Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ebay Item: Chinese Traditional Umbrella (Review)

Hello ladies and germs!
I have another Ebay purchase that came in the mail. 
I ordered a Chinese Traditional Umbrella from Happydeal88!

(Note: I am not being paid for this review, I bought this with my own money!)

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Ebay Item: Rhinestone Claw Rings (Review)

Hello ladies and gents
I have been thinking I should be doing reviews of products I've gotten through ebay and the like.  
(I mostly want to review ebay purchases though)
One thing is for certain, when I attempt to purchase something, I try to see if someone has a review based on the product I want to purchase but sadly I never find any, so I end up taking risks that sometimes never live up to my standards..but sometimes I end up getting more than I bargained for, so it's all a huge surprise either way. 

I want to help other people out here who like pretty things but are too scared to buy them for the fear they might get their money taken without a word. 
(believe me, I've had it done to be many times on ebay!) 

So I will start posting reviews on things I either find worthy enough for a post or even things I found completely ridiculous, so many of you can watch out for this said retailer and the product. 

(NOTE: Everything I will review I bought with my own money! I just decided to review them on my own time. I am not being paid or anything for this review.)

The first thing that has come in the mail is the following:
Rhinestone claw rings 
From the ebay seller "coolarea"

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Willy Wonka by Hannabal Marie

Hellou ladies and gentlemen
Allow me to first start off by stating that anything Tim Burton related will and MUST be done. 
I shall have this blog packed full of TB related things until your eyes fall out. (So stay tuned for future Tim Burton thingies..and Johnny Depp in general)

Anywho, as you've already read from the title, this is going to be the Willy Wonka Johnny Depp did. 
I attempted a transformation, if you will, last night....and I am quite happy with the results. Especially coming from a lady-like face o' mine...trying to recreate his hard bone structure was a tad bit difficult but I think I did THIS piece justice. 

The products I used (to get them out of the way) were:
>Brown/Black/White Liner Pencils from Wet N Wild
 >Liquid Eyeliner from ELF
>Brown Contouring Powder
>Hightlight powder
>Pearly Pink lipstick from Jordana
Dressy "Chocolate-y" Colored Shirt
Dark Blue Hoop Neck Shirt
Plum Button Down Shirt to cover over it all
Brooch (I made)
 These are the photos I took reference from:

 Anywho, with all these references, I sketched out my idea and I came up with this:

"Chewing gum is really gross. Chewing gum I hate the most."

"It's in the fridge, Daddy-o! Are you hip to the jive? Can you dig what I'm layin' down? I knew that you could-- slide me some skin, Soul Brother."

  "Don't touch that squirrel's nuts! You'll make him crazy!"

Anywho, I hope you liked this post.
And in the words of Willy himself, 
"You smell like old people, and... soup. I like it!" I do...oh how I do! <3

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Anita Blake by Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
I have been a huge Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series fan since the first time I picked up one of Laurell K. Hamilton's books. 
I instantly fell in love with the main woman herself. I wanted to do this look since forever but I lacked contacts and a wig until now, so I thought I'd give her a shot. 
 I attempted to do a sort of "transformation" look, so I hope you enjoy. :)

The products were simple:
>red lipstick from Jordana
>Brown Contour powder
>Highlight Powder
>Brown/Black Eyeliner Pencils
>Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Curly Black Wig
Blue Contact Lenses
Cross Necklace
Red Shirt
Gun Holsters (I used a old brown pirate belt)
And Plush Penguin because Anita loves her Penguins!

If you want to read more about this character or perhaps engage in the absorbing series, follow the link HERE!

That is all...that jazz!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Easter Bunny Makeup by Hannabal Marie!

I never got around to actually posting my Easter look. 
Apologies, and to be completely frank, I might be late on lots of holidays unless I don't happen to be busy or if I simply forgotten about 'em and somehow I get reminded, so just keep that in mind. Haha!
anywho, I didn't quite do much on this holiday and I wasn't expecting to do much but as being the custom in my life, I didn't want to NOT do i just quickly threw some makeup on and paraded around the house until I felt like washing it off. (haha)

 I just wanted an excuse to take a pic with a chocolate rabbit. 

My mum gave me the rings and asked for me to do a 'makeup look' inspired by them. 
so in a way, these looks are for her.

Anywho, like I said...this is a pointless post but I needed to get 'em out here in the open before I forgot any further. Besides they were taking up some room on my computer...not much but some. HAHA!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hannabal Marie Talks #1

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I do a lot of talking.
I post lots of status's about this and that...that's and this's. 
But I can't help but feel that people are annoyed with me on there, clogging up their newsfeed with mumbo I have taken into consideration the idea of a mini extra portion I could do on this blog. 
A "Hannabal Speaks" section where I rant and rave about things that either intrigue me or confuse me or a mixture of both. 
I don't expect many to respond nor do I expect people to care, but at least it is in my domain and you had to visit my world to see it. 

