Tuesday, December 1, 2015

❤ KISS "Cross My Heart" Sunglasses Review // Hannabal Marie ❤


Hello ladies and gents
last Christmas I never got around to show you all the cool stuff that I got because it didn't arrive quite on time, as I expected.
So I am here to post about some of the few things I got from ebay. 

These sunglasses been one of many things I have been eyeballing since I first seen them and to be quite frank, at the time they were extremely expensive and I didn't think I'd ever be able to have them until one day, when snooping and window-shopping on ebay, I found these babies...for 5 BUCKS! 

So ya know how mama loves a good steal and how I stole this steal!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

~Doom Dollz Character Creations~

the table Jess of Doom set up~

Hello ladies and gents, 
a friend of mine asked if I could recreate her custom-made dolls a while back for a few events she was going to, and well...
I'm here to publish the results of said events. 

Jess Of Doom, the creator and founder of Doom Dollz, went to RI Comic Con 2015 and Combichrist/The Birthday Massacre Show.
(to name a few I have seen my face at!)

As she told me, people went crazy for my re-creations.
I am so freaking happy that people actually liked me enough to purchase something with my face on it! 
I can't even fathom how amazing it feels that someone, somewhere, has something of me with them now! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

(¬º-°)¬ Zombie Walk 2015 // Hannabal Marie

It was that time of the year again!

2015 Zombie Walk was amazing!
I never seen a more packed event in my entire life. 
My brother with some kiddies.
From streets filled with flesh bags to every street shop and pub stop filled to the brim with bumping bodies. 
Me on the right, my brother on the left.
This was around 6ish at night.

Friday, August 28, 2015

► My Thrift Store Finds: Privileged "Rockstar" Spiked Platforms // Hannabal Marie ◄

Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
I am addicted to thrift shopping and well, I try to always find a way to have some spare dollars on hand for things that I find at thrift stores. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

✯ lovelyBUTstrange Giveaway Prizes (Revlon/Kleancolor/Jewelry+A Makeup Look) ✯ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
A while back my friend Val from youtube "lovelyBUTstrange" hosted a giveaway and I won! 
I never got around to posting my goodies due to illness and a few other things involving me and mine, so I am so sorry for the long wait but nevertheless, I am posting now. 

 I was so darn happy to see my name pop up in her "winners" video. haha

Monday, August 24, 2015

☺ My Clown Collection ☺ // Hannabal Marie

Hellou ladies and gentlefish
A while back I made a video about my clown collection, thus far.
A lovely friend requested to see some of my toys/items and so I went ahead and sated their curiosity! (along with some of you, too!)

I collect clowns of all types; toys, dolls, posters, old magazines, ect.
I also collect circus/carnival themed things as well.
aside from clownish stuff, I also happen to collect other stuff too;
Like Oddities, Wet Specimens, Taxidermy, Obituaries, Books, Clothing, Shoes, Other toys, Makeup, Tom Waits stuff, ect.
(All of which will become videos themselves, soon enough! 
Some even have already been shown and some are a dream of mine for which I must first acquire them before I can collect them. Le sigh!)

But as I made known in my video,
My clown collection is just like my clothing collection...
The more I live, the more I shall acquire more items! hahaa.
My clowns are one thing, among many things, that shall forever keep growing.

Everything should be covered in the video, so I hope you enjoy.
otherwise as I mentioned above, I will and plan to continue this collection until I croak!

Hannabal Marie

Sunday, August 23, 2015

✪ Red ⇨ Orange Hair Coloring Process ✪ // Hannabal Marie

Hellou ladies and gentlefish, 
I want to share the process it took for me to achieve this rusty orange color that I oh so love and adore. 
Before the orange, I was a redhead...

 I used Splat in Luscious Raspberries to get that red color. 

 as time does tell...it was only a matter of moments...errr, or a few washes...for the red to start to fade and thus a new color plan had to commence....

 Now before I get into the photos of the orange, I just want to say that it took TWO tries to get the desired look. 
I didn't quite like the look of one box color, so I had to use something entirely different to get the ideal shade. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

May 14, 2015, A Date Worth Remembering ☛ Tom Waits On David Letterman!

(Above image found on google. I don't own the image.)

 Hello ladies and gentleman!
As all of you are already in the know about...
David Letterman is coming off-air soon and as one of his final guests, 
he had my all time favorite man on his show to do a lovely performance and interview. 
 Mister Tom Waits!

So as I and everyone who knows me is concerned....
I brewed myself some joe and waited for my man to come on....

As proof of this crime...here is a photo....for...ya know? evidence. 
 11 o'clock just around the corner. 

I just want to state, to those who think I'm making a big deal for nothing, that Mister Waits hasn't made an appearance in such a long time. 
So this is kinda a big deal to me and all other waits' lovers out here. 
It's like Christmas....in may. 

 I can't stress how much I was crying from seeing his name in highlights. 
Somebody pinch me!

