Sunday, September 29, 2019

☻JUNJI ITO'S BLACKBIRD by Hannabal Marie☻

Hello ladies and gents, 
Another inspired Junji Ito look--Blackbird. 
One of my personal favorite characters. 
So, I wanted to make sure I did her justice. 

Blackbird was one of the first stories I ever read from Junji Ito.
Someone made an insult about how I resembled the character when I smiled--so, being the curious cat I was, I looked into it. 
Despite the insult, I took it more as a flattering compliment.
I became obsessed with her. 
The way she looked and how she was so creepy without needing
anything other than her wide smile. 

I have wanted to attempt a look based on her but never got around to doing so. 
With so many positive comments on the others I've done, I thought I'd bring Blackbird to life now.
Enough chatting--
allow me to show you what I've done.

🎪Captain Spaulding Inspired Makeup Look by Hannabal Marie🎪

 My inspired Capt. look~ 
"Howdy there, ladies and gents--freaks and geeks of all ages~
Are ya tired of life? Depressed? Does your minimum wage job get ya down?
Maybe your mama is pissed off that you left her basement door wide open for her favorite dog to shit in. It's easy Jimmy, after you wank one off down there playin' your D&D and Minecraft--you oughta make sure to close that damn door, ya dipshit! Now that ain't too much to ask, is it? 
Well, if a firm hand of the law don't scare ya...
Maybe a trip to see my famous murder ride will.
You like blood? You like guts? Does violence get ya off?
Then you oughta take a peek at Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Mad-Men.
We got fish boy, girls who could use a good shave--
Mermaids who'll rip your balls off by the teeth and still born babies stuffed in glass jars.  
We got 'em all down here--so you come and visit, ya hear? And while you're at it--take home your mama some of my tasty fried chicken! Just say fuck it and grab yourself a bucket~ Bock Bock!"

Monday, September 23, 2019

🌿My Secret Little Garden🌿[Not so secret...anymore. lol]🌿

Mother Mary and some Pinecones.
Hello ladies and gents, 
Today I want to post about something I hold near and dear to my heart. 
Other than doing makeup, fashion, crafts and the like--
I also like to garden and take care of my green babies. 

It should come as no sudden surprise, considering I am into the occult and witchcraft. 
It's just common knowledge that a witch will have her own sacred garden space. lol

Mine is nothing extreme, though I do want to own a HUGE garden with all the extras one day. 
(Mostly a large garden like in the Secret Garden movie that contains flowers, herbs, vegetation, edible plants and all of those lovely stuff!)
I also want to own a few carnivorous plants, too. 
Nothing that will kill/consume me (like the dreadful Yateveo "I See You" Tree! lol) but ones that will help my garden/harvest grow--like traps of all kinds to help against predatory bugs and/or ones that will just help to repel harmful predators from entering my space--like mosquitoes or wasps! 

I've always been huge on greenery of all kinds--the gentle giants and the meat eaters.
Don't get me wrong, I also love my bugs but I do respect the circle of life. 
The bugs eating the harmless plants is no different than the plants eating the harmless bugs, etc. 
They need each other much like we need them. 
Of course, I wouldn't put them together JUST to watch their dismay, I will probably put the carnivorous ones in a separate area--just to be fair. Let the plants attract their prey in a very fair way without my taunting or pushing. Visa versa. 

But we are nowhere near that just yet, 
just harmless daydreaming of what could one day become my reality.

Anywho, I am going to show you what I have and what I am currently taking care of. 
This is just my hobby, I am no professional but that is the song and dance of all professionals, right?
We all, at some point in our green thumbing lives, had to be a novice. <3 
So, this is my beginning of all beginnings~

Monday, September 16, 2019

Longs & Walmart Halloween Hunting Continues + Mini Haul #3 [Jack Skeleton Pet Toys, Bat Clips & Witch Hats!]

They only had one full and a half aisle of Halloween goodness. 
Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
Another post, another day. 
This post should come as no surprise--it's that beautiful time of the year again. 
I'm trying to make sure I hit every local spot before Halloween shows it's spooky face. 
I really want that life-sized skeleton! So so so so badly! 
Nothing upsets me more than missing out on the scary spoopy decorations.
I've missed a lot last year, so this year--I ain't missing a heartbeat~ 
This time, we checked out our local Longs Drug Store 
because we had to pick up a prescription anyways. 
So, killing birds with stones here. lmfao

Sunday, September 15, 2019

✝️ 90s Kohls Fashion Boots Funeral, Remembrance & Mourning Procession.✝️

RIP 1990 Kohls Fashion Boots
We are gathered here today, 
to give our respects and love to a pair of my vintage 90s boots. 

I got them a loooooong time ago, at a local thrift shop, in relatively GREAT shape. 
I wore them twice and they ended up ripping entirely apart. 
I wore them again for a comicon a while back with my Junji Ito Spiral cosplay. 
Thinking that since they were a BIT damaged (not even seen by the naked eye!) nothing would happen. They looked great but I assume the treading through wet grass 
and resurfacing out into the hot summer heat made them crack and crease more. 

My dearest friends...

Saturday, September 14, 2019

🖤Andromeda's Curse--Perfume Oils For The Darkly Inclined. [Death, High Priestess & Never Seen By Waking Eyes]🖤

Hello ladies and gents, 

A while back I purchased a mystery box that had a small sample of "Death" from Andromeda's Curse in the assortment of goods. I instantly fell in love with the scent, upon first initial sniff. 
So much so, that I went out and purchased a full bottle of it to wear and own. 

