Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review & Swatches: Portland Black Lipstick Co.

"All Natural Makeup For That Un-Natural Look"

Hellou ladies and gentlemen,
Today I bring you a review. I was sent a package of samples to review and instead of wasting time, like I am so accustomed to, allow me to just jump right in.

"The loot I got from PBLC"

Before I get started with the review, Please note: 
I am not affiliated or am I being paid to post this review. 
I am just a lover of makeup and curiosity bit me to review from this company. 

In this review you will get the chance to see in full detail each lip color shown above. 
I will use the description the website has used as well as a few opinions I have myself.
Aside from the minor detailing, I will have two photo shots of the specific lip color and anything else that needs to be added. We will be taking a look into the small samples she gave me in the little baggies first, then move our way to the glitters, then the full sized products and ending this post with the small review on her corpse paint.  

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Circus FrEEK!show Series: Miss Sideshow Sirène

Welcome! Welcome!
One and all, to the most amazing show in the world. 
Cirqis FrEEK!show!!!!

(I do not own the above photo)

Under my tent, I'll let ya get frisky! ^_~

I will be hosting a series of looks ranging from all sorts of aspects in a carnival; The freakshow, The performers, and/or anything in between. 

So allow me to introduce the first star of the show:
~Miss Sideshow Sirène~ 
The carnival siren and the deadly underwater temptress. 

Until next time friends. . .

My Brother Does My Makeup: Male Makeup Test

 Hellou, Hellou!
The other night my brother took some makeup to my face and turned me into the lead singer of Seether. Ha! jk, jk... He wanted to test out his skills by transforming me into a smexy long haired rocker man. xD

I have no idea what to call this look, but I think I look like Seether, I'm so not going to live that up....I do look like him, damn it. xD

ANYWHO, it's just a test thingy to add to my blog. Love it, hate it...sing along to the hit single "Broken" with me....I don't give a f*ck! xD 

Here ya go kiddies, The pixies:

and you guys also get an amazing gif too! <3

and one extra one for the road:

Thanks for wasting your time! 

National Tom Waits Day!

This post is going to be so small that it's not even worth creating but I must. I must. I MUST! 
A while back I took part in a event called: "Dress like Tom Waits day" and I didn't have internet to post em. Now that I found some juice to hook up to, I am doing so now. I dressed in my best Tom Wait-y attire and sang a bit of his tunes out to the public...Some smiled and some scratched their heads in confusion...but all in all, I had fun and that is all that matters. :P Here are a few photos of my outfit:

and have an edited photo of me pretending to smoke. Yes. Lovee it! <3

Now here are some edits I made as well:

 If you didn't notice, I made myself a Sim character that resembles Tom Waits. . .and I woohooed the hell outta him! :3 <3

Anywho, as I said..It's small. Next year will be bigger and better since this event was fresh in the making by a fellow TW's fan as myself. 
I just wanted to post about it on my blog to show my love and admiration...and because I feel way to damn prideful to delete these photos! xD HA! <3 

anywho, thanks for wasting your time! <3


Lisa FREAK makeup look

This next look was inspired by one of the most widely known childhood cartoon creations I was obsessed with as a kiddie. Lisa Frank. 

Me and my brother were discussing our childhood in the 90s and we recalled this little acid-like trip of a cartoon. I had everything! EVERYTHING! From the crazy looking golden retrievers to the cute pastel kitties. I was obsessed with the bug eyed girly girl theme and thus, I just HAD to do something inspired by it. Me and my brother thought long and hard about it, and he and I both said the same thing at once! <3 

So ladies and gents, Here is my inspired idea:

Products Used: 
>Warm Beige Pressed Powder and Liquid Foundation from Covergirl.
>Black Liquid Eyeliner from Wet N Wild
>Black/Brown pencil liners from Wet N Wild
>Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Brown, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Red Eyeshadow from Elf and Various other brands that I forget names from. 

>Full Black Eye Contact Lenses
>Handmade Lisa Freak Inspired Eyeball Fingernails By Me. 
>Green Headband
>Red Wig
>Lisa Freak Inspired Toys, ect.

