Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Website Review: Future Baby.Org

I found a website (
where you can find out what you and your crush's baby would look like. 
I assume it's for lovers who want to see if their genes are fine enough to combine into a child. is custom with me and mine....
I mashed the photos of me and Tom Waits together to form our child....
I'm a bit sad that the kid isn't real
He's a cutie! :'(
I thought the kid was too cute to just delete off my computer, so I wanted to create a post dedicated to the child I'll never have. 
(Also this is review-y post about the website, to those of you who want to mess around with it. 
Yep, I'm sticking to that excuse and not the truth: A fan obsessed crazy woman wanting to have fan obsessed baby with Tom Waits! HA!)

how it works is that you upload an image of the "mother & father" according to the slots and it customizes your images to form your baby.
So let us all see the proud parents......




and now....onto the cutest thing to happen to me besides the birth of my 21 cats........HA!

Baby Hannabal/Waits! <3
I'd say he has his fathers eyes.....and his mothers crazy lost stare.....
but alas....
a woman can only dream......

okay...that is all...I think I made quite the fool of myself....
I promise obsession and love for Tom Waits isn't too's just the right amount of it. :)
I shall take my leave now.
See ya'll upon the next post!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scarlet Fever by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
I bring to you just a basic pin-up look. 
I wanted to flip the basic look upside down and create my own take of what I like in a pinup alternative gal. 
So I bring to you...SCARLET FEVER!

The pantaloons I'm wearing, which you can not see in the photos. <3

Anywho, like I said. Basic! :P
I had this idea to make a pinup with a moon mole for a that was why this was created. 

Baby Firefly Transformation by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
I have been trying to get back into doing makeup arts. 
So I went ahead and decided to do a makeup transformation of Baby Firefly. 

 So basically I just contoured my face with a dark brown. 
Highlighted the necessary places
Applied a peach blush to the apples of my cheeks
and finished with false lashes at the outter corners of my eyes to create a droopy eye effect. 

Added the blond wig, contacts and wicker basket cowboy hat for characterization! XD

  Whatever you need to do, you do it. There is no wrong. If someone needs to be killed, you kill 'em. That's the way. 

Here is a video of me voicing her, for extra:

anywho, I hope I did her justice! I love this character! :)

Xotic Eyes Body Art Review!

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a review!
I won a giveaway/contest a long time ago and received these body art pieces from Xotic Eyes as a reward.

I had them in my room collecting dust, so I thought I'd girl up and try them out!
(mind you, boobs shall be present in this post. So if you are easily offended by boobs, I'm sorry to inform you to GROW THE HELL UP! THEY'RE JUST BOOBS! COM'ON!)

You can purchase yours HERE!

 I received the Bloodlust Body Art & the Blood Cuffs!
In this post you will ONLY see the Bloodlust Body Art kit because I have yet to open the cuffs. 
Need to think up a good outfit for that one! 

 (Image above belongs to Xotic Eyes. 
I do not own the photo above. 
I found it via Google Search Engine)

Anywho, here are the results:
 In all honesty, I think these would have looked better if I had used them on the day I got them instead of shoving them in an old shoe box to collect dust because when I attempted to apply them, they kept getting torn apart. 
The adhesive sticky side kept getting tangled with the plastic wrap they came with. 
So when I went to peel them off and onto my skin, they just were a b!tch to adhere. 

But like I said, they probably would have been better the day I received them. I think waiting in my cold room probably created a sort of condensation inside the packaging which ruined the stickiness and made them crinkle and adhere to each other. I dunno, though. Just a guess. 

Anywho, the way I put them on wasn't the actual way they want you too. But as is said on the package, you are allowed to create whatever custom design you like. The droplets were meant to go under the bust and around my arms and such but I didn't want to show nipples so I just made them into pasties. 

(photo of the details of the red rhinestones and glitter!)

They cost around 40 dollars a pop! 
A bit much for body stickers, in my opinion, but to each their own!
Because they became ruined after I tore them off, I am guessing they are a one-time usage. 

BUT because they cost a pretty penny, I will turn them into forever pasties by fixing them and super gluing them to some material. 
I want to get my penny worth...even though I didn't actually buy them myself but ya know? what if! what if! 

As far as adhesive and wear time is concerned, read the following:

-They are a bit uncomfortable. I am no stranger to pasties and when I usually wear mine, I hardly ever notice it. But with these (probably because they aren't meant to be pasties though) they felt tuggy and pully. Every movement would crinkle the sticker and thus, ruin the look! (as seen in the last photo.)
Don't take my word for it, because I had them waiting for a while before applying but these are the results of what I know.

-They start to peel after a while. Probably due to sweat. 

-and taking them off is a chore. You literally gotta grin and bare it. It was a tugging war with my flesh. Poor microscopic hairs ripped out. and it made my skin turn red with some weird reaction to the adhesive. It didn't last long but long enough for me to notice. After all was taken off, you literally could see the places where I had them at, because my skin was all red and lifted up. Maybe it's just me. 

anywho, I like the look of the body art, despite all the negatives. 
And free stuff is still free stuff. <3


Marilyn Monroe + Marilyn MonROT by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
I am sure you are all well aware of the Marilyn's I did for Halloween. 
But I wanted to post a separate post about them since they are still a makeup look all of it's own. 

 I wanted to do my take on Monroe for such a long time and I spoke with my brother about it and he agreed that he'd help me create a wig if I did. So yep. That is how she came about. 
I would like to take this time to mention that my brother is such an amazing wig artist and is only getting better as time progresses. He custom made this wig for me with barely any tools and it came out amazing! 

So please, go check him and his work out: 

 anywho, moving on...

 Since I was already in character, I thought I'd kill Monroe. 
So, Zombie Monrot came to mind.

 and as is custom with me, when I feel the best, I MUST snap a few other photos in hopes to capture the character a bit more. So here is a few more of MonROT:
 I dunno but I just felt like doing these shots. I really like the artsy idea behind 'em!

Thought I'd give my tights a reason to be worn!

and lastly, this bunch. 
I liked how the camrea capture all the many faces in a shaky sort of way.
really captures the emotion.



Happy Halloween 2014

Hello ladies and gents 
ghouls and gals
Halloween came and went, as it usually always does, and so I just wanted to post all my fun little things that happened during this is basically going to be a full post of photos of all my shenanigans. 

For this Halloween, I tried a different technique when dealing with Trick-or-Treaters. I saved lots of money to purchase an insane amount of candy for the kiddies and dressed up as different characters to scare 'em. So this post is going to be eye candy for some of ya'll as well as an experiment to see which version of myself kids are frightened of! 


(The candy we put out for all the trick-or-treaters)
We also kept some for ourselves because well...It was Halloween after all. The lollipops were me and my younger brothers! :D

 (Another shot of the candy in it's full glory)
Hannabal doesn't play when it comes to Halloween! Haha!
Me and my brother dressed up and trotted around the downtown area to look at all the fun little houses, and as we strolled down we also went door knocking and, if the people allowed us to get candy, we got some extra as well. 
Not too much but just a bit of fun to add to this lovely long day!

 I bought some Halloween cookies as well because we need sweets too! Also, cookies are my favorite! XD

 A little cute sticker I found in my pillow case. 

 Candy corn is a must for Halloween. So I spruced up a bowl with all sorts of Halloween-y fun! haha!

 Like I said, I bought some cookies. I thought since I was hosting a family party, cookies seemed in order. We can't JUST have candy, now can we? 

 My pride and joy...Reeses Pumpkin Cups!

 I got dem bones in my pillow case!


after we came home from a brief Halloween stroll, we pulled out all the sweets and I noticed my doggie looking all cute, so I took a few snaps! 

 I think someone's in the Halloween spirit!

 I did a paint job before the night was out. Thought Candy Corn would be a nice touch! XD

 It's hard to think clearly when I have two men on my shoulders. 

A cute little decoration we had, that I wanted to share with the lot of ya! 

 I  reenacted the Psycho Scene because as my mum was taking a shower and she just about came out with her towel on...I ran into the bathroom looking like this and she screamed her lungs out. XD
(Above image from Google Search Engine.)

 Here is my take on the famous scene. Don't I just look purdy?!
I make mama so proud! ;D

And to those who couldn't be here to experience the beauty of my facial expressions, I made ya all a gif of 'em! <3

to go with a nice slasher film, A mini pecan pie. 

 All the bloods me and my brother created.
we had bad intentions for these, so yeah, they were a MUST!
Basically we needed some blood so we could spit it all over ourselves in front of people, parents, kiddies, all the trick-er-treaters. 

 The broken pumpkin we selected because no one wanted him at the store. We felt sorry for the little guy, so to make up for the lack of selection...we took him home, gutted him and carved him a corny face!

 The display I did on the top of my bookshelf. 

Here are some of the stuff in my house. <3

 Out of everyone in my neighboor, on our street, this was the ONLY house that decorated for Halloween. She always goes all out for Halloween and I always look forward to all her hard work. :)

 My pup and doll were all ready for the Halloween fun! 

 The sign in our kitchen!

 The pumpkin and the kat toy during the night time hour! <3

 This door flag always fucks up my mind when I get up during the night. Just look at it, imagine getting up for a glass of water only to stumble into the living room with this sight. In the darkness. With the whites of this flag glowing. Not fun, but oh so fucking amazing!

Some hardcore decorating done here. XD

I even decorated the angel on this lamp.

Nosey little rat.

Some sign we had from last year.

My brother made this creepy face thing.
He said he named her Diana Ross.

Pretty pretty pumpkin!

cake my mum made. :) <3

a pumpkin my mom made!
Cyclops woman!

My Hello Kitty Halloween Toy!

 I sleep with her all the time but wanted to post her since she is Halloween related!


 if you follow me on FB, then you already know about my Marilyn Monroe look I did. 
This was basically the "Main look" of the night. But instead of just being her, I went ahead and did a few more others because I was determined to scare kids.

But as the normal monroe I just basically stumbled over to the door as if I was drunk, giving kids candy and singing to them as if they were the president himself. Yeah, most didn't understand who the hell I was but eh. Fun times, nevertheless.

 Marilyn MonROT with my blood spewing action. 
kids didn't like her much 
but that didn't make her stop singing the the song of her people.

 Another look I did for the kiddies.

 The Next Look I did.
 all the makeup prosthetic pieces were created the night before, I just applied them to my face quickly and added some blood.

 A clown I did. Because clown reasons. 
Kids didn't like me at all. 
But the little f*ckers sure took my candy. 

 my brother and his costume for the night. 
he was a monster that jumps out from our garage. 
kids cried such lovely sounds!

 Then to end the night, because I was tired. I just put on this mask. XD

 and to end this post, some jewelry I created a few days before Halloween.
Out of Halloween toys and decorations. 
I'm proud of my cheap jewelry! haha!