Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Music Haul: Records & Books // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Today I bring you a Vinyl Record Haul.
I love records and have been collecting for a long time now.
Some found at various thrift shops, some at libraries willing to part with old ones and some found while window-shopping online.

Today, I got a good bunch of them.
I will include some Tom Waits items in this haul, just because I have the records to show you, as well. So, why not? lol

An Oddity Haul: Spooky Photos, Naughty Coins & Dead Things // Hannabal Marie

Hello one and all,
I am posting another "Haul" related post for your viewing pleasures. 
I know I've been posting quite a few of these but I have hit the mother of all jack pots in these last couple of days when it comes to stuff I actually collect and wish to showcase.

Aside from many things I collect--like Clowns, Mannequin parts, Lisa Frank memorabilia, Witchy items and the like.
I also collect oddities of every way, shape and form. 

Some of my oddities in my room. Most found at thrift shops or picked up from the street. I also collect things people give me that they expect me to throw away, like letters or gum-wrappers. lol

Now, when it comes to defining what an "oddity" is--it really depends on the person and what they think is "odd".
It's usually trinkets and abnormal finds that differ from the common consumption.
Like broken items, items with malfunctions, items with multiple parts that weren't necessarily intended for the use. So on and so forth.

It really changes between people because what someone might claim is an oddity might be normal to someone else and visa versa.

To end this little rant (I tend to rant a lot about useless things--I'm sorry! lol)
I collect oddities, what I consider oddities and strange things.
Usually at thrift shops, dumpsters, tossed on the side of railroad tracks or found under some bridge out in some isolated village where fish people live and roam...errr...wait....what was I saying? lol

Book Review: "Misfit Faith" (Confessions Of A Drunk Ex-Pastor) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Another book review for those inclined.
I don't normally like to talk or address religious materials--mostly for personal reasons and to stay away from verbal fights that will surely break open if I voiced an opinion but I couldn't possibly read this book and not review it.

This is a terrific book, hands down!
Ideally for the person who is balancing between faiths and not really knowing where or why they don't fit in with a world so dedicated and rather--concrete.

"Misfit Faith" is a fairly quick read--full of dark humor and quick wit. 
Grasping at the most common questions of man to a God that just seems to be "away on business". 
Is God real, really? What does it all mean? Is God all loving or all hating?
These questions and more can and will be found in this book, mostly as commentary but still rather thought-provoking.

A Geeky Haul // Hannabal Marie

today I bring you a ton of geeky toys and trinkets I found while window-shopping online.
I got me some good items, folks.
Stuff I have wanted for a very long time....
So, here. we. go~ 

❀ Antique Doll Haul // Hannabal Marie ❀

Hello, I'm back again with another haul.
This time it's just a bunch of strange, odd, abnormal and rather creepy looking dolls!
Where I find my stuff, you might say?
Well, loads of places--Thrift shops, Garage/Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Online retailers like eBay, Ect~

But I digress....
I love strange looking dolls, 
That dead stare--the cold facial expressions.
I love them so much!

I have a great haul for you guys today, 
especially those who like creepy dolls as much as I do!
I got some vintage plastic dolls, some puppets, so on and so forth...
So, here we go:

☞ HUGE Collective Clown Haul // Hannabal Marie

Clowns are one thing I collect like it's going out of style.
I have a lot of different goals in life, some small and some relatively huge.
But the biggest goal for me in life is obtaining every clown known to man--so that when I die, I can be placed alongside all my various clowns and we can be buried together. 

Can you imagine opening up my coffin one day to find me on top of all those colorful clowns? 
It would be quite the sight, I'll admit. lol
The following haul I will be showing you has been obtained from June 1st to now.
Just checking back and forth at various different thrifting shops to take a peek at their wares.
So, one day I'll find a single item--the next, two.
So on and so forth until I have too much to post, like right now. hahaaa

I'm sorry, I suck at updating pages and profiles--so, you'll have to take it with a smile. lol

That's what I love about thrifting--you'll never know what you'll find the next day.
Who knows, tomorrow I might be posting ANOTHER huge clown-related haul because my biggest weakness is walking away from a clown item when I have the money and means to make the purchase. lol 
Anywho, enough with my rants and rambles--I'll keep you reading until your eyes get sore, so let us get into the showcasing.
I am going to be sectioning out this haul in categories.
I have Music Boxes, Dolls and "Other". 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul (LISA FRANK & HAIR DYE!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I will confess something--I LOVE the dollar tree, 99 cent store and the like!
I like to go there sometimes just for the sake of seeing what new, crazy and downright crazy items I can find.
This time I found something so amazing! 

