Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Such A Scream by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents.
Sorry for my delay, I had some dental work done and I haven't been feeling like myself.
Besides the pain, the weather tends to make me want to rip off my skin.

But in the words of Tom Waits himself, "T'ain't no sin, to take off your skin and dance around in your bones." SO I just might take him up on that idea. (heh)
Anywho, I wanted to do SOMETHING before my fanbase completely went away...and claiming heat and a sore jaw will only do SO much after a short while...soooo I thought, to keep you happy and to wet your artistic whistles, I'd do (yet again) another tribute to another one of Tom Waits songs. This time it's "Such a scream".

In case you're wondering, I love Tom Waits and doing makeups inspired by him WILL be done on this blog. I have YET to prove my love for him, so if you like (or even if you don't) You will be seeing LOTS more things for/by/inspired by him!

I still feel as if I haven't done the fellow songs I've done justice but's shall be okay....for now! XD
anywho, here is the lyrics to the song....and a link so you can pop it on while you look at my images. It'll give you a good visual of my mind when I was doing these. Also it's FOR the song, so yeah........

"Well Pale Face said
To the Eyeball Kid
She just goes clank and boom and steam
A halo, wings, horns and a tail
Shoveling coal inside my dreams
There are no laws
She's made of cream
She's such a scream

Qui bon tres bien, nails in cement
A Donnie gal from mortal clay
The plow is red
The well is full inside
The dollhouse of her skull
A cheetah coat fills up with steam
She's such a scream

All crooked lines
Her fireplace
A milktrain so clean
Machine gun haste
You'll ride the only wall of shame
And drag that chain across the state
Her lips are red
She is the queen
She's such a scream" 
Now my work of art: 
 Just a quickie little makeup look that honestly wasn't that hard. So I feel I don't need to post the things I used. Just basic liquid liner, mascara, lashes, brown shadow for contour, and red lipstick.
 since I felt I needed something more to add to this post, here are some random edited images for you all to go along with the song in better detail. Enjoy!

 That is all, I hope you liked it and I hope I haven't made you leave just yet! I have so much more to offer, so please stay tuned. :)