Sunday, May 26, 2019

🌿My Little Growing Babies--The Progress of May 17th-May 26th🌿 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, 
I am posting again on this beautiful day.
A rather long and proud post of progression. 
Most of my baby sprouts have budded in my garden. 

I have planted some herbs and all kinds of wild flowers for no other reason than to help my insect buddies. Some inviting flowers for the Bumblebees & Monarchs, as well as some beautiful fragrant herbs for my craft and cooking. (or course certain herbs help to rid me of certain insects, so I don't have to kill them. I hate killing anything unless I have to but this will help to ward off some predators without causing any harm!) But the herbs I am wanting mostly for cooking, among anything else. Of course, I plan to treat my herbs delicately when I prune off the pieces I need. Giving them the thanks they deserve for allowing me the opportunity to use them. 

But before any of that is allowed, I must first bring them into my world.

A lot of people don't know this side of me, mostly because I don't talk about it much but being silent will do nothing for me. It certainly will not help me document my trails and errors...or even my successes. I just love my plants so much and I use to have so much in a garden out in the back of my house, I wish I would have taken more images with them but wishing is for stars...I will just start doing more now. In the here and now. At this very minute.

👉Strange Food Review: The Angry Whopper🔥😠🍔 | Hannabal Marie

A nice big bite! 

Hello ladies and gents
This will be a new section on this blog called "Strange Food Reviews."
Not quite a unique name, I know but the name doesn't matter right now. lol
I just want to document some of the strangest, oddest, coolest, unique-est?, different types of meals and/or foods I will try in my life.
I also want to remember some of the coolest "LIMITED TIME ONLY" foods, as well. 
Special holiday meals, treats and other things like that.

Very rarely do I ever go out, truth being told. I don't really like fast food as much as I did as a kid BUT I do like novelty, and that is what this section of my blog will be about.
To see what the "buzz" is all about and/or just try out something new. 
(Also, I let myself have 'cheat days' on the rare occasion. 
So, I am going to allow myself to 'cheat' with these cool treats!)

Now, I probably won't do EVERY SINGLE THING on planet earth--
some things aren't interesting enough for me to even care about but the ones I do want to try, I will--full force.With detailed description and photos.

Friday, May 24, 2019

😈Mommy's Little Monster (A recreation of my mother's doll!)😈 | Hannabal Marie

Sneaky Peeky~ 

Hello ladies and gents
I am posting on behalf of my mother. For mother's day, this year, I thought it would be pretty awesome to recreate one of her handmade dolls in human form. 

She have always created dolls my whole life. She does so as a fun little past-time. 
Gifting a new one to me for my birthday or "just because."

I love her dolls so much and that isn't a biased opinion--
I watch her hand-stitch every inch. I see her create the patterns at the end of her bed, lightly pressing fingers to fabric in hopes to "feel" what a specific doll would end up becoming. 
Each one as unique as the next. I see her struggle with the thread as she puts it through the needle, nearly jabbing her own fingers a few times--she just smiles and says; "pain is just an extra piece of fabric!" Hahaa 

Every element of these dolls has been touched, loved, held, sweetly spoken to and taken care of. Much like a mother to a child, she holds them up high and feels a sense of pride when the last stitch is knotted. Her growing collection beside her bedside table sparkles a smile in their glass eyes, knowing that my mother will talk to each one as she passes the bedroom to get to her next pattern and material. Her love is stitched between loose ends, and for that--I had to bring life to the doll she made for me recently. Make her daughter become one of her dolls. <3 
Before we get to the final look, I want to include a few snaps I took in the day. 

My dad woke us up to a great breakfast, he made some french toast. We ate, decided what we were going to do and then set out to do it. We also wanted to do a little ghost hunting/chatting with the haunted in our house, but nothing really happened enough to document. Then again, we weren't really trying to catch anything nor did we really take it too seriously. My mom just wanted to do it for Mothers Day because she loves it so much.

We did, however, end up binge watching some late night Paranormal shows and scary stories on the television to end the day. It was just a very silent, sweet little Mothers Day all about our mom and what she wanted to do--which was just be with us, as a family, without distractions. So, not much was taken in terms of photos or content other than my makeup present I showed her on the actual day! 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

❤️Happy World Goth Day 2019 (Makeup Look & Cemetery Visit! Plus some Goth history on myself!!)❤️ | Hannabal Marie

We decided, since it's the week of Memorial Day, we'd check out one of our local cemeteries. 
Hello ladies and gents
Another day, another post...
For those who celebrate--Happy World Goth Day!!

I've been "Goth" for close to 10+ years. 
Have had a love/hate relationship with the title for many many reasons...
mostly consisting of cruel kids telling me whom is and whom isn't "gothier than thou"
But the fact of the matter doesn't concern opinions...I will always love the word. 
With or without an approval. 

I can go into detail but it will take much too long and quite frankly, it's not that important.
What IS important is that I have found my love for the Subculture once again and can proudly claim that over 10+ years of trial and error. Heartache and ridicule. Being "Goth" isn't a fashion statement but something that can only be felt when you acknowledge that you are and will always be "Goth." 
Maybe not to the book nor to most people's ideals of what "Goth" is defined, but to yourself YOU can be as Goth as YOU want. If you love the subculture, the lifestyle and if you feel as if you are Goth...then YOU ARE!

Here are some of my school IDs and my ID when I turned 18. I wish I had my other 2 years in school, but I don't have them anymore. Those two years was when I was the most "goth" by definition. But you can see a bit of it in these pics. Please note: my style always changed, every single day. I was constantly always evolving--like a damn pokemon. lol

But this post isn't about defining what Goth is, it's about celebrating such a grand occasion.
So, here we go:

💮EASTER 2019 (Makeup, Crafts & Shenanigans!)💮 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Sorry for the delay in posts but life has kept me way too busy.
I couldn't get to my laptop to post like I should have been but I am here now--
and that is all that counts. It doesn't matter when I post, as long as I post. Right?
At least, that's what I think matters.

Easter was a very simple little holiday that came and went.
Nothing too extreme but we did keep to certain traditions--
like egg dying, the candy baskets, makeup and stuff like that.

I know I'm an adult but I don't care--holidays are still something of major importance to me.
So, we always make sure to celebrate in whatever ways possible. Age has NOTHING to do with having a good time and creating happiness.
Making "straws" for my basket weaving. 
Before the "big day" I spent a few days crafting some stuff for future easter looks.
Nothing really in mind but I really wanted to do a sort of "easter bunny" but in my kind of way.
My kind of "spooky fashionable" way. lol