Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Homemade Pressed White Eyeshadow (+ DIY)

Hellou Ladies And Gents, Sorry For Not Posting In So Long. 
I Have Come To A Sudden Stop In Doing Makeup Posts (Not Because I Want To, But Because I HAVE Too)
You See, The Other Day My Camrea Broke And With Money Being The Main Source Of Me Not Just Rushing To A Store And Getting A New One. .. I Must Stop With The Character Looks And Such.  

I Was Thinking Of Purchasing A Low Quality One At Kmart But They Are All SOOOO VERY EXPENSIVE. . .Even For A Cheapy One. . .Not Worth The Crappy Quality Photos, Tbh!

Eh, So Unless I Sell A Kidney Or Leg And Make Up Enough Money In A Single Day To Purchase A, At The Very Least, Semi Good Quality Camrea. . .I Shall Have To Put A Stop On Makeup Looks For A While.

BUT With That Being Said, I Went Ahead And Put Together A Little Review/DIY Post For You Guys Today. My MP3 Has A Camrea On It That Takes Rather Disgusting Low Grade And Fuzzy Photos, Sooo I Thought I Might As Well Use It For SOMETHING. I Might Not Be Able To Do Full Face Looks But At Least I Can Do Some Updating Photos And Small Reviews And Such In The Mean Time. Again I Apologize For The Ugliness And Shittiness That Is My Crap Of A Camrea But It's The Best I Can Do For Now!

I Found A Article On The Interwebs About Making Your Own Pressed White Eyeshadow The Other Day. I Use A LOT Of White And Black In My Makeup And I Thought This Would Help Me Save An Arm And A Leg In Makeup Bills. It's Fairly Easy And Quite Simple But I Still Wanted To Share It With You All! (Including A Review And Swatches)

(Note: I Am Not Being Paid For Mentioning Any Company In This Post! Just Wanted To Share A Project I Did With You Guys! Also Understand That Everyone Has Different Skin. . .So What One Person Finds Highly Pigmented Might Be Sheer To Another.)

I'm Going To Show You How To Create Your Own:

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KOTH: Didi Hill Character Makeup Look

Hellou There Lovelies. . .
Sorry For The Absence. . .So Much On My Plate Lately That I Couldn't Pick Up A Makeup Brush.
But Aside From The Excuses. . .I HAVE A MAKEUP LOOK TODAY! 
Inspired By My Little Brother Who LOVES The Animated Show "King of The Hill"

He Basically Was Watching His Show, As He Always Does Every Night On The Dot, And He Came To An Episode With This Character In It. When He Seen Her He Automatically Came To The Conclusion That I HAD To Do Her And FAST! xD Ha! 

I Was Doing Some Additional Research About Her To Get Into Her Head And To Know More About Her And I Was Surprised At How Little There Is Of Her. . .She Has A Total Of 4 Photos On Google. . .Which Made Me Nearly Cry. 

Anywho, The More I Found Out About Her The More I Wanted To Do This Look, So I Did Just That! 
Ladies And Gents, Here She Is. . .

Deirdre "Didi" Hill! <3

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