Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012/Halloween makeup look

Hello Everybody, 
I wanted to post for so long but I just couldn't get around to it because of The Zombie Walk and Halloween. 
I still need to wait for all of the Zombie Walk images to come to me but I have a little post for you today in regards to Halloween. 

 I spent my Halloween with a group of friends, we hung out. . .scared random strangers by messing with them on the street and while they were eating in restaurants. I met up with a very handsome Killer Klown. <3

I'm going to just go ahead and post some pix and talk about them whilst doing so. 

Here it is:
Halloween 2012

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Monday, October 22, 2012

☽ "Cemetery of Children" The Liberty Cemetery ☽ [My Experience & Photos] | Hannabal Marie

The front gates that scream in agony as you move them to enter inside.  

Hello ladies and gents, 
Me and my family love to explore abandon buildings and sacred burial grounds.
It's a fun little Sunday afternoon thing to do, when you just want to explore nature
and remember the dearly deceased and sadly, forgotten.

Upon our trip to Galt--
(we occasionally like to do little road trips outside our city from time to time,
just to see what our little nook of the world has to offer in terms of hidden gems!)
we came across this tiny little hole-in-the-ground cemetery.

At first glance, it didn't look like a cemetery. If it wasn't for the big iron gates informing me of just that--I would have just assumed it was discarded land and forgotten vegetation.
For a lack of a better way to put it--it looked very dry, abandoned and sad.

Liberty Cemetery, after researching about it when I got home, has a history that is quite chilling and extremely heartbreaking. Mostly for the fact it has been reduced to such a sad state.
I know, as what I am about to show you, that the topic of restoration is being brought up but I still can't help but feel sad for it ever having to be in such poor conditions at all. With broken grave markers, vandalism and headstones being pulled right up out of the ground.
Age and the common wear/tear also being another factor, here.

The following is from Cemetery Records Online, which states:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Selene From Underworld Character Look

Hellou Ladies And Gents, 
It's Been HOW Long Since I Last Created A Makeup Look?
Ha! I Am Here Today Posting My Official REAL Makeup Look Using A Cam My Best Friend Aka My Wifey Gave To Me. If It Wasn't For This Gal, I Wouldn't Be Able To Take ANYTHING! :3 
So Please, Go Give A Big Thank You To Ali Aka Asylum Bunny On Youtube! :3

Anywho, Onto The Main Event! 
Drum Roll Please. . . 

*Que In Drum*

Today I Am Posting A Character Look, 
And Who Else But The Beautiful. . .
Selene From The Underworld!!!

I Thought Since The New Movie Came Out And Everyone Is Crazy For It, I Would Take Advantage Of The Situation And Create A Character Look Based On The Main Character, Miss Selene. 

(Please Understand That MY Character Looks Are Of ME, Miss Hannabal Marie, Portraying A Certain Person/Cartoon/Ect Ect. I Am In No Means Of Wishing To Become Em Or Being Spot On. I Just Wish To Attempt A Look, So Please Hold Your Rude Comments To Yourselves! Thank You!)

<3 The Products That I've Used Today Are As Follows:
-black/brown and white pencil eyeliners (I Used Wet N Wild)
-Dark Brown/Black/White/Golden Eyeshadows (I Used ELF And Kleancolors And My Homemade White Shadow)
-Dark Brown Contour Shadow (I Used My ELF Butternut Quad)
-Ivory Liquid Foundation (I Used Covergirl)
-Translucent Pressed Powder (I Used Covergirl)
-Rose/Dark Pink Pencil Liner (I Used Wet n Wild)
-Glossy Frosted Pink Lipgloss (I Used Fairy From ELF)

-Blue Contacts
-Crappy Kmart Store Black Wig (That I Chopped And Arranged As Selenes!)

Here Are A Few More Google Images Of Selene To Start Up Your Engines! ;D HA! 

Now, The Moment Ya'll Been Waiting For. . .
Here Is MY Attempt At The Lovely Selene! 
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Homemade Pressed White Eyeshadow (+ DIY)

Hellou Ladies And Gents, Sorry For Not Posting In So Long. 
I Have Come To A Sudden Stop In Doing Makeup Posts (Not Because I Want To, But Because I HAVE Too)
You See, The Other Day My Camrea Broke And With Money Being The Main Source Of Me Not Just Rushing To A Store And Getting A New One. .. I Must Stop With The Character Looks And Such.  

I Was Thinking Of Purchasing A Low Quality One At Kmart But They Are All SOOOO VERY EXPENSIVE. . .Even For A Cheapy One. . .Not Worth The Crappy Quality Photos, Tbh!

Eh, So Unless I Sell A Kidney Or Leg And Make Up Enough Money In A Single Day To Purchase A, At The Very Least, Semi Good Quality Camrea. . .I Shall Have To Put A Stop On Makeup Looks For A While.

