Saturday, December 27, 2014

☃ Christmas With Hannabal Marie! (2014 Edition) ☃

Hello ladies and gentlefish...
Allow me to fill ya in on the fun filled day I had with my family but before I continue allow me to just state:
MERRY XMAS 2014! :3

Here are just a bunch of photos throughout my day....with a brief explanation of each one...
So without taking much more of your time, here they are:

 Our illuminated Christmas tree in it's full night time glory on the night of Christmas Eve.

 The night before, I gave all my pups a bath. This was my baby girl Cherry Chan after her bath. I think she hates me! XD

 If that isn't hate, I don't know what is. 

 I spent most of Christmas Eve and a bit of the day baking cookies.
Of course no xmas is the same without the traditional choco-chip! 

 Here is the tree during the morning of Christmas Day!
With all of the presents to boot! :)

Christmas dinner consisted of Garlic Breadstick Pizza with homemade Marinara Sauce and a Salad with all the fixin's! <3

Here are but a few of the things on the menu for both Christmas Eve and Day combined:
-The dinner above. (The Eve Dinner)
-Cookies. (Treats)
- Soda, Water or Sparkling Cider for the choice of drinks.
-Hot Coco with mellows or Coffee with Hazelnut Creamer for The Morning Of Xmas. 
-Beef Roast, Gravy & Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing & Green Beans (Xmas Dinner)
-Hot Apple Cider to end the night. 

A few snacks throughout the day of Christmas Eve was this Cheese & Sausage Pack I got as a gift. :)
(Among other things)

I got this (Choco dipped pretzel stick) and a cup for a gift from my work. :)

The cup I was talking about. 
I love my boss...she knows me so well! XD HA!

The little xmas baggy my boss put all the stuff inside of.

Lots o' cookies.
Choco-chip & Oatmeal/Raisin!

We started with the stockings. 
Here is mine (Left) and my brothers. (Right)
 I also made two additional others filled with about the same exact amount for my parents. :)

In the photo about I got a few little things, sock monkey toys...makeups...perfume...candies...ect.
Not important...moving on....

After a few moments of unwrapping some gifts...
serious actions needed to be taken into consideration....

Some very serious actions....
 ...Actions that consisted of playing in gift wrap....

Top notch, important, serious actions are being considered here....

I think I look good with a bag over my head....

Looky, Ma...I'm a present.... onto what you all came to see...GIFTS I GOT...
Look at this fucking cup....
it's as big as my fucking head...
thanks Mama....
Thank you for supporting my addiction....
You're a horrible person. XD

I thought I'd go ahead and try out this lovely cup....because I gotta break it in somehow....
Like a virgin on her prom night....

 God, just looking at that brings back memories....

naughty, naughty memories....

a quick video of the cup...It's it....

anywho, you get the picture...
I got hot and horny over my huge cup...
I'm sorry...
fuck what you hear...SIZE DOES MATTER....


 My dogs hated me...the look on my dog's face explains said hate....

 "Mama..why do u do diz stupid shit to me all the damn time...every year...every fucking holiday?"

My baby Cherry Chan, taking her mid-afternoon snooze.

Yule-tied to put that outfit on me, but Yule-failed.

Me and my pup singing you all a bit of a classic. 
12 days of fuck-this.

Anywho, here is some candy I got to share with my folks.
Thin Ribbon candy...
all tasted like minty poo but the orange was pretty fucking good. 

I got this Monster High doll with another doll for half price. 
I bought my mum the sugar-skull gal, Skeletia.
I couldn't pass Miss Trotter up. I'm sorry. I'm a sucker for Half Human/Half Horses. :)
So I bought her for myself. I spoil me. 

I bought the whole family their Chinese Zodiac. 
I just so happened to be a horse. 


My stocking was stuffed with this fatty. 

^Important vid is important^

And I also included this vid because's important too.

More candy in the stocking. Because Spondebob is my weakness.

Some Yummy Stuff that my parental unit got me for my new huge cup.

Some perfumes I got also.
On sale. Can't go wrong with Musk.

Bottle image of spray nozzle.

It came with a roll-on. Shweet.

Brother's hat I got him. Had to share.

Zee monkey's from zee stockings.

I also got this suspender and bow tie set.

Mom got me this hat/gloves set.

Portable Speakers that apparently is very fashionable.

Tis all the of yet...I have yet to receive anything else I bought via Ebay....
They haven't arrived yet, so I'm just waiting on them now.
Post update upon arrival, I suppose. 

Anywho, Christmas was is usual...
I hope yours was as great as mine. 

Here are some photos of Cherry Chan...because the rest of my dogs didn't feel up-to-speed with photos when the day started to end.

...and a quick video of the night before xmas below.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Website Review: Future Baby.Org

I found a website (
where you can find out what you and your crush's baby would look like. 
I assume it's for lovers who want to see if their genes are fine enough to combine into a child. is custom with me and mine....
I mashed the photos of me and Tom Waits together to form our child....
I'm a bit sad that the kid isn't real
He's a cutie! :'(
I thought the kid was too cute to just delete off my computer, so I wanted to create a post dedicated to the child I'll never have. 
(Also this is review-y post about the website, to those of you who want to mess around with it. 
Yep, I'm sticking to that excuse and not the truth: A fan obsessed crazy woman wanting to have fan obsessed baby with Tom Waits! HA!)

how it works is that you upload an image of the "mother & father" according to the slots and it customizes your images to form your baby.
So let us all see the proud parents......




and now....onto the cutest thing to happen to me besides the birth of my 21 cats........HA!

Baby Hannabal/Waits! <3
I'd say he has his fathers eyes.....and his mothers crazy lost stare.....
but alas....
a woman can only dream......

okay...that is all...I think I made quite the fool of myself....
I promise obsession and love for Tom Waits isn't too's just the right amount of it. :)
I shall take my leave now.
See ya'll upon the next post!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scarlet Fever by Hannabal Marie!

Hello ladies and gents
I bring to you just a basic pin-up look. 
I wanted to flip the basic look upside down and create my own take of what I like in a pinup alternative gal. 
So I bring to you...SCARLET FEVER!

The pantaloons I'm wearing, which you can not see in the photos. <3

Anywho, like I said. Basic! :P
I had this idea to make a pinup with a moon mole for a that was why this was created.