Anywho, I have a story to tell:

While walking in the park today, an elderly woman was sitting down on the park bench. 
She didn't quite belong there, the whole scene just looked like one of those paintings where the center point is just way off. she looked like a vintage burlesque performer who'd seen better days but came to reminisce on past times....
She looked so lonely and so...tired. She had makeup on, but barely enough she attempted to apply but just didn't bother. Her clothing was odd as well, something that I don't see anyone (and I do repeat) anyone...ever wear around Lodi but me...high collared shirt with ruffles, a brooch, a velvet vest and a long off-white colored skirt. 
She crossed her legs and revealed pointy toed shoes. She was something out of my very dreams. So elegant, so refined, so unlike Lodi. I decided to sit next to her and do what I do...the random chit chat. We spoke about the old burlesque, we sung old show tunes both off pitch but not caring, we confessed our love for Liza Minnelli...I swear it was like looking into a mirror. I asked for her name but she never answered...she just smiled and said that it was so sweet that I can express myself without care because men in her past life had to hide their creativity. She then just stood up, dusted off her skirt and walked in the opposite direction. It was like she just up and vanished. She was gone in a blink of an eye.
Despite the fact she thought I was a man in makeup..ehem...ehem...(haha) She was such an amazing person. Ya know those stories where people say they encountered themselves in a different point in their life? I think I might have today. It makes me wonder. It also makes me worry...will I be that old lady who remains in parks alone...thinking of all my past things...looking restless and tired....and addressing strange females as "he's"! Oh my!


Friday, June 20, 2014

My Grandpa Johnny!

I don't know much about my Grandpa Johnny...
but every time I hear "Gun Street Girl" by Tom Waits, I always think of him!
(Johnny is on the left, his friend "Frank" is on the right. From my mom and a few other people, Johnny saw his friend Frank get blown up during the war. )

Will I see you tonight?

hello ladies and gents
a while back me and my parental unit went walking. As we were enjoying the scenery and such, I took some shots with my mum's phone. 
I will upload them here as a sort of dramatic post. 

so here we go. 
 Railroad crossing!

Hannya Mask (a progression) by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
I created a Hannya Mask for my Zombie Walk 2014 costume look but I never used it. 
Too much was too much and I didn't use it. 
BUT I thought, since I started making it, why shouldn't I finish it?
So here is a sort of "progression post" of the mask. I still have a ways away to go with completion but here is what I have so far.

I still have to contour and all that to bring out the details. But this is what I have. All the facial details were done by me...this was on top of a plain plastic mask that I had laying around. It's a flat you can tell that I had to bring "life' to the face with building on top of it. 

I don't know when I'll have it completely finished but I will try my best too get it done, along with another makeup look to go with it as well. So stay tuned!


if you haven't done so yet, feel free to find me:


That is all...that jazz!

Enigma, The Perverted Gentleman by Hannabal Marie!

Hello, Just dropping the latest makeup creation inside my blog bucket. 
It's a self based character I created one night whilst listening to some Tom Waits late at night. 
I had this idea for "mustache lips" for some I thought why not add that inside my look. 
It's basically a version of myself. The darker version I keep hidden away! XD hahaha

anywho, here he is:

Enigma is the name. 
I’m your proper gentleman as well as your perverted prick! 
 I have danced with death, rolled in the sheets with her and forgotten her name before sun rise. 
In such a dead world…one mustn’t be afraid to remain…cold. 
Simplest of pleasures are always the best…from the fragrant scent of roses to the lingering stench of cheap perfume and cigarette smoke. 
I am a sex crazed jackal…I am not afraid to admit it…because sex, as any man will tell you, is vital…as vital as a rope around your neck!

That is all...that jazz!

Miss Spider by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
I bring you another makeup look!
I am sure if you are in my same age category, you remember that lovely little film titled "James and the giant peach". A character I was soooo obsessed with as a kid was Miss Spider.
I can't believe how much I grew up to actually BECOME her in later years. Funny. 

Here is my sketch I based my look off of! 

And here is the final outcome....

Just pretend that orange is a peach, will ya?
I didn't have any peaches around for picture let us use our IMAGINATIONS! XD

The products I used were:
>Clown White from Mehron
>Wet N Wild Black Liquid Eyeliner
>Purple Eyeshadow/Black Eyeshadow/Grey Eyeshadow and Yellow Eyeshadow all from ELF

Yellow Contacts
Green Hankie around my neck
Black gloves
Long fingernails


anywho, that is all...that jazz!

Cicero, The Fool Of Hearts by Hannabal Marie!


Hello, Hello...Please come in, sweet reader, Come right in.
It's so nice of you to drop by and pop a peek at my post. It's been so silent without a friendly face around, the silence was almost....maddening. *laughs* but that was then, this is now...mother told me not to worry, she did, and she was right. Not that she ever talks to poor can't talk..she's quite dead! *laughs* It's just that I could sense her presence around me, letting sweet me know that everything will be fine. Cicero always worries himself to death, you see, it's quite a problem with strangers. I tend to assert myself a bit too much and it makes dealing with people so hhhard. At one moment I'm giving someone a friendly hug and then POP...there goes their head...I think I need to work on loosening up the grip a bit. Maaaaybe.

