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Review: Homemade Pressed White Eyeshadow (+ DIY)

Hellou Ladies And Gents, Sorry For Not Posting In So Long. 
I Have Come To A Sudden Stop In Doing Makeup Posts (Not Because I Want To, But Because I HAVE Too)
You See, The Other Day My Camrea Broke And With Money Being The Main Source Of Me Not Just Rushing To A Store And Getting A New One. .. I Must Stop With The Character Looks And Such.  

I Was Thinking Of Purchasing A Low Quality One At Kmart But They Are All SOOOO VERY EXPENSIVE. . .Even For A Cheapy One. . .Not Worth The Crappy Quality Photos, Tbh!

Eh, So Unless I Sell A Kidney Or Leg And Make Up Enough Money In A Single Day To Purchase A, At The Very Least, Semi Good Quality Camrea. . .I Shall Have To Put A Stop On Makeup Looks For A While.

BUT With That Being Said, I Went Ahead And Put Together A Little Review/DIY Post For You Guys Today. My MP3 Has A Camrea On It That Takes Rather Disgusting Low Grade And Fuzzy Photos, Sooo I Thought I Might As Well Use It For SOMETHING. I Might Not Be Able To Do Full Face Looks But At Least I Can Do Some Updating Photos And Small Reviews And Such In The Mean Time. Again I Apologize For The Ugliness And Shittiness That Is My Crap Of A Camrea But It's The Best I Can Do For Now!

I Found A Article On The Interwebs About Making Your Own Pressed White Eyeshadow The Other Day. I Use A LOT Of White And Black In My Makeup And I Thought This Would Help Me Save An Arm And A Leg In Makeup Bills. It's Fairly Easy And Quite Simple But I Still Wanted To Share It With You All! (Including A Review And Swatches)

(Note: I Am Not Being Paid For Mentioning Any Company In This Post! Just Wanted To Share A Project I Did With You Guys! Also Understand That Everyone Has Different Skin. . .So What One Person Finds Highly Pigmented Might Be Sheer To Another.)

I'm Going To Show You How To Create Your Own:

~Clickity Click The "Read More" Linky Poo!~

The Things You Shall Need To Create Your Own Pressed White Eyeshadow Are:

-Baby Powder (I Used Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder)
-Rubbing Alcohol (I Used 70%)
-A Tin/Jar/A Container To Put Everything In
-A Stirring Stick/Tool To Help Mix
-A Small Piece Of Molding Clay/A Small Piece Of An Eraser/Or Even Your Own Finger

~Step One: Make Sure The Container You're Going To Use Is Clean. Scrap Out Any Access Pigments Or Dust And Dirt With A Damp Wash Cloth Or Tissue.
~Step Two: Fill The Container With Baby Powder. A Small Lump To Start Out With. For This Step, I Used The Spoons End To Scoop Out A Bit Of Baby Powder And Continued To Do So Until I Got What I Needed. 
~Step Three: Add Some Rubbing Alcohol To Your Powder. Add Just A COUPLE Of Drops At A Time!
 ~Step Four: Mix The Combination Together!
~Step Five: You're Going To Have To Use Your Head Here, Just Keep Adding And Mixing And Adding Until You Have The Mixture To A Yogurt Consistency! 
~Step Six: Slam The Container Lightly To Release Any Air Bubbles That Might Have Formed On The Bottom.
~Step Seven: Let It To Dry. About 1 Hour. I Suggest You Make A Batch Before Bed And When You Wake Up Your Pigment Shall Be Completely Dry.
~Step Eight: Once Dry, Use A Tissue With A Small Bit Of Molding Clay (Or A Piece Of A Eraser Or Even Your Own Finger) And Pat The Pigment Gently To Rid It Of Access Liquids. 

And You Are DONE DONE DONE! <3

~To Make Coloured Pigments, You Must Add A Different Coloured Shadow To The White *Base* And Prep To Your Liking. (Also Take Under Consideration: You Can Mix Two *Or More* Different Colours Together To Create A Completely New Colour, You Can Even Add In Some Cosmetic Glitters And Such)
~This Also Can Be Used As Lipstick/Lip Gloss/Lip Stain/Ect
~Is This Safe?
Well, Are You Allergic To Talcum? Because That's What Is Inside Baby Powder!
The Alcohol Basically Rids Of Anything That Could Harm You As WELL As Evaporating Itself To Create Your Pressed Shadow. But Again, Everyone's Skin Is Different. 
~This Goes With Everything You Attempt To Use. . .Test A Bit On Your Hand First And If Anything Occurs, Do NOT Use It On Your Face.
Now Onto The Review Of MY White Shadow:

What I Did Was I Took The Liberty To Create A Sort Of "Time Lapse" Situation. To Show You How It Looks When I First Put It On And How It Looks After 1 Hour.  

For This Little Show, I Decided To Do A Elf White Ivory Shadow Vs My Homemade Baby Powder Shadow.  (I Also Included Some Pictures That I Found Online Of  Mac Inglot 373 And Sugarpill Tako Swatches!)
 This Was Around 11:00 A.M. Today.
Freshly Put On! 
Both Swiped Only ONCE!
 Both WITHOUT Primer.
Elf: Was A Bit Sheer Compared To The Baby Powder!
Unlike Elf, The Baby Powder Actually Had This Nice And Soft Feeling When You Applied It On Your Lids.

 Another Shot Of My Whites! <3
After I Took The Pix I Also Added Some Black And Some Brown In My Crease Area Because I Simply Couldn't Walk Around Town With Just White Garage Doors! xD HA! Sorry I Didn't Use THAT As My Starter Pix But Eh, It Was A Splurge Of The Moment Situation! xD
 After 1 Hour. . . 
 After An Hour It Toned Down, But Just SLIGHTLY! 
You Can See The Difference Between Elf's And The Baby Powder. A HUGE Difference.
Elf Was Creasing And The Baby Powder Was Too, But Just A Bit. 
The Baby Powder Still Held Onto That Bold White Colour Which I Loved. 

Oddly Enough, The Baby Powder Still Had That Soft Feeling After 1 Hour. And It Was Like 90 Degrees Already.

Another Shot After 1 Hour. 

 Now I Waited A Bit, And Decided To Do A Muddy Crappy Dark Shot In the Bathroom. 
Here Is What My Face Looks Like Around 8:00 P.M:

 To Be Honest, The Baby Powder Amazed Me More Than You'll Ever Know. Even After A Few Hours It STILL Was Fairly Bold. I Am Quite Impressed. 

Baby Powder Was Rated: 5/5 For Me! <3

Now How 'Bout Them Swatches??? ;D

Elf Vs Baby Powder.  .Is There Even A Comparison? ;D

(The Next Two Swatches Are NOT Mine. . .Just Two Photos I Found On Google To Add To My Research)
MAC Pigment Swatch In "Inglot 373"

Sugarpill Pigment Swatch In "Tako" 
Right Used Wet
Left Used Dry

Anywho, Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie


  1. I used to have that background on my blog! I love your banner and the music. I was thinking about watching Anastasia later on. Great post.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or just a nosey. xx

  2. Please help me,
    I did just as you said,
    the babypowder DOES NOT SHOW WHATSOEVER
    please help me!

    1. hmm...I guess it would be the amount of alcohol you put into it. I only put so much to lather it up a bit, enough to make all the product a bit damp. You also have to let the baby power, when it's in its wet stage, sit for a good few hours before you apply. Hope I helped, if I didn't I will go attempt a batch and see what might be the case for you.