I found some Lisa Frank related items!
I have and always will be obsessed with that glittery and pink-puked unicorn infested glamour that is Lisa Frank! I don't care if I am 80 years old, I will always love LF!
I collect anything and everything that is Lisa Frank, have always collected since I was little.
The sad issue with that is that I lost a good portion of my stuffs from my childhood, I have a few from my past but most of my stuff got stolen from me.
I guess it's a goal to obtain it all back again as an adult with my adult money and mindless purchasing! lol

🔮 A Witchy Haul // Hannabal Marie 🔮

Hello ladies and gents
I am bringing you a little tiny witchy related haul.
For those who don't know--I love and adore all things witchcraft.

From stones, spells, incense and the like.
I love it all.
Pretty much anything occult is and has always been my obsession. 

Today I have a tiny haul of related items for your viewing pleasures.
I found some amazing finds from eBay and thrift stores that I would like to share with you. 

(ミⓛᆽⓛミ)✧ Postcards From A Cat // Hannabal Marie

Every once in a while--I will stumble on something absolutely amazing on eBay.
There will be moments of pure weakness on my end that will gratify my decisions in making that money-exchange.
I have here something of which I found while window-shopping on eBay and let me tell you...
It is the absolute best thing I have ever seen, thus far.

Photo via 'The Postcard From A Cat' eBay listing.
All rights reserved to the owner.
I do not own this image, just wanted to include it.
The kitty is a cutie!

Lovemail From Mz.Doom of Doom Dollz // Hannabal Marie

Hiya folks
Back at it again with another post.
A lovely friend of mine sent me a bunch...I do mean BUNCH...of stuff just because she loves me. lol 
Actually, she told me it was a "Thank you" for helping her out with a few artsy pictures I did for her but she loves me, too. 
So...yeah~ hehee

 I can't thank her enough for all the effort and time she went into to create this pack of goodies--so, Thanks dollface~ <3

Anywho, let us get into this:

My "Rotten Decay Accessories" Haul // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
A while back I won some amazing little goodies just for being apart of a facebook group called 'The Den"--a group dedicated towards the Gothic Subculture.

I honestly didn't even know I won until a friend of mine tagged me in the post and told me so--it was such a nice feeling to win something without expecting anything at all. hahaa

I basically won a giftcard to purchase whatever I wanted on their website that was under a $50 dollar limit. I choose some amazing things, lemme just tell ya! lol
I absolutely adore my winnings--they are totally me in every way, shape and form.

So, here they their wondrous glory! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

📖 Collective Book Haul (Strange & Abnormal Finds!) 📖 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Today I bring you a collective book haul full of odd and strange book-finds!
This haul was collected over a few days (probably a few months, I'm not entirely certain!)
just randomly nabbed at certain stores or thrift shops, ect at certain times when I could.
I don't really collect just any  kind of book, it has to really call out to me or be super weird and freaky to the point of insanity for me to even want to bring it home.

Some ladies collect love novels while others collect history books about the World War...
I like to collect conspiracy theories, weird abnormal titles, UFO mentions, strange vintage titles, books about death/decay, morbid novels, books about abnormality and the like...Oh and sometimes I like to collect kiddy books, too. Just cause! lol

So, I think I said enough...
Let us get into this haul, shall we? lol

☠ Monster Wash Soap Review ☠ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a lovely review for a company called
Monster Wash Soap.

It's the home of the original, horror themed, collectible soap dispensers! 

From their website:
"Monster Wash was created as a fun, creepy, cool alternative to all the butterfly and clown fish designs that are currently flooding the market of most soap dispensers today. We're showing our respect to the horror, sci fi, and even tattoo styles and genre's of art for the folks that want something that fits more with their home decor and personality."

Sunday, June 4, 2017

☂ Book Review: Rain--A Natural & Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett ☂

Hello ladies and gents
I have acquired quite a read a few months back, it's one that kept me flipping back and forth to reread passages and information over and over again. 

I have been fascinated by the concept of "Rain" ever since I was a child.
I used to dance in it, splashing my heels in puddles--just about everything was done in or around rain. 

I seen this book and knew it was a must-have and must-read as soon as my fingers planted on the pages.