Thursday, August 28, 2014

HAUL: Birthday Stuff & A Bit Of A Rant (Because I Tend To Do That Sometimes)

Hello ladies and gents
I never gotten around to tell anyone what I got for my birthday.

My birthday was August 1st and as such I did what any normal gal of my standing would....I cried! I cried and cried and cried....why? Because it's my party and I can cry if I want too....cry if I want'd cry too....if it happened to you. (Ha!) 

eh, to be honest...I didn't really do much for my birthday. There truly is a time in every gal's life where the idea of "fun" is pushed out the window simply because you lack enough friends to have a party and the idea of celebrating it alone with your cat seems a bit on the crazy end. 

I know, I know..."Hannabal, what happened with you? You used to be so cool and kicking with your awesome cat parties and stuffed animal fights?!"

I'm sorry but being an adult tends to dull you down some. I can't blame anyone other than myself, I am sorry! HA!

anywho, I just wanted to share with the lot of ya, some of the thingies I received from my parents/friends and myself as a "thank you for being such a awesome human vessel" for my bday! 

I didn't get much, like I mentioned or didn't mention...whatever. 
But I did get some goodies that I felt were worthy showing.
Mostly cosmetics and little pieces of jewelry!!!!

So let the fun begin:

The Card!!!!
 You can't start off with gifts when THE CARD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT!!!
My mum got me this cute mermaid card, to go with the mermaid belt. I sense a theme going on with her mind! XD

 My brother bought me "The Lyrics of Tom Waits, The Early Years"

Me doing my pose thing and showing off some of my new wares.

But yeah, I got:
 -a pair of large Cross earrings. 
-two small boxes of stud earrings. (crosses and faux black diamonds)
-Mermaid belt (from Kmart)
- 2 spiral 3D rose notepads for doodling and note taking. (I have an obsession with note taking)
-A pair of beautiful lashes with bottle of lash glue. (In picture above)
-Small Vintage Book
-Skeleton Bracelet
-Bug ring

      An upclose shot of the Mermaid belt!

The Details!

I got these pieces of jewelry! 

A Skull Bracelet and some earrings! 

 (all from vintage stores from my area)

 I also received these beauties! Large Rhinestone earrings (seen in picture) from a small owned business! 

And here is the "Bug Ring" my Brother bought me as well!

Those lashes I mentioned before, in their full glory! 
(Sorry about the residue, I was excited and wanted to test 'em out. What can I say? haha)

And the little vintage-y book my mom gave me, titled: PALS by Mary Engelbreit!
It's just a cute little kiddie book, full of good morals and cute pictures.

Here is one of the pages I loved! <3 The drawing was just too cute! <3

And my parents got me some "Black Cat Classic Espresso" Because I'm an adult and I like my damn Coffee! XD

 And that little 3D notepad. I had two of 'em, in the same hardly seems fit to post two identical pads! XD

 Like I mentioned, not much. It's mostly a bunch of little things that I truly cherish a lot more than anything! :3 I take a bunch of little things instead of one huge thing ANY DAY! XD


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Juliet Is Weeping by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
I wanted to share with you all my latest creation. 
I was trying to go for a "nun" or perhaps even a "holy mother" figure of some sort but I ended up changing everything up and settled for the ghost of Juliet. 

I got the concept by listening to Tom Waits' song "Romeo Is Bleeding" thus "Juliet Is Weeping" emerged from that!
Anywho, here is the look:

 It was one of those "spur of the moments" kinda things, so I only have two photos but eh, I don't like having a million different angles of the same look anyways! XD

I hope you liked it, 

THRIFT SHOP FIND: Gold/White/Black Blouses from "Fashion Magazine"!

Hellou ladies and gents
Today I bring to you some items of clothing I found at my thrift shop. 
I bought this cute little collection of 3 shirts from a fashion brand called "Fashion Magazine"
all ranging in colors Gold, White, and Black. 

I never heard of this brand, so I don't know whether or not to claim them of being "high end" or not. But I found their website (I think) and I will include it in this post. Sadly, they are all out of these kinds of shirts, but they do sell lots of other pretty ones. (also shoes and accessories and such)
Anyways, I will just get into the full review of my products so that you can judge for yourselves if this was a real steal or not. 