Thanks for reading. 

Character Transformation Look: Sally The Rag Doll


I sense there's something in the wind....
and I think it's a NEW MAKEUP LOOK! 
(Okay, Okay...I know...CHEESY....Oh well, Sue me! >.<)

Anywho, Today I bring you a character transformation of none other than my personal favorite:

Sally The Rag Doll. 

Products I used:
>White Corpse Paint from Portland Black Lipstick Co
>Blue, Black, White, Red, Purple, Green, and Yellow Eyeshadow from ELF
>Black Liquid Eyeliner from Wet N Wild
>Black Cake Paint from Wet N Wild
>Translucent Powder from Airspun

 I hand-painted everything on my chest with makeup. Stenciled it all out with a black liner pencil and filled it in like a coloring book. 

Thanks for reading. 

Character Transformation Look: Comic Rogue

Ladies and gents I bring to you today, My attempt at one of my childhood favorites. The sassy big haired Rogue from my comic books. No offense kiddies nowadays but the Rogue back when I was a kiddie would beat the CRAP out of the modern-day one they have now. Yep! I perfer my gal to be able to throw cars and houses over her head whilst flying around in the sky. :P 

anywho, Here is the photo I was inspired by:


The Products I Used:
>Black Liquid Eyeliner from Wet N Wild
>Black Pencil Liner from Wet N Wild
>Golden Brown Pressed Powder and Liquid Foundation from Covergirl
>Red Lipstick from Jordana
>White Corpse Paint, Bye Bye Little Yellow Bird Lipstick from Portland Black Lipstick Co.
>Black, Green, Yellow, White Eyeshadow from ELF

And now my work of art:

 Thanks for reading.

Female Chucky Makeup Look

Let's get down to business, and this time it's not to defeat the huns. *slaps knee*
 I have been trying to get back into the habit of doing one makeup look a day, and with the internet being a prick...I have no excuse NOT to do makeup looks. A while back I went on a "Body Painting" spree and starting messing with makeup that exceeded the neckline and low & behold, I found my true calling. I have always wanted to find a makeup technique that was my own and with the ability to draw on my chest, I have found that said ability. So not only will I be doing the full face but I can continue my sketches down the neck as well. ...So my whole body is my own work of art and I am giddy as a school girl from finding all this out. 

Anywho, enough about came here to see a look and dang nabit..I shall give you one. I decided to do Chucky, A female version of that cooky good guy doll. :3 

I googled it before I went to town and noticed that every female who did this look, or attempted too, always made their female version look rather cutesy with the obvious sex appeal. I didn't like that much. I mean, some sex appeal should be in it but you shouldn't base the whole damn look on a pretty cut-crease with ruby red lips and this crappy excuse for a scar drawn on the forehead. No, The female version should stay in the boundaries of the male's version as well. It's a doll, a badly beaten up doll...a possessed and badly fucked up good guy doll...therefore, the female should be of the same aspects. . . .Just with the small hints of feminism. I don't want to sound so rude but I'm basing my critiques as a horror/thriller movie lover. Nothing more. You have to think reasonable. . .A female chucky wouldn't have time to apply red lips in the middle of a good o' stabbing.

Female Chucky Doll: 

Products I used:
 >Black, Red, Blue, and White Halloween Grease Paint from Unknown Brand
>Brown, Black and Red Pencil Liners from Wet N Wild
>White Corpse Paint from Portland Black Lipstick Co.
>Brown, Red, Black, and Taupe Eyeshadow from ELF

>False Eyelashes
>Red Buttons applied with Liquid Latex
>Kitchen Knife
>Eye Contacts

 Anywho, Here we go:


 anywho, I hand painted everything you see and glued on those red buttons that I ripped off an old blouse. I used standard Halloween grease paint and mixed the colors on my hand like a paint palette. I used only the base colors of red, blue, white, and black for the grease. I Mixed lighter or darker depending on the effect I needed. I then contoured my face with a dark brown color, popped on some white highlights and details and added red to the wounds. I hope you liked it everyone! <3

Thanks for reading