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♡ "Sweet Minerals" Review & Demo! (LOTS OF SWATCHES!!!) // Hannabal Marie ♡

Hello ladies and gentlefish,
I bring you Sweet Minerals!
I was kindly given some samples to review and thus, this post was born!

I was given samples upon my request to try some out!
They were gracious enough to send me a whole package of goodies today to review! 

My opinions are 100% my own and this post is in no way forced or faked! 
I have nothing to gain anyways, if I did! hahaha!

-Sidenote: Links have been added throughout this post!
This company works as a branch of individuals working under the same company name. 
I contacted and received items from Angela, a seller of Sweet Minerals.

 In the mail, I received the following:
-A Foundation Color Matching Set!
-Samples of their Skin Care Set!
-A Bronzer, Blush and Mineral Veil!
-A Concealer in the skin tone: Medium!
-4 Small jars of loose eyeshadow pigments!
-3 full sized eyeshadows!
-A lipgloss!
-And an Eyelash extension kit!

So this is going to be a review/demo and a complete makeup look using Sweet Minerals! 

I thought I'd go straight into skin first.

-Sweet Minerals Foundation Color Matching Set:
This was quite a fun little swatch test. Apparently it's a matching game of sorts, where you are supposed to dip a sterile Q-tip into each pot and mark your face to see what shade you truly are.
-As the website states:
"Color match your way to a flawless face. It’s Easy! Find your perfect shade. Collections for each skin tone, each include 5 shades of color in .25 gram containers. 10 day supply Light (includes 1C, 1N, 1W, 1O, 1P) Fair, Light, Fairly Lights, Golden Lights, Fairly Creamy" 

They have a wide range from Light to Deep!
Price: $10.00

It was hard to use flash on these guys, so I hope the quality is fine! 
Basically they are just little pots of foundation, where you are supposed to play Goldilocks until you find a shade that is juuuust right!

 I went ahead and did a few swatches so you could get a better idea of what I'm talking about here!
I would say I am a "Fairly Creamy" or "Fairly Light". 

The Samples:

-Removes excess oil
-Removes eye makeup 
-Great for all Skin Types 
-Leaves the skin feeling revived 
-Sulphate Free 
 Price: $32.00

 -Perfect for ALL Skin Types 
-Dual Purpose as Primer or Daily Moisturizer 
-Reduced Appearance of Skin Imperfections and Large Pores 
-Helps balance skin and reduce breakouts 
-Natural Ingredients 
-Fragrance Free
Price: $38.00

-Gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. 
-Unclogs pores and visibly brightens skin. 
 -Smoothes appearance of fine lines 
-Helps your makeup go on smoother 
-Moisturizers are better absorbed into skin 
 Price: $34.00

 -Hydrates and rebalances skin. 
-Can be used as a daily toner or in conjunction with your weekly facial treatment 
-Removes excess oil and makeup 
-Prepares Skin for Moisturizer 
-Hydrates, Rebalances and nourishes
 Price: $30.00

 This, as I see fit, is more of an intimate thing. 
Something that will have to be seen through a process rather than snapped in a photo from one usage. 
I have only used it one time and I am quite pleased with my results so far. 
But that is just going with what I was given, so it could go either way!
I would love to continue using these but the pots are a bit tiny and I doubt I will see any better results from only one use. 
It's one of those kinda things where you like it but have to pass on the review because there is just not enough to base anything positive nor negative on. Maybe when I get enough money to afford the full products I might come back to an actual review but it's a bit too pricy for me right now, so all ends well!

Also, one of the little pots opened up in the mail, so most of the product was leaked out. 
I don't know which one it was but it was everywhere. 
One of the little pots had a logo sticker with only a few words still remaining...I suspect the product must have smeared it through the mailing process, which made me think maybe all the rest had them as well.
Perhaps the packer was in a rush or the lid opened up through shifting in the mail but I was pretty sad about that. 
On the website:
"For medium tan to tan skin tones to cover and conceal."
Price: $16.00

 My original thought was "Medium? Oh noez! I am far too light for a Medium!"
But nope. Despite the name, It truly blended well with my skin!

 The jar came with a turning nozzle! 
So you can close and open it upon usage!

Here is the swatch of the Medium Concealer!
For reference!
I know everyone's skin is different, so I don't know how dark or light you are compared to me. 
...But I wanted to swatch it nonetheless!

 Here is the jar, to my hand!

I wanted to tackle these as a lot, since they all are of the same size. 
It'll make this post a lot shorter! Haha!

 -The Bronzer: "Look like you just stepped off the Caribbean beach with this neutral bronzer."
Price: $18.00

-The Blush: "A neutral to warm blend of everything nice that will compliment any skin tone."
Price: $20.00

-The Mineral Veil: "For normal to dry skin. Translucent white finishing powder to set you makeup. Also great for touching up through the day to freshen up your look."
Price: $19.00

 -The Bronzer is such a great contour color for me. I will be using a lot of this for just that! 
-The Blush is beautiful and the fact glitter is in it makes it look as if my cheeks are glistening!
(Note to those of you who hate glittery blushes: It is REALLY sparkly!)
-The Mineral Veil is such a good idea for girls, I used to use baby powder as a setting powder. Similar feeling when I had it on, light-weight and breathable!

All products come with the same closing inner caps for easy storage!

The 4 Loose Eye Flavor Pots!
I was given 4 small pots of natural pigments in Milkshake, Cinnabunbun, Toffee Crunch & Triple Espresso!

 From Left to Right:
Milkshake, Cinnabunbun, Toffee Crunch and Triple Espresso!

 -Milkshake: It's a very creamy taupe. (Matte)
Price: $15.00

-Cinnabunbun:  Highly reflective pinkish nude. (Shimmer)
Price: $15.00

 -Toffee Crunch: Highly reflective darker nude. (Shimmer)
Price: $15.00

-Triple Espresso: A creamy dark brown. (Matte)
Price: $15.00
(Out of stock, apparently!)

I am in LOVE with the matte dark brown, Triple Espresso!
I really love them all, but that matte makes my heart flutter. I really just love anything that is Matte!

The 3 Full Sized Eye Flavors!
I was also sent three additional full sized shadows in Cherries Jubilee, Marshmallow Fluff and Patriotic Starberry

From Left to Right:
Patriotic Starberry, Marshmallow Fluff and Cherries Jubilee!

 Each jar came with a sticker to keep the product from spilling out!

-Cherries Jubilee: A hot red eye color. (Shimmer)
-Marshmallow Fluff: Bright white. A great highlighting color! (Shimmer)
-Patriotic Starberry: Explosive blue sparkle eye shadow. (Shimmer)

 I did a strength test to ensure the "stay" of the pigments. 
The above photo is from my rubbing to create friction! 
Let you be the judge on how well pigmented and strong each shade is. 
I also included a video of all the shades doing said test. For any doubters! 

I was also given this kit. 
It reminded me of that hip "Younique" system that everyone is talking about.
What really sold me was that unlike Younique, they used Green Tea Fibers to extend your lashes...
so it's not only giving you extra OOFT, but also doing wonders to your lashes by nurturing the roots so that your natural ones can actually grow out fuller and longer! 

 It comes with A Lengthening Gel & The Green Tea Fibers!

-On the website:
"HI DEF Lashes have a unique Green Tea Fiber Formula that builds your natural lashes to illegal lengths! No need to pay for expensive lash extensions anymore! Our specially designed Lengthening Gel is formulated to meld and seal the Enhancement Fibers into long, thick, dramatic lashes" 
Price: $29.00
(Not on website, but will be available in April.
But anyone who orders ahead will recieve a FREE liner!)

 a hand to product comparison!
The Brush Tips!
 This is what the brush for the gel looks like!

 And this is what the Green Tea Fiber brush looks like!

 The Fibersssss!

The Gel!

The Extension System Review:
These are my naked eyes. No makeup. Nothing. I always tend to have a bit of product remaining, no matter how much I scrub. I guess from years of wearing heavy makeup, it stained my skin! HAHA!

As it is, I don't have much lashes. 
(I blame my Native American & Asian blood. My whole fathers side has no lashes either!) 
I don't pick em, nothing. I just was born with little lashes that kinda grow downwards. 

Yep, small lashes...proceed...

 I went ahead and applied ONE COAT of mascara. As was requested!

Little lashes are growing fast...

 Applied one coat of the Lengthening Gel!

Getting pretty big!

 The Comparison!

lastly, I added the fibers with a second coat of the gel to seal them in!

Despite the clumpiness, I liked this product.
I know it's not everyone's cuppa tea but I love large lashes. 
I have read that many girls don't like to look like a clumped mess but my persona and way of being goes great with these lashes! :)

You can clearly see the length on the side there. 
They have gotten HUGE! Well...a lot bigger than my natural little ones!
The ONLY drawback is that, no matter how much you try to comb them apart, they stick back together. 
The formula didn't irritate my eyes at all and despite the fact that it said you "need their cleanser" to take it don't. 
I used plain facial soap and it came off perfectly! 
But I get that they want to advertise their stuff, ya know? 
 It's a bait-catch world we live in! HA!
The Lipgloss in Candy Apple Cream!
 I also received a lip gloss. The product isn't online, apparently. So I'm sorry but you can't purchase this one just yet. They do have lots of other ones you can choose from though!
 all of the lip glosses cost around $18.00!

 I LOVED this color. I am a sucker for anything red! 
Kinda like the name, like candy!
This was only two coats of the gloss! It is REALLY pigmented!
and finally, I used ALL the products listed in here to create a quick little look!

Go visit Angela to purchase all your products, here:

Despite what you see on the website, She'll have these products upon request. 
This company works individually, so what is seen on the website isn't always the truth for every seller.
So you got to ask before assuming it is gone for good.


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