(I am thinking of  posting about everything I find at my thrift shop that impresses me and/or that I end up buying!)

 In this review, I will be only showing you the gold colored one. they all looked identical and well, I thought it was useless to post all of them, so just use your imagination for the black and white ones. 

 Just a photo of what it looks like without a human body in it. 
I wish I owned a mannequin, I would have so much fun with one!

 And here it is on! (Using my flash)
It's a bit "yellow" instead of the "gold" I claimed it of being, but you get the idea.

And another pic but without flash this time, to help you see the difference! It truly is a lovely shirt. All of them, to be quite honest. It's snug fitting and it "hugs" your frame. I have a bit of a large bust and well, it's really "roomy"! Also, I love LOVE the fabric. It's satin and it just truly is like wearing a soft hug. It's really not all that "hot" as some silks and satins I wore in my past, especially in this California I am sure you won't be disappointed if you wore this. But I still wouldn't misjudge the weather, she truly is a b!tch sometimes. Plus, I am sure with or without the humid heat..this shirt will probably cling to you when wet! XD haha
 Blouse From: Fashion Magazine

(Again the blouse isn't for sale, but they do have lots of other beautiful things you can choose from!)

It's kind of useless to post a post about a blouse that is no longer available but eh, if you like the design, they have PLENTY more with the same thing going on. Lots off the shoulder and such. Have a ball!


The Vintage Rose Of Summer by Hannabal Marie

 Hellou ladies and gents
I have been spending too much time over at my facebook with posting and whatnot, so I kind of forgot about this blog for a while, but I had to put a stop to that. 
I will be posting more here and redirecting my fans and friends from FB over to this blog instead of just posting. 
So yeah, thought I'd let you guys know I'm still here...I'm still kicking it! (haha)

This post isn't anything crazy nor huge, just got some nice nude pumps and found this lovely vintage dress from a thrift shop, so I just wanted to create a look with 'em. 
I also wanted to test out this nude palette I got from Ebay. 
So yeah, all this just for your viewing pleasures.

 Such a cute dress, I especially love the collar! 
It's hard to tell from these crappy photos but it's teeny tiny little blue/green/yellow/white flowers. (Hence the post's name- also, the name I choose for this post is supposed to be a play on Tom Waits' song called "The last rose of summer" Nothing extremely clever but eh, I liked the ring to it! XD

Just some full body shots, sorry for the quality but it was night time when I decided to take pix! haha

| Dress: Vintage Dress from a thrift store in Lodi | Necklace: Peridot "Birthstone" Necklace from Ebay | Earrings: Golden 
 Owl Earrings from a little family owned shop in Lodi. | Wig: Curly Brown Wig from Ebay | Shoes&Tights: Cream pumps from Kmart & Retro Pinup Tights from Ebay | Belts: Felt brown belt I had for years & Chain Cross Belt I also had for many many years.

Now, onto the pumps:
Here are the pumps I mentioned. I got them at our local Kmart, because Kmart is close to home and quite frankly, I enjoy the prices! (So hush!) haha But I fell in the love with the way they looked and the color and such. I would have gotten them in Black but I own so many in Black already, I wanted to switch it up a bit with a color I have never owned. It's like a cream color, very beautiful in person...These photos simply don't do them justice!

Because I wanted to pose, I did so. For you...just for you! XD HA!

ANDDD...I also wanted to see what these pumps would look like with my lace socks. Yep, Purdy cuteeee! <3

I also did a makeup look and thus, this post should also include some up close facial shots. I delivered:

Like I said, I had a palette that was collecting dust, so I went ahead and played with some of the browns. And by "some" I mean...most of 'em..actually! haha!
 The palette for your looking eyes. In case, for some odd reason, you thought I was lying! haha! Just look at 'em....look at the beautiful colors...makes ya want to lick 'em, huh? HA!

And now...we go onto my work of art...or something close to that...HA!
 In this look I just went for a classic vintage beauty, with my little "heart mole" to match.

And because I didn't want to mess up my mug when I finished with my "shoot", I decided to play around with my accessories a bit. Here I am with the belt as a headpiece. I wish I owned a turban, I'd look like a bad ass future teller!

Anywho, thanks for reading and catching up and all that...jazz? Yes, Jazz! :)