BUT With That Being Said, I Went Ahead And Put Together A Little Review/DIY Post For You Guys Today. My MP3 Has A Camrea On It That Takes Rather Disgusting Low Grade And Fuzzy Photos, Sooo I Thought I Might As Well Use It For SOMETHING. I Might Not Be Able To Do Full Face Looks But At Least I Can Do Some Updating Photos And Small Reviews And Such In The Mean Time. Again I Apologize For The Ugliness And Shittiness That Is My Crap Of A Camrea But It's The Best I Can Do For Now!

I Found A Article On The Interwebs About Making Your Own Pressed White Eyeshadow The Other Day. I Use A LOT Of White And Black In My Makeup And I Thought This Would Help Me Save An Arm And A Leg In Makeup Bills. It's Fairly Easy And Quite Simple But I Still Wanted To Share It With You All! (Including A Review And Swatches)

(Note: I Am Not Being Paid For Mentioning Any Company In This Post! Just Wanted To Share A Project I Did With You Guys! Also Understand That Everyone Has Different Skin. . .So What One Person Finds Highly Pigmented Might Be Sheer To Another.)

I'm Going To Show You How To Create Your Own:

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KOTH: Didi Hill Character Makeup Look

Hellou There Lovelies. . .
Sorry For The Absence. . .So Much On My Plate Lately That I Couldn't Pick Up A Makeup Brush.
But Aside From The Excuses. . .I HAVE A MAKEUP LOOK TODAY! 
Inspired By My Little Brother Who LOVES The Animated Show "King of The Hill"

He Basically Was Watching His Show, As He Always Does Every Night On The Dot, And He Came To An Episode With This Character In It. When He Seen Her He Automatically Came To The Conclusion That I HAD To Do Her And FAST! xD Ha! 

I Was Doing Some Additional Research About Her To Get Into Her Head And To Know More About Her And I Was Surprised At How Little There Is Of Her. . .She Has A Total Of 4 Photos On Google. . .Which Made Me Nearly Cry. 

Anywho, The More I Found Out About Her The More I Wanted To Do This Look, So I Did Just That! 
Ladies And Gents, Here She Is. . .

Deirdre "Didi" Hill! <3

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Female Gambit Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, 
Today I Bring To You My Superhero Look I Did On Superhero Day A While Back. . .
Why I Took So Long To Upload? I Thought I Deleted A Bunch Of Photos And These Ones Were What I THOUGHT I Lost! xD I Am Lucky I Found Em Like I Did, It Made Me Happy Like A Camper! :3

Here Is The Main Inspiration Behind My Superhero Look! (It Was Hard For Me To Pick A Fav Since I'm More Of A Villain Lover Instead Of A Hero Lover! HA! But This Upcoming Mention Is My Exception Along With A Few Others Like Batman And So On. . .)

 For As Long As My Mind Can Go Back, I've Always Fancied My First Toon Hero Crush. . .GAMBIT!
His Voice (AHHHH). . .His Care For Rogue (AWWW). . .His Smexy Card Throwing Tricks (Hubba Hubba). . .

So Ladies And Gents. . .I Present To You The Reason I Bring You This Here Post. . .
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss Spider Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, 
It's Me, Hannabal Marie Bringing You A Makeup Look I've Wanted To Attempt Since Grade School! xD HA!
It Would Have Been A CRIME To Leave This Little Cutey Out Of My Makeup File. . .


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Cookie Monster Inspired Makeup/Fingernails

Hello Lovely Ladies And Gents,
It's Been FAR Too Long Since I Last Posted Something Makeup Related, So Since I Found Some Precious Time I Went Ahead And Made A Makeup Look And Dramatic Fingernail Art Based On My One And Only True Love. . .COOKIE MONSTER!!!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Beautiful Cassé!!

I Want You All To Meet Someone I Got Today From My Mum. . .She Found This Cutie Laying In The Streets Collecting Dust! 
My Mum Said, "When I Seen Her, I Thought Of You" And My Mommy Knows Me All Too Well! xD

I Called Her "Cassé" Because In French It Means "Broken" <3
Isn't She Lovely? <3

Note: The Broken Eyes And Split Lid...She Has The Most Beautiful Blue Eyes I've Ever Seen! :3 And Look At Those Lips! *Dies* <3

She Is Going Straight Into My "Oddity" Section Of My Room! <3

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

The Baroness Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, Today I Have A Makeup Look I Did On My Mother! 
Yes, You Read That Right. . .I Applied Product On My MUM This Time Rather Then Myself! xD 

My Inspiration: A Glamorous Baroness From GI Joe!
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maléfique Clownette

Hello Ladies And Gents,
I Come Baring A Gift. . .A Makeup Gift. . .
Today I Have For You A Bit Of My Personal Obsession. . . CLOWNS!

