Thursday, July 1, 2021

💀Queen of Hell meets Queen of Filth💩│2021 Lodi Comic Con

"Kill everyone now. Condone first degree murder.
Advocate cannibalism. Eat shit! Filth is my politics! Filth is my life!"

The Queen of Hell vs The Queen of Filth.

Hello ladies and gents,
This recent Comicon, me and @iammeat dressed up and tried to last as long as we could in this California heatwave. Latex & sweat just doesn't mix very well!! Lol


But during my time--I couldn't believe how many ppl were so loving & supportive of my Pink Flamingos costume. Literally had a group of girls scream "YOU BETTA MUTHAFCKIN WERQ!!!" outside their cars. So many smiles, giddy stares & photo ops! It was amazinggg!

So, this look was inspired by the Queen of Filth herself! DIVINE!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

❀Perfume Company Review: Royalty Lotus❀

"Perfume is the art that makes memory speak"--According to Francis Kurkdjian. A powerful tool that can send us on journey's through scented clouds. Today I will be reviewing a shop that I found on Instagram that specializes in perfumes through essential oils, soaps, lotion bars and so much more. 

Royalty Lotus is the name, backed by two brothers--Shawn & Ryan. According to an excerpt on their website; 
"Ryan has a passion for mixing and making his own soaps, lotions, sprays, and candles. His passion for creating scented products started when he noticed not a lot of other scented products had the scent he wanted, he began creating more and more until he established a baseline of scents he personally enjoyed. He had also noticed that no other brands would let you 'pick and choose' what types of scents you wanted and he wanted to change that, but he wanted to go a step further and let people 'pick and choose' much more than just what scent they would like. He wants to let people know they have a choice when it comes to how they smell, no matter what season and no matter what occasion."

Many of their products are custom-friendly--with you being able to pick three notes to create your own personalized fragrance. (depending on the product!) Along with the note selection, you also get to pick what oil base you'd like & the strength you'd prefer. For the oil base--they have the choices of Castor, Coconut, Jojoba & Sweet Almond. Definitely something for everyone! And for the strengths--there are 5 levels of strength; Skin Scent (Light--Ideal for those whom might be sensitive!), Radiant (Mild), Regular (Medium), Strong (Bold) and Fill A Room (Strong & Bold.) The last two tiers cost a bit extra, but nothing to extreme. ($0.75 for Bold, $1.00 for Strong & Bold.) 

For my review today, I got a little of everything. 3 essential perfume oils, a lotion bar, a moisturizing body spray, a soap & a candle. As I am not too keen on creating my own scents just yet, I was just interested in their 3-pack of limited edition Halloween scents that they already mixed. 

A disclaimer--these scents were limited edition, so they are no longer available. (At least, until further notice!) but I am reviewing them as a whole of the company, rather than a possibility for purchase. More perfumes just like the ones mentioned here will be on their website! Thank you!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Uncle Fester Transformation by Hannabal Marie


Hello ladies and gents, Since Halloween is basically tomorrow--
I thought I'd go ahead and transform as one of my many many manyyy favorite characters; Uncle Fester!

The person who I dedicate this to was the person who suggested my transformation; my brother.
For his bday coming up, I thought I'd do it.
I love...DEBBIE!
Also, he told me it would be pretty funny to hug a pack of Little Debbies as Fester! lmfao

I thought out of all the Debbie Snackcakes, Nutty Buddy would fit Fester perfectly! After all, he is a Nutty Buddy! lmfao

That is all. This look probably will be filed under the few of my "cursed images." But after transforming as Eric, I don't think this is any worse than that one! lmfao

Friday, October 23, 2020

💀Spirit Halloween, Big Lots & Home Depot--2020 Halloween!💀

The pumpkin suit jacket thing was especially dazzling.

Hello ladies and gents, I have another Halloween themed post for you all.
I couldn't possibly let Halloween 2020 slip by without taking a journey to these few places before they close down completely. Especially Spirit Halloween, among the few mentioned here. Honestly, the last two were just down the same path back home, so I thought;"Why Not?" lol

This is just going to be a peek into the store, to show you what they had to offer this year. Just to experience what everyone else got to witness weeks ago. (haha) I couldn't make any purchases, price tags were just too high for me to commit. What I CAN do is pretend I bought everything in these photos, though--so, there's that! lol

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

HALLOWEEN DIY: Sam Doll from Trick R Treat

 Hello ladies and gents,
Today's post is about one (of the many many crafts for Halloween! lol) that I took up during my HallowQuarantine.
I made 3 different Sam dolls with my mother (Smile & Stitches on Instagram!) for her to sale. I'm happy to announce that she sold ALL 3 OF THEM! That just amazes me, to know that someone out in the world has my little paintwork propped up in their homes. That melts my heart so much!

I'm not gonna lie, painting Sam's face was actually pretty fun. A bit exhausting after the third attempt but each one is so unique. Different from each other! 

Thursday, October 15, 2020


Hello, just continuing this trend of posting stuff I forgot to post until much later in the month. lol
A while back, we visited Big Lots, just to see the new stuff they had on the shelves. Not really going to make any purchases, due to just not having enough in our pocket to do so at the moment, but we did end up getting a small little pumpkin light we found sitting by his lonesome for a few coins.
This was the week everything FIRST started showing up on the shelves. (yep, THAT long ago!)
Everything was fresh & new. It was so wholesome to see the stocked shelves for Halloween in mid Sept. It made my little dark heart flutter with joy!
I guess it's safe to say Halloween is practically here now. Autumn sure is my favorite time of year--too bad it doesn't feel like Autumn. Feels like a mild Summer, in my opinion! lol

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Getting off topic, just wanted to chat a bit before you gawked at the post. No one ever talks anymore. It's just a fast-paced world of give and take, isn't it? Nothing human nowadays. Just click, post, respond, robotic answered text....Have have you been? How is life? How's the kids? Pets? Is mum good? Well? Good! I love you, too!

Anywho, time to give you what you've came to peek at. I'll miss you. 

Witchy Review: Gh0stP0nyGoods Custom Herbal Apothecary Spell Jars!

Hello ladies and gents

For my birthday this year, my mother got me some custom spellwork jars from a company called Gh0stP0nyGoods. A quick scroll through their Etsy page shows that Gh0stP0nyGoods is about the occult and the *natural* lifestyle also known as "vulture culture" to some people. (recycling materials, scavenged animal bones, herbs, etc.) Definitely my cup of tea...err, coffee?! 
I'm a big lover of all things witchy and curio--being that my blog here consists of all forms of both of those things--I knew I had to dedicate a post solely on these beautifully crafted bottles.