Friday, May 22, 2015

May 14, 2015, A Date Worth Remembering ☛ Tom Waits On David Letterman!

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 Hello ladies and gentleman!
As all of you are already in the know about...
David Letterman is coming off-air soon and as one of his final guests, 
he had my all time favorite man on his show to do a lovely performance and interview. 
 Mister Tom Waits!

So as I and everyone who knows me is concerned....
I brewed myself some joe and waited for my man to come on....

As proof of this is a photo....for...ya know? evidence. 
 11 o'clock just around the corner. 

I just want to state, to those who think I'm making a big deal for nothing, that Mister Waits hasn't made an appearance in such a long time. 
So this is kinda a big deal to me and all other waits' lovers out here. 
It's like may. 

 I can't stress how much I was crying from seeing his name in highlights. 
Somebody pinch me!

The interview was amazing. 
I took a very shaky video, but I don't think it gives it any justice...
so I'm not gonna even bother with posting the shaky nonsense. 
I guess it's easy to say that I wouldn't make it as a professional movie bootlegger. ;D for those of you who are curious or who wish to see it again...
here is a better version of the same interview...
It's just amazing to see how well and amazing he still is, despite the lack of him we have had. 
My heart flutters for this magical man.

The mug of the man who first appeared on Letterman! :)

 During his speech and interview with Letterman...
one thing spoke to me among everything else....
and that one thing was this wise bit of wisdom:
Rough times calls for rough measures.
Free them, people. 
Those poor glutens...standing in line for salads and such. 
Poor guys.

as the interview went on, so did waits. 
he ended with a song that touched me dearly.
"Take One Last Look" was so darn beautiful. 
Damn you, Waits. 
Damn you for still bringing tears into my eyes.

and here is the song, for all ye curious eyes. 

That's it, folks.
Lovely little feature, Lovely little tune. 
Lovely little Waits. 
So worth the midnight stay up. haha.
Let me just say, a little someone slept real wonderfully with dreams of nonsense that 
Thank you, Waits. 
Thank you for another lovely performance and showing. 
I love you! 

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