Monday, February 20, 2012

The Strangers Series: DollFace


Hello Ladies And Gents, 
Here Again With Another Character Of My "The Stranger Series" That I Had Going On! 
Unfortunately I Had To Make Do With What I Had To Achieve The Look. . .So If It Doesn't Look Identical, Don't Blame Me. . .Blame My Lack Of Moneys! xD

Anywho, DollFace Has Been My Favorite Masked Gal (Besides Pin Up) Since The Day I Found Out They Had Her In My Existence! :3

The Products I Used:
Black/White Cake Paint
Brown/Black/Red Pencil Liners
Red Lipstick
Black Liquid Liner For Minor Detailing
Ivory/White Foundation
Translucent Loose Powder
Orange/Red Eyeshadow

I Attempted The "Anime Eyes" That Everyone Seems To Know And Love With This Look! 
It Was Tricky Seeing How The Thing I Was Recreating Was In Fact A Mask. . .I Had To Make My Own Face Look Somewhat Similar To It By Drawing On The Mask and Having It Look Like Its Popping Up From My Own Skin! 

(^^As Shown^^)

This Was Not Something I Normally do. . .Seeing How Its Not Much Of A Makeup Look, But More Something You Would Attempt For Halloween/Theater or The Likes! (Plus The DollFace Character Doesn't Wear A lot Of Makeup For My Liking, But Nonetheless It Was FUN!!!)

(Here Is Another Shot Of My Face)

(Hello? Is Tamara Home??)

(Shhhh. . .)

Hehehe <3

And Here Is A Animated GIF:


Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pixi Cosmetics Review

Hello Boils and Ghouls, 
I Have A Review For Ya Today! 
I Recieved This Prize From Winning A Giveaway Via Youtube!

(((FTC-I am NOT Being Paid For This Review, Nor Am I Being Paid For Mentioning Any Said Companies In This Post. . .I Won A Giveaway and Decided To Give My Opinion Out To Those Who Wish To Read! So Please Don't Sue Me)))

And What I Won Is The Following:
That's Right, I Won A Complete Pixi Essentials Kit!

It Comes With:
-Pixi Eye Brighter Mini Primer
-Pixi Flawless & Poreless Deluxe Mini Face Primer
-Pixi Endless & Silky Mini Eye Pen In Black Noir
-Pixi Full-Sized Fairy Light Solo Eyeshadow In Champagne Glow
-A Mini Gold Clutch Purse

I Was So Excited To Have Seen This Lovely Box Sitting On My Front Steps!

It Said, "Open Me, Open Me!" and I Did Just That! :3 haha

Inside Were The Following, In More Detail:
A Golden Clutch!!!

The Design On The Inside as well as the out is amazing! Its a very easy-to-match-with-anything sort of color and can also be used for a great deal of other things, as well as a storage unit for your goodies!

Clutch: 5/5

Here Is The Fabric/Design On The Inside! 
Again I Say It Is Beautiful!!!

Some Really Gore-Gous Eyeshadow!!! 

I Know Its Nothing Mega, Super Dark But I Do Rock The Oddly Normal Look Sometimes. . .Of Course With A Bit Of My Insanity Mixed With it! ;D haha

But What I Do Have To Say About It Negatively Would Be How It Isn't As Pigmented As It Claims Itself Of Being! 

"Champagne Glow" as it was SUPPOSED To Come Off As. . .A Sort Of  Golden Brown, With The Slightest Hint Of A Pale Pink Shimmer. . .Instead Came Off Onto My Skin As A VERY VERY Sheer and Pale-ish Brown With A White Shimmer! 

Perhaps its due to my own weird skin tone, but I was very disappointed! 
(Since everything else seems to live up to what it claims, this just didn't do it for me)

But even though I don't Like It As Much (Don't Get Me Wrong, I Will Try To Use It As Best As I Can. . .I Cant Really Complain, Seeing How It Was Nearly Given To Me For Free!) That Doesn't Mean It Wouldn't Look Good On Anyone Else. . .Everyone Has A Different Skin Tone and Thus Meaning It WILL Look Different On EVERYONE!!! 

I Am Absolutely In Love With The Little Fairy Detail On The Shadow Though! :3

Eyeshadow: 3/5

Another Shot Of The Eyeshadow!

(I Will Be Doing A Makeup Look With ONLY These Products Soon, So Stay Tuned)

The Flawless & Poreless Face Primer Mini! 
I Have Used This Today, and I Must Say. . .I am In LOVE!!! <3

It Goes On Smooth, Almost As If You Put On NOTHING At All! 
And When You Apply Your Foundation Your Pores Have Magically VANISHED!!! 
My Skin Was Evened Out Beautifully And What Makes This Little Face Primer Amazing Is The Ability To "Shrink Pores" As It Claims On The Website!!!

It Just Leaves You With A Amazingly Flawless Face!!! 

Face Primer: 5/5

Another Shot of The Face Primer!

An Eye Bright Primer Mini! 

This Is Supposed To Be Used As A Way To Help Conceal Undereye Circles And Give Your Tired Eyes A Sort Of "POP" When Your On The Go!!! 

