Tuesday, April 14, 2015

☆ ✮ Indie Cosmetic Review: Glamour Doll Eyes (Swatches/Info/Looks) by Hannabal Marie! ☆ ✮

Hellou ladies and gentlefish
I while back I took part in a contest and I won a load of prizes. 
In the whole mix, I won these full sized pots of Glamour Doll Eyes pigments and a glitter fix! 
(As well as a few business cards, an instruction card for the glitter fix and a sticker!)
I was so happy to get to finally try out this specific brand, 
so you can only imagine that I'd create a review based on the goodies I got.

I am not being paid or anything for this review, 
I just thought you all would enjoy a post about what I received!

Monday, April 13, 2015

☁ When It Rains....It Hails.....☔ (An Uber Mega Long Picture Post Story by Hannabal Marie!)

(Click the link to read the full post. It's really big, hence the page break. To your health!)

♛ Indie Review: Diva Minerals (Plus Swatches/Info/Looks) by Hannabal Marie! ♛

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I really love finding indie brands that are both amazing and highly in pigmentation, 
thus my search will forever continue to help inform all my friends and family of places that have amazing makeups.
I am happy to bring you another indie find today.
I contacted Diva Minerals and requested some samples to try out and she did just that!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

✍ UPDATE: "Giving Life To The Rain Dog." (The progression of my Tom Waits art piece!) by Hannabal Marie!

 Hello ladies and gentlefish
Thought I'd update on the progress my art is taking.
I went ahead and continued the necessary steps to *almost* complete him by painting him to life.

So let us go straight into it, shall we?
Tom's been WAITing for this moment....how 'bout you?

✿ Easter Makeup & Outfit Look by Hannabal Marie! ✿

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I wanted to share with the lot of ya, my easter day look. 
I am sorry I didn't post on the actual day but here it is just the same.

I didn't really do much for easter, no egg rolling or baskets. Just got a few goodies and dressed up a bit. I wasn't feeling good, but I still wanted to do something.

 I had this pretty dress I found at a thrift shop for a looooong time. 
It's homemade and I love it. 
Thought it would be perfect for Easter.

 I don't really know what I was inspired by...
I just guess even the devil has to look her sunday best. ;)

This is the whole outfit, as best as I could show. 
The pumps, shiny flesh-colored stockings, dress, hair, makeups, ect...ect.

That's pretty much it to this post. Felt like some of you would like to see a post in regards to my Easter. 
I hope you all had a lovely one, at that!

Monday, April 6, 2015

☕ Work In Progress: 'Who Are You?!" A Paper Mache Tom Waits Face Plaque by Hannabal Marie! ☕

 Hello ladies and gentlefish.
Sorry I have been away, I've been in a sorta runt...
so I just needed a reason to keep myself from thinkin' and this is the reason I bring before you. 

I got into the paper mache again and I designed a Tom Waits wall plaque to put on my wall. Complete with removable ciggy that can, when inserted into Mr. Waits mouth, have a incense stick stuck inside to give it that extra PAH-ZOOM!
(I actually have Coffee scented incense sticks! So it fits perfectly with my theme! ;D HA!)

For those of you who don't know who he is, shame on you...shammmme.
he is the main inspiration behind loads of things...even some stuff I am sure you admire and love yourself. From music that other composers covered, The cookie monster himself...and the inspiration behind Heath Ledger's Joker! 
(to name a few!)
I just really love this man, to itty bitty box-filled pieces!