The interview was amazing. 
I took a very shaky video, but I don't think it gives it any justice...
so I'm not gonna even bother with posting the shaky nonsense. 
I guess it's easy to say that I wouldn't make it as a professional movie bootlegger. ;D

...so for those of you who are curious or who wish to see it again...
here is a better version of the same interview...
It's just amazing to see how well and amazing he still is, despite the lack of him we have had. 
My heart flutters for this magical man.

The mug of the man who first appeared on Letterman! :)

 During his speech and interview with Letterman...
one thing spoke to me among everything else....
and that one thing was this wise bit of wisdom:
Rough times calls for rough measures.
Free them, people. 
Those poor glutens...standing in line for salads and such. 
Poor guys.

as the interview went on, so did waits. 
he ended with a song that touched me dearly.
"Take One Last Look" was so darn beautiful. 
Damn you, Waits. 
Damn you for still bringing tears into my eyes.

and here is the song, for all ye curious eyes. 

That's it, folks.
Lovely little feature, Lovely little tune. 
Lovely little Waits. 
So worth the midnight stay up. haha.
Let me just say, a little someone slept real wonderfully with dreams of nonsense that night...er..morning. 
Thank you, Waits. 
Thank you for another lovely performance and showing. 
I love you! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

☣ ♥ Leeloo Makeup Transformation by Hannabal Marie! ♥☣

Hello ladies and gents,
I recently dyed my hair a different color and my color choice was orange.
So without thinking, I dyed it and as I was coming out of the shower after drying off my hair with a towel my hair flew across my face, strands every which way and tangled all around me....
it was then that I realized what I had to do.
I had to become Leeloo.

I will stop with the useless chatter.
I am sure you came to see my images, so I shall give them to ya.
I used basic eye shadows and cream based makeups, nothing fancy.
Just wanted to get her done before my mind decides to change my hair again! XD hahaa

 The costume was made out of scrap material I had laying around. 
Sorry it's not the real authentic one but eh, is enough.

 I also did a few "for fun" images.
Because when I get into a character, I kinda get into character. 

 Thought my portable heater in the background resembled the tube thingy she was in, 
so I thought this was a nice image to post. Haha.

 I found this cool .png of a broken glass thingy online. So I went ahead and added that in for extra funness. Haha.

 I couldn't be Leeloo without the death stare!

 and one last one for the hell of it. 

Since we are on the topic of Leeloo, I wanna attempt to recreate her other outfit.
Ya know? The one with the orange harness and such.
I wanted to do the multipass shot as well but I don't have that card on hand nor the outfit she wore. Sooooo...I might hafta design the look complete with card one day and pretend her again.

But yeah, I just wanted to get her done while my hair is fresh and vibrant and all that.
Ya know? Before it starts to fade and loose pigmentation.

Anywho, thought this was fun.
Hope you enjoyed the look.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

☆ ✮ Indie Cosmetic Review: Glamour Doll Eyes (Swatches/Info/Looks) by Hannabal Marie! ☆ ✮

Hellou ladies and gentlefish
I while back I took part in a contest and I won a load of prizes. 
In the whole mix, I won these full sized pots of Glamour Doll Eyes pigments and a glitter fix! 
(As well as a few business cards, an instruction card for the glitter fix and a sticker!)
I was so happy to get to finally try out this specific brand, 
so you can only imagine that I'd create a review based on the goodies I got.

I am not being paid or anything for this review, 
I just thought you all would enjoy a post about what I received!

Monday, April 13, 2015

☁ When It Rains....It Hails.....☔ (An Uber Mega Long Picture Post Story by Hannabal Marie!)

(Click the link to read the full post. It's really big, hence the page break. To your health!)

♛ Indie Review: Diva Minerals (Plus Swatches/Info/Looks) by Hannabal Marie! ♛

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I really love finding indie brands that are both amazing and highly in pigmentation, 
thus my search will forever continue to help inform all my friends and family of places that have amazing makeups.
I am happy to bring you another indie find today.
I contacted Diva Minerals and requested some samples to try out and she did just that!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

✍ UPDATE: "Giving Life To The Rain Dog." (The progression of my Tom Waits art piece!) by Hannabal Marie!

 Hello ladies and gentlefish
Thought I'd update on the progress my art is taking.
I went ahead and continued the necessary steps to *almost* complete him by painting him to life.

So let us go straight into it, shall we?
Tom's been WAITing for this moment....how 'bout you?

✿ Easter Makeup & Outfit Look by Hannabal Marie! ✿

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I wanted to share with the lot of ya, my easter day look. 
I am sorry I didn't post on the actual day but here it is just the same.

I didn't really do much for easter, no egg rolling or baskets. Just got a few goodies and dressed up a bit. I wasn't feeling good, but I still wanted to do something.

 I had this pretty dress I found at a thrift shop for a looooong time. 
It's homemade and I love it. 
Thought it would be perfect for Easter.

 I don't really know what I was inspired by...
I just guess even the devil has to look her sunday best. ;)

This is the whole outfit, as best as I could show. 
The pumps, shiny flesh-colored stockings, dress, hair, makeups, ect...ect.

That's pretty much it to this post. Felt like some of you would like to see a post in regards to my Easter. 
I hope you all had a lovely one, at that!

