each product is claimed under each category. Things of this nature.
So, here we go:

Sunday, December 23, 2018

🎃 Autumn Leaves--The end of our 2018 Halloween Pumpkin 🎃 | Hannabal Marie

My beautiful Pumpkin. 

Hello ladies and gents
This was our Halloween pumpkin of 2018.

He is dying, slowly but surely. 
Squishy and soft in certain parts. 
Some of the bulbous nubs are falling off and crumbling. 
His stem is coming off and he is starting to smell.
Before he leaves, I wanted to memorialize him.

💀 I WON AN INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY--"Don't Fear Dawn" Ch. 6 Comic, Print & DFD Collector Card 💀 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
A while back, Don't Fear Dawn was hosting a 1K appreciation giveaway for her followers.
In the post, she asked what your favorite monster was and why, I put my two sense into the comment and left. Not really thinking I would win anything! I ended up getting one of the prizes from a lot, which included: A signed DFD comic, a print & a collector card. 

The other prizes that people could have won were: a poster, cards, and several other packs of signed comics/prints/cards. I was one of the lucky ones to get 1 of the 7 packs. 

With all the people commenting, liking and tagging--I assumed I would only be remembered as someone who participated but I actually WON! 

❄️ Wild (wo)Man by Hannabal Marie ❄️

The eyes I drew on card stock, it really gives me a sort of "painting vibe."

Hello ladies and gents,
I thought I'd try my take on a Snowy Alps Krampus. 
Highly inspired by "The Beast of the Alps" aka The Yeti. 
I came up with the look and overall design while listening to "Wild Man" by Kate Bush on repeat! Haha. Since I already did the "darker version" of Krampus last year, I thought I'd try something completely and totally different.
Here is last year's traditional take on Krampus:
Baby pasties and paper mache horns. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

⭐Ravyn Grove Elemental--Beautifully Hand-Poured Hoodoo Voodoo Candles⭐ | Hannabal Marie

This big o' box was waiting for me on my front porch. 

To some people, a candle is merely a candle. A object of light when no light is around. 
A wishing rod on someone's birthday 
or even a dainty little trinket you put on your vanity to "spruce up a room"
Now, the aesthetic of candles have always been an attraction to me but I can't stress how important they are to someone in the craft. 

They are the connecting pillars to our deities or vessels of magic. 
When a candle is present, so is our god/goddess (or none at all, or perhaps yourself! 
Everyone is different and everyone believes differently.) 
But to me, I can feel a powerful force or rather, a powerful "connection" whenever I light a candle. 
It makes me feel as if I am on a higher plateau than I already am. 

By lighting a candle, we are harnessing the power of fire to bring about a change. Fire, for those unaware, is an element of transformation. Fire can help or fire can take away. It can melt wax, turn organic matter into ash. Softens hard metals. It can boil water, heat substances and even warm you on a bone chilling night. It can be warmth or it can be chaos. Solely depends on you and what you bend the fire into. 
Everything was secured and double wrapped with bubble wrap. As you can plainly see, everything was packaged quite nicely! The box even had bubble mailers and those air shipping pillows. :) 

I'm not going to sit here and pull out the history books but candles have been around (or rather, the idea of fire being powerful has been around) for a very long time. In the prehistoric days, it was looked at and even feared as something "divine" and/or "god-like." There is a long and dark history about candles that truly shines light on the occult.