Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween 2017 Festivities // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween this year.
Mine was amazing.
We kind of went a more relaxed route this year--mostly centering everything around the children getting candy this time.
We made little indiviual candy bags to hand out--and when the handing out ran out, we also had a few big bowls of loose candies to dish out. 

To sum it all down--it was so much fun and I am quite happy with the end results.
This year, as I am sure you have heard in previous posts, have been very odd.
Tons of ups and downs from getting sick midway through my wanting to do Halloween themed looks and stuff, then my frequent trips to the dentist to take care of a few painful teeths.
It just has been crazy but in the end I am very happy about everything--despite the bad stuff. hahaa

--Allow me to show you a few photos of how it went down--

Mystery Pinata Halloween Box // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I bought a mystery Halloween Pinata Box for my brother's birthday a while back,
to sum it all down--my brother loved it so much he wanted me to post this here post.
So, here we go. lol

I just want to say that my brother LOVED it.
It was packed with a ton of candies (all of his favorites!) and the seller also included a bday present along with a ton of other goodies that I will get into as soon as I finish typing.

When my brother opened his gift, this is what greeted him. <3