For those who aren't aware: Andromeda's Curse makes perfume oils for the darkly inclined. 
With scents titled Death and Bat Orchid--it was like finding a home away from home within a perfume shop.
Today I will be showcasing Death and two added samples--
High Priestess and Never Seen By Waking Eyes! 

Friday, September 13, 2019

🦞 ZAPP'S CHIPS: Voodoo Heat & Cajun Dill Gator-Tators Review🦞

The contenders! lol
Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
A while back I went Halloween shopping at my local Dollar Tree.
Upon looking through the decorations, they also had a huge display of these chips. 

I've been the occasional fan of their original Voodoo chips from time to time, so I was pretty stoked to find these two flavors at my local dollar tree. In truth, I don't think I've ever seen these two available anywhere else but Amazon. So, when I seen them--I had to get them. 

These two bags were about a standard snack bag size, ones you'd give your children in their school lunches. A bit smaller than the normal Voodoo Chip bags I bought in the past. It worked perfectly for me, considering the fact--if I didn't like one, I wouldn't feel so bad for wasting the bag. Or the opposite, if I ended up loving them--I wouldn't feel badly about finishing it whole. lmfao

The bags came with about a handful and a half of chips each. 
I should know, I measured by putting them in a bowl to see. lol
I didn't get to snap any photos of the actual chips or how they looked, but they looked like a standard kettle style chip. The Voodoo Heat was slightly "orange" in color compared to the Gator-Tators, which were white in contrast. But the color selection isn't important, the taste is. 
Which is why I will break it down, a bag at a time. 

☞DIY: Vintage-esque Palmistry Hand Sign by Hannabal Marie☜

Sneak Peek~ 

Hello ladies and gentlefish,
A while back, I took a trip to Big Lots to take a gander at their Halloween themed decor. 
Upon the shelves of decaying bodies, grinning skulls and haunted televisions--my eyes caught sight of the beautiful Palmistry themed decorations. One of which, really sparked a sense of inspiration and creativity in me. 
Big Lots had so many cool Palmistry stuff! 

Illuminated by LEDS--the "glass" sign looked quite dazzling and really caught my attention pretty fast. But the pricing was way beyond my own pocket-change. 
I was pretty bummed out about not being able to afford it until the inner creative demons inside me told me--"Girl, you can just MAKE it. You're an artist, right? Just get to a damn DIY

So, there I was. In the middle of the aisle. Fondling this piece of decor. Listening to these chatting demons pin-point what I should do and how I could achieve it. The other customers in the same aisle were looking at me quite weirdly and probably addressing this matter to the front store employees..but my inner demons were right. How could I call myself an "artist" and be upset about not obtaining something I could easily replicate? For shame. For shammmme. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

🎃Dollar Tree Halloween Stuff [A Look Around+Mini Haul)🎃

First glimpse of inside the Halloween Aisle.
Hello ladies and gentlefish
Another lovely post about my favorite time of year. 
Quite honestly, if walkthroughs and showcases aren't your thing--forgive me 
but there will be LOADS more of these posts until the season ends. 

I'm not much of a Christmas person nor am I some sentimental Valentine but when it comes to Halloween--I feel like a kid in a candy store...quite literally. lol

I haven't been to my local Dollar Tree in a very long time. 
So, I felt compelled to see what they had to offer for this spooky season.
(If they had anything at all.) 
And I felt like Jack when he stumbled on Christmas Time. 
"What's this? What's THIS?" 
I could explain what I seen in bold text but I'd much rather you witness it yourself. 
Allow me to just show and tale~ 
Tons of costumes have graced the shelves. Loads upon loads of Unicorn related things. Who says fantasy is dead? lol

Sunday, September 8, 2019

👻Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark [The Dream + A Secret Surprise?]👻

Hello ladies and gents, 
A while back, me and The Cannibal Carnival decided to come together 
and create a mini "Flip Book Animation" for my reading of 
The Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark--The Dream

Everything was done with a few pages of computer paper and a ballpoint ink pen. 
Nothing fancy, nothing extreme. Just a casual set of doodles that turned into a wonderful work of visual art, if I do say so myself. Especially considering the fact we did this all in a single day--no script. No set out plan. Just spontaneous minds coming together to create something on a whim. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

❤️My August Birthday Shenanigans. [Childhood Thrift Store, Lion King Movie + Makeup Looks]❤️

Hello ladies and gents
For my birthday this year, it was more about rekindling old feelings 
and remembering my past than anything else.
Spending the time with my family and spoiling them, like they've been doing for me each and every year.

We visited some thrift stores. (surprise, surprise! lol) Watched the new release of The Lion King. (A childhood classic for me!) And ended the day with some Chinese food and an Ice Cream Bar. (The Chinese food was from a place we used to always get when I was a kid, too. Told ya it was going to be an all around "rekindling" fest! lol)

We actually went to see the movie a few days earlier, since my birthday fell on August 1st and the release date for the film was July 19th but we ended up watching it on the 29th! (The tickets sold pretty quick, apparently!) This was a surprise from my family, so I had absolutely no idea we were going to see this. I'm so happy I did, it was AMAZING!