Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Makeup Look (Updated)

 Hello ladies and gents, 
Some of you know that I've already created a Jessica Rabbit makeup look once. Sadly, I didn't like it. Not one bit. I just couldn't put my finger on why I couldn't do her, and I would put all my dedication into the look but she'd still be missing "something". Being that I am very determined to finish a project to the BEST of my abilities, I found out the problem. Jessica Rabbit has a sort of balding situation going on the side of her head. Thus being, I popped on a bald cap, put the wig on crooked and taadaa...She came alive. 

I did a few contours, made her seem a bit more "realistic" but I stayed within the "cartoon" way that we all know and love. 

so without further delay, here is my take on Jessica Rabbit 2.0. Hahaha!

The products:
>purple, white, brown and black eyeshadow
>red lipstick
>contouring blush
>clown white for highlight (lightly tapped)
>red wig
>Liquid black liner

That is all..that jazz!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Slenderwoman Makeup Look

Hello ladies and gents,
Today I have another makeup look for you guys and gals. 
I have been inspired through Facebook as of lately to do Creepypasta related things. 
So as such, I wanted to start off this "Series" with one of my personal favorites, Slenderman. 

Instead of doing the fella version, I wanted to do a female one. So let us get to it by going over the products I used first and then the finished outcome. 
Here are some of the inspiration I worked with:

>Clown White cake makeup
>Red Lipstick from NYC
>Several Black Wigs
>Slendy-like Outfit
>Baby doll for giggles

Now here we go: 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

A few of my art works, as of lately!

Here are a few photos, for your viewing pleasure.
Just wanted to dump some pix off here before I delete them completely!
So here we go:

Did I happen to mention, I love Tom Waits. I do! :3 <3


Saturday, April 5, 2014

What I got for xmas last year.

Sorry for not updating.
But I wanted to do a small post about what I got for xmas, so here it is...finally. HA!
I got a few things but the main ones I wish to journalize is as follows.
-A Tom Waits "Bad as me" bookmark
-3 Autographed Crispin Hellion Glover Books
So here we go:
I got Rat Catching, Concrete Inspection and Oak Mot.
All Signed...They smell like Crispin Glover! *giggles*
Here is the proof. Me so happy. <3

and the Tom Waits "Bad as me" bookmark. <3 <3 <3

I also got a few other things that I wish to create individual posts about. so stay tuned. <3

I have a cat bf..Be jealous!

I don't know where he came from but one day I heard claws on my door and I went to open it and everything started going in slow-motion. Wind blew out of no where and made my hair fly around me as "At last" started to play around us. It was love at first sight indeedly.
He waits in the tree in front of my house every day..and when he sees me peeking out the window...he gives me that face and jumps down. <3 <3 <3

Just look at how sexy he is. I shall call him Tommy Waits. <3

He's the only man I have in my life right now. I respect him fully. Just look at how loyal he is. Damn, I need a man! >.> hahahaa


Brittany Murphy Transformation

Hello another post, another day.
I love Brittany Murphy and it's a damn shame she had to die in the prime of her career. She was such a talented and lovely actor and person. This world is less sweet since she died. So I wanted to do a sort of "Tribute" for her, if you will.
Here is my Brittany Murphy Transformation.


"Poor Edward" makeup inspired look

Hello ladies and gents
I am posting a makeup look I created a while ago.
It's titled "Poor Edward" as in the song Tom Waits sings.
Basically the gist of this look revolves around the song. Nothing crazy...I was just inspired by the song and wanted to create Edward. :3
Here is the song that inspired me:
"Did you hear the news about Edward?
On the back of his head he had another face
Was it a woman's face or a young girl?
They said to remove it would kill him
So poor Edward was doomed

The face could laugh and cry
It was his devil twin
And at night she spoke to him
Things heard only in hell
But they were impossible to separate
Chained together for life

Finally the bell tolled his doom
He took a suite of rooms
And hung himself and her from the balcony irons
Some still believe he was freed from her
But I knew her too well
I say she drove him to suicide
And took poor Edward to hell"
Or better yet, clickity click the link that follows and then take a peek at my pix:

This is the look in colored form!

this was what I drew up to refer to! :3 <3

I like to draw up all my art works! <3


My "Willard" Character Illusion

Hello ladies and gentlemen
today I decided to post my Willard character illusion.
Nothing much to say other than I loved the movie and I have quite the fancy for awkward boys who play with rats.

so without further delay, here is WILLARD!  

 Products Used:
>Black/Brown Pencil Liner
>Red, Brown, Black, White eyeshadow
>Clown white Paint

How It Was Achieved?
Lots of practice and referencing....and contouring!!!

~Willard! There are rats in the basement!~

~......It's just the wind.~

~Yes. Look at the rats... ~

That's all for now!

Tom Waits Inspired Makeup Look

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
It's been such a long time since I did anything worth posting, so allow me to make up the time now for you guys and girls.
I, as you are aware of on facebook and all my other social networking sites, am in LOVE with the mad genius TOM WAITS. I love everything about this man, from his music to his voice even to the way he handles himself out in a crowd.
So I thought what better way to show my respect and love than to use my gift of makeup art and construct a piece dedicated towards the odd little gin soaked boy!
The Products I used:
>Brown/Black/White/Blue Eyeshadow from Elf or my Ebay Palatte.
>Clown White face makeup
>Liquid Blk Eyeliner

The photo I used as reference:
And here is my take on him: 

The neck piece is just a few of many things that remind me of him. The gears and works, an eyeball and a clock, tire tracks, broken branches and roses, pianos and notes, and crow silhouettes.  

~whistlin' past the graveyard
steppin' on a crack
i'm a mean motherhubbard
papa one eyes jack~

~what you think is the sunshine
is just a twinkle in my eye
that ring around my fingers
just the 4th of july
when i get a little bit lonesome
and a tear falls from my check
theres gonna be an ocean in
the middle of the week~

that is all!

Random Photos For Viewing Eyes

Here are some random photos with no name. So instead of throwing them away, allow me the time to post them here for your viewing pleasures. Enjoy.