Before I Describe My Own Take On This Look, I Wish To First State That I Completely Recreated A Fellow Makeup Artist 100%, Miss Beccy Bex!
I Seen Her Look And HAD To Recreate It For Personal Purposes! So Here It Is, Along With My Own Story Of What I Think Its About:

To Me It's Like A Mix Of Clowns With A Porcelain Doll. . .And Then With Crazy Smearing Lipstick And Tear Trails! xD I Named This Creation "Maléfique Clownette" Simply Because Both The Words Are Basically Stating "Evil Female Clown" And That's What This Clown-Like Gal Reminds Me Of. . .A Evil Porcelain Doll Thingy! xD 

Because She Wouldn't Be The Type To Give Hugs And Candy. . .Unless It Came With A Death Sentence, Of Course! ;D 

Anywho, The Products Used In This Look Goes As Follows:
-White Homemade Cake Paint
-White Loose Powder From Airspun
-Liquid Eyeliner In Black
-Black/Baby Blue/White Eyeshadow
-Black Pencil Liner For Minor Detailing And Lip Lining
-Baby Pink Lipstick From Some Kiddie Makeup Kit
-Red Lipstick For The Smear Action

Anywho, Here Are The Pix:

Live Like No One Cares, Laugh Like No One's Watching, And Love Like Their Is No Tomorrow! 

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Bella Glam'Amour

Hello Ladies And Gents,
Today I Have A Look That Was Created By The Talented Miss Roseshock. I Only Wanted To Recreate It Using ELF Products And Whatever I Had Around The House. She's Been And Always Will Be The Main Inspiration Behind My Love For Dramatic Things. Aside From THAT, This Look She Create NEEDED A "Origin". . .A Unique Story Behind It. So Here Is Where I Came In:

 I Call It "Bella Glam'Amour" Simply Because Of What Both The Words Define. . .Bella= Beautiful, And Glam'amour= Glamour. . .but that's self explanatory! xD 

Many Women Strive For Beauty, It's In Our Nature. . .Thus Being, Makeup Is A Source That Us Women Find As A Way To Help Make Us Feel "Beautiful" (Hence The Word "BELLA")
On This Journey To Create This "Beauty" I Simply Come To The Realization That No Matter What I Do, I Will Always Find A Flaw In Myself. . .Thus Being, The Pink Tear Trails Running Down My Cheeks! 
But Its In These Small Flaws That True Beauty Is Formed. . .Which Slightly Contradicts Myself In The End. . .But We All Make Minor Mistakes Every Now And Again, Right? These "Flaws" Or "Beautiful Mistakes" Are What Makes Us All Unique And Different. . .And Beautiful And Glamorous! (Hence "Glam'Amour") 

The Products I Used:
-Brown Eye Liner For Brows
-Liquid Black Eyeliner
-Black/Pink/White/Green/Purple Eye Shadow
-Deep Burgundy Lipstick And A Maroon LipGloss!
-Brown Contouring Powder And White Ivory Pressed Powder
-Ivory Cream Foundation
-And Of Course, (This Is A Must), Primer!!!!!

Now That THAT Is Out Of The Way, On To The Look:

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness.

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"The Joker" Makeup Look

Hello Boils And Ghouls. . .
Today I Have A Tasty Treat For You All. . .Lately I Have Been Utterly OBSESSED With The Joker To The Point I Wish I WAS Him. . .I Was, At Some Point In My Life, Obsessed With Miss Harley Quinn But Its Just OVER PLAYED By Millions Of Female Comic Lovers Out Here. . And I Just Didn't Want To Become Another Harley Fan Girl. . .Anyways, I Rarely See Any Jokettes Out Here. . .Thus Being, I Wanted To Try MY Take On The Joker! 

I Attempted Male Joker But Ended Up Still Obtaining My Feminine Side! xD
Damn Those Boobs Of Mine And My Female-Like Face!!! xDDD 

The Products I Used:
-White Cake Paint
-Elmers Glue And Tissue Paper For The Mouth Wound
-Liquid Eyeliner And Pencil Liner In Black For Minor Detailing
-Black Eyeshadow
-Red Lipstick And Dark Maroon Lipstick For Dimensions and Depth! 

Anywho, Here It Is Ladies And Gents, My Joker. . .From Me To You!!!

Oh, you look nervous. Is it the scars? You want to know how I got 'em? 

 I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you... STRANGER!!!

As You Can Plainly See, I Stuck With Green Hair. . .Like The Tradional Joker. . .But Incorporated The Heath Ledger's Joker As The Main Makeup Inspiration! 

See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I enjoy dynamite, and gunpowder, and... gasoline! 

It's simple. We, uh, kill the Batman.

Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can't savor all the... little emotions.

Gambol: You're Crazy!
The Joker:   I'm not. No, I'm not.   

you're just a freak, like me!


 How about a magic trick?

And Here Is A Magical GIF For You All: 

Thanks For Reading And Viewing
Do Come Back Now, Ya Hear?
Hannabal Marie

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Purple Poison Potion"

Purple Poison Potion Makeup Look
(I Do Not Own This Picture, It Belongs To Greenspoon Via Deviant Art)

Here Is My Makeup Look Inspired By The Color PURPLE. . .I Was In The Mood To Rock My Black Lipstick And Thus Being Felt That ALL BLACK Would Be Too "Normal" For Me And Quite Boring So I Decided To Add A Pop Of Color...And What Better Color In All The Rainbow Then PURPLE?!?!?!

The Products I Used:
-Wet & Wild Black Lipstick
-Purple/Black/White Eyeshadow From ELF
-Liquid Eyeliner
-Black Eye Pencil For My "Vampira" Brows! (hehe)
So That's It, Now Onto The Look:

 Belladonna, n.: In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues.

 “Never take the antidote before the poison”

Laughter is poison to fear.

“I just wanted them to die," said Poison. "They didn't have to make such a drama about it.”

And There You Have It, My Purple Poison Potion Makeup Design. . .Nothing To Fancy, Yet Still Vivid In Detail And Beautiful. . .If I Do Say So Myself!

Thanks For Reading And Viewing, Please Do Come Back!
Hannabal Marie

Emilie Autumn Makeup Look


This Is Basically My *Inspiration* Look BASED On Emilie Autumn. . .
I Am A QUEEN Of Dramatic Makeup Thus Being I HAD To Incorporate THAT Into My Look. . .
Miss Emilie Herself Lacked Enough Depth In Her Look For Me (No Hate; Just Her Look, To Me, Is Like My Everyday Wear. . .Nothing To Flashy-Flashy) So I Had To Create A More Theatrical Design And Of Course, Add GLITTER!!! 

The Products I Used Goes As Follows:
-Homemade White Cake Face Paint
-White Loose Powder From Airspun
-Dolly Eyelashes
-White/Red/Black/Pink Eyeshadow (I Also Used The Pink Shadow As Blush)
-Liquid Eyeliner
-Rinestones For That Extra Glitz & Glamour
-Red/Pink Lipstick

So That Basically Sums Up What I Used. . .I Am Not Much Of A Person Who Can Do Step-by-Step Processes Because I Feel That I'm Merely Showing Of My Artwork To You. . .I Am In No Way, Shape, Or Form Trying To Come Off As A Makeup Guru. . .But If I Inspire Someone, I Would Be More Than Honored and Humbled! But I Am Much Like A Magician. . .You Simply Couldn't Ask Them To Reveal Their Secrets. . .That's For Them To Know And You To Continue AWE-ING and OOO-ING At! 


A Close-Up Of My Eyes!

I Even Went As Far As Dressing Up. . .You MUST Always Go All Out. . .
Wigs, Costumes, Props ALWAYS Make The Look!

“Perfume was first created to mask the stench of foul and offensive odors...
Spices and bold flavorings were created to mask the taste of putrid and rotting meat...
What then was music created for?
Was it to drown out the voices of others, or the voices within ourselves?
I think I know.”

 “Awareness is the enemy of sanity, for once you hear the screaming, it never stops.”

 “I smile to myself knowing that they may be dead.”

 And For Your Personal Entertainment. . .A Crappy Gif:

 Thanks For Reading And Viewing
Hannabal Marie

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jessica Rabbit Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, 
I Am Coming Today With A Makeup Look That Was Inspired By The Beautiful Jessica Rabbit!

Products I Used:
-Eyes: Purple, Black, White Eyeshadow From ELF, Black Liquid Eyeliner And Brown Pencil Liner For Brows, One Pair Of Large Eyelashes Slightly Extended Out (To Get That Cartoon Eye Appeal).
-Lips: Red Revival From Maybellene, Black Lipstick For Contouring, White Cake Paint For The Cartoony "Shiny" Effect On The Lips! 
-Face: Brown Eyeshadow For Contouring, White Loose Powder Placed Under My Eyes And Down The Bridge Of My Nose And Tip Of My Chin And Forehead.

And Here Is My Creation:

*I'm Not Bad. . .I'm Just Drawn That Way*

(Note: "Roger" In My Hands! ;D haha)

*Lets Go Home Roger. . .I'm Bake Ya A Carrot Cake!!!*

A Picture Of Me With My Eyes Closed. . .So Show Ya'll The Details And Such!

The Lips!

And That Is All My Lovely Friends! 
Hannabal Marie

***Here Is A Extra Little Something For You Guys!!!***