Anyways, allow Cicero to tell you what exactly is going on here. I'm looking for a line, sorry. SORRY...I am here to discuss ME!
Yes, of course, me. Who else would this be but me? Interesting that you ask, really. I could talk about me all day if I had too, but the fool of hearts is busy as it is...Thank. You. Very. Much.
As I was saying: I was alone, tending mother as usual, when an idea came to mind. Why haven't I posted my picture? After all I'm a stickler for photographs....get it? STICK HER....AHAHAHHAAAAHAHHAAAA.....Ah, I just slay me.....

Why does poor Cicero need to post his photos? Well...Why shouldn't I? It just doesn't seem fair to keep in the shadows when that dreadful SHEEP DOG owned two twitter accounts and the undead child, a facebook page. The least of the burden could be a few, harmless photographs of sweeeeet ciiiiicero!
So I will stop talking and let you gawk, at the FOOL OF HEARTS!

(HAHA! Anywho, I attempted this look before and like I mentioned...I didn't like it. Not one bit because I didn't feel I captured him as the sadistic arsehole he is....but I am happy to say I am pleased now! Yes...This is in FACT a character Transformation!)

the products I used was:
>ELF eyeshadows in Brown/Black/White/Yellow/Red/Grey
>Liquid Black Eyeliner from Wet N Wild
>Red Lipstick by Jordana
>black and brown pencil liners
>Clown White for highlights (just a tad)

Hazel contacts
Hat (by me)
Black Gloves (by me)
Copper Wig

 "Maddness is merry, Merriments might...when the jester comes calling with his knife in the night!"

 "Need to oil Mother soon. Get all the hard-to-reach places."
"...when I next meet that fair maid Nelly, I'll plunge my knife into her belly..."

"Is there singing in the Void? Dancing? Surely the Dread Lord will at least allow poor Cicero to caper..."

That is all...That jazz!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cat Scratch Fever by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
This isn't much of a makeup look....but I wanted to showcase my new bundle of things I got over the past few days. 
I got a new hat, a few new makeups and a new shirt. I just couldn't keep it to myself, so I created a look based on everything and BAM. We got...CAT...SCRATCH...FEVAH!

//Top-Hat-Makeup: Kmart//

to those who either wish to know or are just curious as to the colors and specifics of the it is:
>Metalliac Silver Eyeliner by Wet N Wild
>Elf professionals Skin Tinted Moisterizer
>Elf Palette with Yellow/Brown/Cream Colors

>Leopard Contacts from DemonSFX

That is all...that jazz!


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Goblin Queen (David Bowie's Goblin King Inspired) Look by Hannabal Marie

 Hello one and all,
I decided to do one of my all-time favorite characters from my all-time favorite movie...JARED, THE GOBLIN KING!
But...Instead of attempting the male version, I wanted to make it my own and design something I could be quite proud of and thus, The Goblin Queen was born.

I wanted to create a look that incorporated all the details and tidbits that makes the famous Jared who he is, all the while flipping the gender roles. Mind you, I might have forgotten a few thingies but I did what came to mind at the time. Of course one idea was that of those crazy door knockers. The original plan was to have both guys on my chest but I had to narrow it down to just one, and I just HAD to pick the feisty little guy with the ears plugged.

"HUH? No Use...Can't hear ya!"

Aside from him, The only other two things that came to mind was TIME and MAZE! So I thought I'd have a clock be drawn on my face and the Maze be drawn on my neck with a few of those golden stairs going this way and that. I honestly didn't know how I was going to do this but with a few moments designing it on paper and attempting it, I am happy with the end results.

I am also going to be doing a few other characters in my own way; including Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo, The Wild Gang, The Mascarade Jared and a few others...if my imagination can handle it! ;D HA! Oh and before I forget, I will in fact be doing an actual "character transformation" of david bowie AS the goblin king as well. Just wanted to inform you all!

Now ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to...

 It's just a makeup look, nothing more. ;D

 The products I used:
>Brown/Gold/Green/White/Black/Yellow Elf Eyeshadow
>Clown White from Mehron
>Liquid Eyeliner in Black by Wet N Wild
>Brown/Black Pencil Liners from Wet N Wild
>Frosted Pink Lipgloss from Jordana

Blue Contact
Baby Doll
Crystal Ball

 And I just so happened to take a few pix of the actual outfit, I really wished I owned a pair of grey tight pants or leggings, but of course...I don't...not yet, that is! SO black will have to suffice until further notice! XD

This is the mini sketch I put together with full details as to where everything will go. To satisfy those of you who wanted to know how I sketch my makeup looks like.  I'll have to admit, it looks like chicken scratches but only I understand my oddness.

Anywho, Thanks for reading and all that jazz!
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