Wednesday, August 23, 2017

🎃 The FIRST Halloween Haul of 2017 🎃 (Murder Jigsaws, VTG Tablecloth+More) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Halloween shopping is one of my favorite past-times.
Among many retailers and shops, the one place I loveeeeee finding awesome stuff for Halloween is the thrift store!
I usually find a lot of cool and awesome Halloween props and things of that nature.

I try to make it a habit to check it every so often for things I personally love but it is a MUST to shop during the Halloween season.
I know, it's still August...still Summer, even but these items have Halloween written all over them.
So, I decided to make this the official "Halloween" Haul of 2017!

So, let us check out my goodies I found this time:

Small Lil Missy Doll Haul (As Promised!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
As I promised, this is a secondary post to my Missy Dolls collection I previously posted a while ago.
I said I had a few more coming and they came!

Just a few, so I will not take up any more of your time talking.
I am pretty stoked with these finds, so let us begin with the showcasing!

They shipped to me nicely wrapped in gift-wrapping paper.

☟ Strange & Unusual Finds ☟ (Oddities, Taxidermy & Strange Wicker Baskets!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
If you don't know (most of you do, but if you are new to this side of the internet!)
I like to collect odd and strange things.
From clowns to taxidermy--I collect it all.

Today I bring you a post full of some strange and rather odd trinkets.

I found all my wares at local thrift shops around town.
Not all at once, but various trips during the month and so on--so forth.

I tend to do that from time to time.
If I have a few bucks, I go snooping around the thrift store.
If I find something, I'll snag it.
This cycle continues until I have too much and gotta post like I am doing now. lmfao

So, without further delay--allow me a minute of your time to show you some of my mad finds~

Lil Missy Doll Collection // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I want to post about this amazing collection of Missy Dolls I found on eBay, I won a bid that was relatively cheap and I got this whole lot for mere scratch.

I have a small minor problem, ever since my brother gave me a Missy doll once upon a time.
I have been nothing but obsessed.
I love the attention to detail, I love that these are vintage dolls and I adore that someone had to put them together by hand using nothing but beads and small little pieces of fabric.

I don't know, you can call me crazy but I'm becoming obsessed with collecting Lil Missy dolls now.
I will be putting all these babies inside a curio cabinet as soon as I get enough money to purchase one.
I want to display them properly. 

Anywho, to the collection I got: (And I got a lot!)

🤡 Send In The Clowns 🤡 (My Obsessive Compulsive Collecting Of Clowns!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I bring you another collective clown haul.
As I mentioned in previous clown hauls, I like to collect them.  (Not *like*, LOVE!)
Why? I don't know. I just do. 

I feel extremely connected to clowns. (or clownish things!)
ever since I was a young little thing, I have always been drawn to the concept of the clown.
Also, the fact a lot of people hate them makes me love them more...maybe it's the rebel inside of me that likes to go against what others hate but I have always and will always love clowns.

They are my obsession and I tend to find a lot in my local thrift shop--so, why not? lol

Where I live, I always find at least one or two clowns every other day.
I don't know why but someone (or a collected amount of someone's) like to drop off clowns at this specific thrift store because I always end up finding something clownish/circus/carnival related here.

which makes me giggle, someone owned these at one point...
now I have them, so I have become that person. hehee

Anywho, how's that for an intro?
I will shutty and start showing you my images of the clownish wares I now own! 

 I got a few clownish goodies, so here is a sneak peek at what you shall seeeeee!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

🌕 2017 Solar Eclipse 🌕 (+ Inspired Makeup Look!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I am sure the lot of you have heard or already witnessed the Solar Eclipse of 2017!
8/21/2017 made history for us all--or so I have been told over and over again by people.

I have been overjoyed with this sudden event, been counting down the days like it was Christmas.
I was hoping for so much but sadly, living in Sunnyside California--we get the heat and then some.

While some areas like Oregon or Illinois got to experience this Eclipse in it's full glory--we Californians had to have a semi-eclipse.

