Tuesday, September 25, 2018

⭐🌚⭐ "Roots of Samhain" Halloween Inspired Hair ⭐🌝⭐ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I wanted to get back in touch with my roots (giggle) and try out a very loud, creative hairstyle.

So, for the sake of Halloween (Samhain) 
I decided to do something associated with this beautiful season.
Something that speaks mystery and darkness...with that lovely twist of the unknown. 

I decided to go black and white.
White being the frontal parts and black the remainder of my hair. 

I had to bleach my front parts for a while. Get them to a nice yellowy stage before the purple tone.

Monday, September 24, 2018

👻 99 Cents Halloween Haul/Walkthrough. Par Deux. 👻 (+Walmart & more!) | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
If you haven't seen my last 99 cents haul, you are missing out. lol 
But apparently, they did a massive stock-up and all the spooky stuff has finally arrived.
I thought the last time was a lot--I wasn't expecting what I expected this day.
I guess it's safe to say that Halloween time is at the 99!

Allow me to introduce--
Halloween 2018 in the 99 cent store!

Those checkered skulls were all my want! 
They had tiny little plastic medicine/tonic bottles. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

💎 The Chain And Stone Showcase & Unboxing 💎 // Hannabal Marie

All the items was sent to me for the sake of this showcase.

Hello ladies and gents
Sorry I have been absent in my posting, 
I have been running around like crazy doing all sorts of things. 
When I did find free time, something would pop up to take it's place. lol

But enough waiting, I am here to post a lovely unboxing 
and showcase of some beautiful handmade items I was given by a lovely friend behind 
The Chain And Stone! 

The Chain And Stone is a place for handmade, one of a kind, jewelry. 
She specializes in Wiccan jewelry but she can also do custom orders if you email her. 

She has been doing this for over 6 years now. Her creations are beautiful and very inspiring. 
Inspiring so much, that I had to create a full-on makeup look and outfit showcasing all her items.

She sent me a lovely little card inside the box.

I contacted her on my own request, to see if she'd like to collab/partner with me. 
And she was so kind enough to send this whole box my way. 

So, enough chit-chat...allow me to just show you the items in their full glory! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

🍇 2018 Lodi Grape Festival 🍇 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
I decided to go with my family to the annual Lodi Grape Festival.
This would be my second time attending this event,
but this was the first time for my brother and the rest of my family. 
So, it was indeed a special occasion.

It completely changed from when I first went, which was around 2008 with a friend after school. 
My experience, at the time, kept me from ever attending the years following after that.
Not that it was bad, it just wasn't worth the money at the time to go on a few rides.
There really wasn't much to do around that time unlike now.

This year was different. 
It actually was bigger and greater, in comparison. 
So much more to do and see. 
The prices are a bit ridiculous (It's a festival, so what did I expect? lol) 
but the experience was a pleasant one. 

AND I got to pet so much animals in the petting zoo.
Which was an extremely nice touch for those who couldn't afford any wrist-bands or purchase anything other than their ticket to get in. 
They do offer free ticket entrees but if you do decide to attend on the free days, 
expect a lot of riff-raff and a ton of fights. 
At least, that's how it was when I went the last time with my friend for free. 
It might have changed, like it did when I went today but who knows.
Why take the chance, ya know? 

Friday, September 7, 2018

🎃 99 Cents Store 2018 Halloween Walkthrough + Mini Haul 🎃 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents, Hannabal Marie here. 
I couldn't wait to post this post because as of right now...

Yeah, you read that right.
It might just be September to YOU but to me...

If you guys and gals didn't notice, I am OBSESSED with Autumn/Fall.
Halloween being my favorite holiday among soooo many others that follow during this season.
Pretty much October through December are my favorite months, by far. 
A bit into January, as well but those especially. 

 But getting off track, this isn't the reason I am making this post. 
Oh, no, no no...I have a much better reason for my coming here to post:

The 99 cent store FINALLY got their Halloween stuff out and displayed here, where I live.
I don't know where you live, but for us in this small little town, they take forever to put the good stuff up...but IT'S FINALLY HERE, GUYS! Not every single thing but enough to post about...thus, I am posting. hahaa

I'm so excited, if you couldn't tell already. lol
I am so excited that I wanted to document this special moment for you guys and gals...
as well as future me, when I am old and grey and wanting some sweet sweet memories.
Anyways, enough chit-chat...onto the post:
(btw, At the end I will have a mini haul of the goods I got myself to start off this Halloween hauling season! lol) 

Monday, September 3, 2018

My Bday Bash 2018 + Bday Gifts (Goodwill, Junction & Salvation Army Store Haul) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Thought I'd share my birthday bash I had this year on August 1st 2018.
Quite honestly, I didn't know if I wanted to post this, so I have been putting it off.
Also, I have been dealing with some stuff on my end that has reduced me to not wanting to do anything but binge watch conspiracy theories and drain coffee by the gallons.

But now, I am doing better and I want to share this with you guys and gals.
Also, these images are clogging up my file folder on my laptop and I need to either post or delete.
I choose to post.
So, don't blame me...
blame my computer and it's lack of space. hahaa

Anywho, you are properly wondering; "why the pics of a young 90s kid in the beginning?"
Well, that is me and I just wanted to prove that I was and still am a kid with a weird love of certain things--like obsessing over Disney and strange alien films. lol

Never changed, never will. hahaa

Anyways, for this year--we decided to just spend time at home with family and pets.
*which pretty much is every year, not gonna lie. haha*

I was also surprised with a $20 dollar bill and the option to pick where I wanted to spend said cash at.
So, I decided to hit every thrift store in town and see what they had to offer.
Not a lot but I did pick up a few things--mostly dolls and trinkets, to add to my growing collection of strange finds. Also, stuff to add to my prop collection for future outfits/makeup looks.
My parents surprised me with a few cute things, as well and I treated myself with more things with my own money, when the bday money ran out. lmfao

So, here are the following photos from this awesome day: