Saturday, August 23, 2014

THRIFT SHOP FIND: Gold/White/Black Blouses from "Fashion Magazine"!

Hellou ladies and gents
Today I bring to you some items of clothing I found at my thrift shop. 
I bought this cute little collection of 3 shirts from a fashion brand called "Fashion Magazine"
all ranging in colors Gold, White, and Black. 

I never heard of this brand, so I don't know whether or not to claim them of being "high end" or not. But I found their website (I think) and I will include it in this post. Sadly, they are all out of these kinds of shirts, but they do sell lots of other pretty ones. (also shoes and accessories and such)
Anyways, I will just get into the full review of my products so that you can judge for yourselves if this was a real steal or not. 

(I am thinking of  posting about everything I find at my thrift shop that impresses me and/or that I end up buying!)

 In this review, I will be only showing you the gold colored one. they all looked identical and well, I thought it was useless to post all of them, so just use your imagination for the black and white ones. 

 Just a photo of what it looks like without a human body in it. 
I wish I owned a mannequin, I would have so much fun with one!

 And here it is on! (Using my flash)
It's a bit "yellow" instead of the "gold" I claimed it of being, but you get the idea.

And another pic but without flash this time, to help you see the difference! It truly is a lovely shirt. All of them, to be quite honest. It's snug fitting and it "hugs" your frame. I have a bit of a large bust and well, it's really "roomy"! Also, I love LOVE the fabric. It's satin and it just truly is like wearing a soft hug. It's really not all that "hot" as some silks and satins I wore in my past, especially in this California I am sure you won't be disappointed if you wore this. But I still wouldn't misjudge the weather, she truly is a b!tch sometimes. Plus, I am sure with or without the humid heat..this shirt will probably cling to you when wet! XD haha
 Blouse From: Fashion Magazine

(Again the blouse isn't for sale, but they do have lots of other beautiful things you can choose from!)

It's kind of useless to post a post about a blouse that is no longer available but eh, if you like the design, they have PLENTY more with the same thing going on. Lots off the shoulder and such. Have a ball!


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