Thursday, November 26, 2015

~Doom Dollz Character Creations~

the table Jess of Doom set up~

Hello ladies and gents, 
a friend of mine asked if I could recreate her custom-made dolls a while back for a few events she was going to, and well...
I'm here to publish the results of said events. 

Jess Of Doom, the creator and founder of Doom Dollz, went to RI Comic Con 2015 and Combichrist/The Birthday Massacre Show.
(to name a few I have seen my face at!)

As she told me, people went crazy for my re-creations.
I am so freaking happy that people actually liked me enough to purchase something with my face on it! 
I can't even fathom how amazing it feels that someone, somewhere, has something of me with them now! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

(¬º-°)¬ Zombie Walk 2015 // Hannabal Marie

It was that time of the year again!

2015 Zombie Walk was amazing!
I never seen a more packed event in my entire life. 
My brother with some kiddies.
From streets filled with flesh bags to every street shop and pub stop filled to the brim with bumping bodies. 
Me on the right, my brother on the left.
This was around 6ish at night.