But As What I Have Seen From Experimentation Myself. . .It Can Easily Substitute for a Eye Shadow Primer As Well! It Is THAT Amazing!!! I Was Applying Green Shadow To My Lids For My Makeup Of Teh Day Today. . .And I Was Surprised At How Pigmented It Made My Cheap Drugstore Brand Of Shadow Look On My Eyes. . .As A Eye Shadow Primer, This Is By Far So Much More Better Than Any Primer I Have EVER Used. . .Both ELF and URBAN DECAY Have NOTHING On This Little Guy! 

As For A Eye Brighter. . .It Is AMAZING AS WELL!!! :3

Eye Bright Primer: 5/5

Another Shot!!! 

I Love You, Ya Awesome Eye Bright Primer! :3 
A Very Pigmented Black Liner! <3 Me So In Love With You Black Eyeliner! :3

It Glides On Like Liquid Eyeliner. . .Very Smooth And Pigmented. . .this is by far my FAVORITE. . .I have Tried Almost EVERY Sort Of Black Eyeliner Alive. . .From ELF Liner To NYX Eyeliner Even Too MAC and This, By Far, Takes The Damn Cake!!!!

Another Shot Of The Liner! <3

Look How Pimented it Is!!! :3 
That Is BARELY Touching The Pencil To My Hand! 

And A Shot Of The Gang Together! :3 

Here Are The Rating's One More Time, In Case You Missed Em:

-Eye Bright Primer: 5/5
-Face Primer: 5/5
-Eye Shadow "Champagne Glow": 3/5
-Endless & Silky Eye Pen: 5/5
-Golden Clutch: 5/5

THIS Is Where You Can Purchase Yours!!!

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

The Japanese Garden

Hello Ladies and Gents, 
I wanted to write about one of my favorite places to go to when I am alone and just wanting to ease the tension of the day-ta-day life.

There is nothing more beautiful and more peaceful than the Japanese garden.
Found in the midst of Mickey Grove Regional Park in Lodi! 

This beautiful Japanese Garden had its beginnings in 1959 
through the guidance of “Duke” Yoshimura.

The garden is surrounded by 60 Kwanzan flowering cherry trees 
with five Akibono flowering cherry trees in the central area of the garden.

Three religions have an influence in the garden. 
Shintoism is expressed in the use of stones, Buddhism is visible in the use of lanterns and Taoism is manifested in the islands.

There are 11 lanterns in the garden, 
all being stone except for one which is concrete. 
The five-story pagoda lantern situated on the north hill was donated by Lodi’s sister city; Kofu, Japan. 
Each story is representative of fire, water, earth, air and atmosphere. 
The long rod on the top has nine rings and has a kinship to Buddha.

The flame-shaped tip denotes protection against fire.
Koi fish in the pond have been known to live for 200 years. 
The fish, with ring markings on its scales designating age, can grow to three feet in length. 
Colors range from red, blue, white, brown, black and yellow.

The garden’s angle bridge represents Chinese belief that evil spirits travel in a low straight line, therefore unable to follow across this bridge. 
The red arch bridge, meanwhile, is of typical Japanese design and includes eight bronze lotus flower bud finials.

The large building in the garden is a pavilion designed by Hoji Wada of Stockton, 
who also designed the garden’s entrance gate. 
It provides a beautiful backdrop for outdoor weddings, 
which are popular in the garden.

Here are some of my personal images from the garden!
The Plaque That Greets You When You First Enter! 


Doesn't It Look So Peaceful?

When You Walk Down This Beautifully Long Pathway, You Will Be Greeted By Such Lovely Sights Like These! 

Some Lovely Stepping Stones! 

Look How Far They Go!!! :3

A Little Cave-Like Hide Out! It Reminds Me Of The Demon-Wolves Den In Inuyasha!

More Stepping Stones Action! 

A Pretty Little Pathway! 

A Cute Little Waterfall! :3


Koi Fishes! ;3

More Koi's! :3

This One I Named Gregory! :3 He Kept Following Me Around The Pond! :3 
I Wanted To Steal Him In My Pocket And Take Him Home With Me! :3

More Cute Kio Fishes! 

Hehe Gregory Again! :3

Hehe Isn't He Such A Cutie??? :3

D'awwwz A White One?? :3

. . .More. . .

. . .And More. . .

. . .OMFG MOREEEE. . .

A Turn At The Pathway! :3 
Along With Some Cute Banzai Trees! 

A Cute Little Tea House! :3

Some Bamboo and The Japanese Tea House! :3

A Cute Little Pink Flower!

A Bridge That Was Designed To Trap Evil Spirits and Demons! 
Its In A Zig-Zag Form!

A Better Look At The Zig/Zag Bridge!

The Red Bridge From Another Angle!

Bamboo Hide-Out!

Red Bridge and A Stone Bird Feeder!

You Can Only Appericate These In Picture Form. . .In Order For The Experience To Be Incredible. . .One MUST Be Here In Person! :3
I Couldn't Help But Sing "Reflection" From The Disney Movie Mulan when I Was Dancing Around The Bridges and whatnot!

A Picture Of A Mossy Tree Branch and A Beautiful Reflecting Pond! 

A Cute Little Pond and Stone Statue! 

Another Shot Of The Tea House In A Different Angle! 

The View From The Red Bridge! <3

Another Pretty Pathway!

This Would Be A AWESOME Place For A Horrible Picnic! ;D

Another Pretty Place! 

Wanna Visit The Japanese Garden? 
Click It Here!!! 

Anywho, That Is All. . .
Thanks For Reading!

Hannabal Marie