Ooooooh, I'm still mad about it--to be completely frank.
I was hoping and wishing and waiting for the sky to be engulfed in pitch blackness but all we got was overcast.

Monday, August 21, 2017

🐒 🐆 Micke Grove Zoo 60th Anniversary 2017 + Japanese Garden 🐒 🐆 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a lovely post that was actually an impulse visit turn into historical celebration. 

Me and my brother have been itching to go to our local Zoo here in Sunnyside California and well, we found the right time to take a visit.

Saturday, August 12th was the anniversary of Mickey Grove Zoo!
We had NO idea that going to the zoo would turn into a 60th anniversary event!
I guess, the odds are on our side! ;D hahaa

 It was such a blast--we saw all kinds of cute animals, had snow cones from Kona Ice, Listened to music (Dad even got a request done for him!) and met tons of awesome people along the way.

I will section it out with images of The Zoo & The Japanese Garden.
We stayed for the festivities, did a zoo tour and then spent the reminder of the evening at the Garden with the Koi Fish!

Anywho, to the photos...

Saturday, August 19, 2017

✰ Review: Marc Jacobs "Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons" // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I have a lovely little review for you all.
I received these Eye Crayons as a special gift and I wanted to review them for the likes of my friends and online-family. 
(and anyone just genuinely curious!)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A HUGE Birthday Haul // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Today I bring you a haul full of the unique and amazing goodies my family, friends, loved ones, ect gave me for my birthday. 

  • Small Disclaimer--I am just being biased because it's my birthday and anything/everything given to me on this it a card or a trinket, shall and WILL be loved to an extreme.hehee
Just for you to know and for me to state, because birthday's are magical and I feel that someone who even wants to share a moments time with you on this special day speaks volumes!

I did help foot in some money so that my parents and bro could get me stuff. 
So, in case ya'll were thinking; "Damn, she is a spoiled brat getting her family to buy her all this shhhhhit"...just know that I worked my bum off for this moneys, I deserve the stuff! GAHHH! lol

I could have bought everything I wanted myself but I think it's more meaningful to have it selected from someone you love, right? 
Just seems more surprising and fun~

Anyways onto the photos, I hate showing off stuff that is specially for myself because it makes me feel weird but a lot of my online friends love seeing these posts. A lot of them love seeing the crazy stuff I get and/or receive--so, this one's for youuuuu! lol

Pretty much everything I got is inside these two bags.

♕ My DISNEY Birthday Party ♕ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
August 1st was my birthday and I'm still processing what exactly happened.
My brother and my parents both threw me a surprise birthday party as soon as I got home from work.
Apparently my brother was taking "WIP" photos throughout the whole scheme, so I could post as I will shortly. lol (how considerate and sweet, because he knows how much I loveeeee seeing the progress of stuffs!)

Basically to sum it all down, they gave me a Disney themed birthday party.
Mostly consisting of disney princesses and villains.
I couldn't have asked for a better party than what transpired.

I will admit, I knew a party was in the making--(My brother asked if he could do this for me!) so, I knew something was amuck but I didn't know what exactly it was going to look like or be.

I have to say, I am very impressed with what they came up with! 
My brother, especially because he would always tell me he can't "draw" but after this day--I beg to differ. This boy is a freakin' GENIUS!

Anywho, picture time!
I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did being there! :3

As you can clearly see, it was themed accordingly to who I am on the insideeee. heheee

Saturday, August 5, 2017

4th Of July + Mama's Birthday // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a long awaited post.
For the 4th of July we celebrated my mother's bday, as well as the 4th all in one happy combo.
(Her real bday is July 9th but we wanted to combine these two special occasions into one, plus mom LOVES the 4th of july. So, why not?)

I really wanted to give my mom something great, so I went crazy shopping with my brother and we ended up getting all her favs. 

The idea of making a "surprise bday party" was something we both came up with considering mom never really had a big o' bash since...well, since we were kids and had moneys to spend on stuff like this. lol
I have been working my little bum off and I had the funds to do this--so I wanted to 
and so...
Here. We. Go~