Monday, March 23, 2020

☣️Day 1 of ________?? | California Quarantine, COVID-19 Updates & "Toliet Paper" Panic Progression☣️

A sign we seen at a local Smart n Final store.

Hello ladies and gents
This post is something I didn't want to make but felt compelled to for the sake of History and the history of my family. Something I could look back on, or to have people look back on, in the future for years to come. This is a part of history we will never get back again, as scary as it might seem--it's important to remember. 

We seen this "X" a few days before the outbreak was confirmed. Makes ya think, doesn't it. Hmmm...
For those unaware I will try to sum it all down for you. (Presumably the people born much much later after this! Because everyone knows or has some knowledge of knowing what is happening today in terms of this tragic situation!) The Coronavirus (COVID-19) was known since January this year, or so records have shown on various different platforms. (Probably even sooner, since the "19" of "COVID-19" would suggest before this new year, am I right?) I could never explain the severity of this situation in my own words but I will try my best. You can look further into this by visiting a timeline of the overall spread HERE! As it spread, the virus became a global pandemic "reaching at least 177 countries and territories, killing more than 14,700 people and infecting more than 340,000, according to Johns Hopkins University."

Sunday, March 22, 2020

❤️ Cult Fragrance LOVE MAIL | +Leatherface & The Countess Looks! ❤️

Hello ladies and gents, 
A little into the New Year, I received this package from Cult Fragrance. 
In truth, I had no idea I was going to receive such a huge box of gifts!
I was blown away, I couldn't contain my happiness. 

I wish I would have been able to post about these sooner, but me and my whole family came down with a bad cold that wouldn't leave for such a long time. I didn't even want to get up to go to work, nothing. So, I couldn't get to post about these like I wanted to, a long time ago. I only started feeling a little better now, enough to get some of these posts posted. lol
Anyways, I spent some time looking at everything all over again. 
I am still in awe at the length Sonya went with all of these gifts. 

I can't stress how well she knew me and my brother--everything handpicked and selected!
So very impressed with her selections, everything was and still is perfect!
The fact she knew us better than we even knew ourselves? I was shocked!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Adoring FanGIRL & Lucien Lachance | Oblivion Themed Makeup Looks

Hello ladies and gents
Today I am bringing you my two favorite looks of 2020.
For Valentines Day, I didn't really do much other than play around with some makeup.
This is what became of that~

Oh, Hello Champion! So great to have you stumble on my page~ Is there something you need? 
Can I carry your weapon? Shine your boots? Back rub, perhaps?
Thought I'd bring my gaming channel character to life, as well as transform as another one of my favorite characters! The Adoring Fan!! (Aka Cicero! Lmfao jkjk)
I also seen a lot of images where Adoring Fan is modded to have bewbs, so well...I have bewbs. Why not bust 'em out for a few photos! Lol Don't get all crazy on me about 'em. They just bewbs, come's 2020!! Lmfao (plus, I've done A LOT worse! Hahaa
Oh my grand champion~ 

Monday, March 2, 2020

"Holiday HELL Hounds" Perfume Oil Collection (+Current Collections & A SNEAK PEEK!)

Hello ladies and gents
2019 Christmas came and went but we still have SO MUCH for sale.
Links to other collections will be included below, for your viewing pleasures 
but today--we have a review on a collection that hasn't been posted about before.

The Holiday Hell Hounds
♦ Handcrafted artisanal perfume, 5ml amber glass (with tamper evident cap and euro dropper)
Each blend is mixed with the scent of heckin' evil: Grassy notes of frolic & Hell Hound Musk!
((AND With each order you will receive 2 random samples!))

Cult Fragrance x The Cannibal Carnival Presents : Holiday Hell Hounds - This Holiday season, Satan's little helpers have come unleashed! Looks under your tree to find, it wasn't "Santa" that brought you a puppy this year...

 "There's another present here," you say questioningly as everyone simply stares. It's for you. Before you can question it, something in the air just changed. Maybe the others notice it too... All of a sudden, the once perfectly normal present begins to move. The sound of a puppy cry can now be heard muffled under all the wrapping paper. Just as you're about to find out who gifted you a puppy, with a ferocious rip and tear, the beast within bursts out and hovers over your surprised being. You can't utter a word. The room's heat has risen, the smell of a wild inferno and puppy breath permeates the air. You got:

Sunday, March 1, 2020

🎪My Doodles of October (and so on~!)🎪--Snake Woman, Lobster Boy & MORE!

Hello ladies and gents,
This post is going to be dedicated towards my arts in the month of October
(and pretty much up until now~!)

I am working on a few more concepts, some that haven't even been outlined yet
but this post is solely for the ones I've finished (or close to)!

The Progress
I always like to make sure I snap a few images of my work in progress. It always amazes me to see how it can go from this simple outline to something entirely different.

Day one: Ring

Day 2: Mindless. Just a little Jack o' Lantern inspired piece~
As I was doing those daily prompts, I was also doodling for Cult Fragrance.
We ended up doing a Carnival perfume theme for Halloween~

My weapons of mass creation~

For prompt Day 14, I decided to sketch out my puppy. I think, if memory serves me right, the word was "Fantasy"
So, I made my pup into a Princess~ Like those old fashioned fantasy tales~

I want to add that the majority of these were meant to be "quick draws" from a prompt I started in October. They listed for 31 days a word that had to be drawn on each and every day~ 
For instance, day 4 was the prompt "Bait" where we had to draw what instantly came to mind, with little to no thought backing behind it. Hence "Quick draw!" 

Some are amazing, some are "eh"...most are lacking a bit of detail. Like the hands. I hate some of my character's hands. But I couldn't spend too much time trying to "perfect" them since I'd have to do all of it, all over again, the next day. Also, if I was going to spend any amount of time on any one thing, it would be the color. For me, that is the most important. I couldn't care less about hands, in truth.
You catch my drift? lol Chaotic but so much fun~ 

Anywho, here are some of my artworks~!