Tuesday, November 3, 2020

❀Perfume Company Review: Royalty Lotus❀

"Perfume is the art that makes memory speak"--According to Francis Kurkdjian. A powerful tool that can send us on journey's through scented clouds. Today I will be reviewing a shop that I found on Instagram that specializes in perfumes through essential oils, soaps, lotion bars and so much more. 

Royalty Lotus is the name, backed by two brothers--Shawn & Ryan. According to an excerpt on their website; 
"Ryan has a passion for mixing and making his own soaps, lotions, sprays, and candles. His passion for creating scented products started when he noticed not a lot of other scented products had the scent he wanted, he began creating more and more until he established a baseline of scents he personally enjoyed. He had also noticed that no other brands would let you 'pick and choose' what types of scents you wanted and he wanted to change that, but he wanted to go a step further and let people 'pick and choose' much more than just what scent they would like. He wants to let people know they have a choice when it comes to how they smell, no matter what season and no matter what occasion."

Many of their products are custom-friendly--with you being able to pick three notes to create your own personalized fragrance. (depending on the product!) Along with the note selection, you also get to pick what oil base you'd like & the strength you'd prefer. For the oil base--they have the choices of Castor, Coconut, Jojoba & Sweet Almond. Definitely something for everyone! And for the strengths--there are 5 levels of strength; Skin Scent (Light--Ideal for those whom might be sensitive!), Radiant (Mild), Regular (Medium), Strong (Bold) and Fill A Room (Strong & Bold.) The last two tiers cost a bit extra, but nothing to extreme. ($0.75 for Bold, $1.00 for Strong & Bold.) 

For my review today, I got a little of everything. 3 essential perfume oils, a lotion bar, a moisturizing body spray, a soap & a candle. As I am not too keen on creating my own scents just yet, I was just interested in their 3-pack of limited edition Halloween scents that they already mixed. 

A disclaimer--these scents were limited edition, so they are no longer available. (At least, until further notice!) but I am reviewing them as a whole of the company, rather than a possibility for purchase. More perfumes just like the ones mentioned here will be on their website! Thank you!