Monday, April 6, 2015

☕ Work In Progress: 'Who Are You?!" A Paper Mache Tom Waits Face Plaque by Hannabal Marie! ☕

 Hello ladies and gentlefish.
Sorry I have been away, I've been in a sorta runt...
so I just needed a reason to keep myself from thinkin' and this is the reason I bring before you. 

I got into the paper mache again and I designed a Tom Waits wall plaque to put on my wall. Complete with removable ciggy that can, when inserted into Mr. Waits mouth, have a incense stick stuck inside to give it that extra PAH-ZOOM!
(I actually have Coffee scented incense sticks! So it fits perfectly with my theme! ;D HA!)

For those of you who don't know who he is, shame on you...shammmme.
he is the main inspiration behind loads of things...even some stuff I am sure you admire and love yourself. From music that other composers covered, The cookie monster himself...and the inspiration behind Heath Ledger's Joker! 
(to name a few!)
I just really love this man, to itty bitty box-filled pieces!

Friday, March 13, 2015

✩ Indie Find: "After The Rain Bath Novelties" Review! // Hannabal Marie

 Hello ladies and gents 
I am pleased to inform you all on another lovely review. 
This one is a bit different compared to my usual cosmetic types. 
I am going to be reviewing some bath soaps.

(I want to add that this is a PR review. All samples were sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are going to be 100% my own. I don't and would never write a post that wasn't truthful. It would be a waste of time otherwise. 
I simply was curious and wanted to try some stuff, the review is just a means of letting my fans know of awesome stuff, seeing which companies I like versus ones I don't AND a way to stay active on my free time. HA!)

Monday, March 9, 2015

✞ Big Black Mariah Goes Clang Boom Steam! (A Tom Waits Tribute!) by Hannabal Marie ✞

Hello Ladies & Gentlefish...
I have a Tom Waits inspired look to show today
I am quite obsessed with Mr. Waits and have been for a loooong time...
so I have made it my duty to create stuff inspired by the man who inspires my insanity! haha!

So today I decided to bring life to one of my favorite songs of all time...

 "Well cutting through the cane break, rattling the sill
Thunder that the rain makes when the shadow tops the hill
Big light on the back street, hill to ever more
Packing down the ladder with the hammer to the floor
Here come the Big Black Mariah, here come the Big Black Mariah
Here come the Big Black Mariah, I seen the big black Ford

Well he's all boxed up on a red belle dame
Hunted Black Johnny with a blind man's cane
A yellow bullet with a rag out in the wind
An old blind tiger, got an old bell Jim
Here come the Big Black Mariah, here come the Big Black Mariah
Here come the Big Black Mariah, here come the big black Ford

Sent to the skies on a Benny Jag Blue
Off to bed without his supper like a Linda brides do
He got to do the story with the old widow Jones
Got a wooden coat, this boy is never coming home
Here come the Big Black Mariah, here come the Big Black Mariah
Here come the Big Black Mariah, I seen that big black Ford
Cut through the canebrake, oh yeah

Well he's all boxed up on a red belle dame
Flat Blue Johnny with a blind man's cane
A hundred yellow bullets shook a rag out in the wind
An old blind tiger, on a bell you win
Here come the Big Black Mariah, here come the Big Black Mariah
Here come the Big Black Mariah, here come the big black Ford"

Here comes the BIG BLACK MARIAH.....

I kept to the lyrics to create this look. 

I took inspiration as follows:
-Sent to the skies on the benny jag BLUE. (A Drug Induced Depression..I.E: TEARS!)
-Since this was about a big black hearse, I kept it as dark and “gothic” as possible.
-Since it’s about a CAR…I thought I make some road lips.
-Dressed in all black…like big mariah.
-You can’t see my arm here, but in previous photos….if you look at my hand…I tried to do a snake skin pattern. More importantly, a “canebrake rattlesnake” pattern. (in the lyrics he says: “Cutting through the CANEBRAKE, RATTLING the sill”…I just messed around with the lyrics. So yep.

And lastly, I put myself ALL BOXED UP…in a coffin image on my page as well as a homemade car rear prop to boot. So yep…I’m an obsessed fan who takes her music and makeup quite literally! ;D HA!

...I'm an obsessed fan who takes her music and makeup quite literally! ;D HA!

 Why is the hammer on the floor? 
Because...I put the hammer
....to the floor! ;D HA!

 I made this custom car rear-end prop for this look.
I was inspired by ANOTHER song of Tom Waits'. 
"Clang Boom Steam"

 The outfit for Big Black Mariah!

 I liked the effect this image had, so I made a college of it. 
It turned out really amazing, perfect for Big Black Mariah!

 The rear end again.

The lyrics that inspired me were:
"My Baby's So Fine...
...Even Her Car Looks Good From Behind!"

 another outfit shot from the mirror view! Ladies love mirror views!

 I had this shoes for a looooong time. I wanted to do something with 'em, so I put them with the look. Turned out fine. 
I also had these stripped tights, went well with the whole "car" theme. 

another college of another cool image I had. 
 another tights/crotch shot. 

 I also did a little gif AND video for you to end this post with!