Wednesday, August 26, 2015

✯ lovelyBUTstrange Giveaway Prizes (Revlon/Kleancolor/Jewelry+A Makeup Look) ✯ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
A while back my friend Val from youtube "lovelyBUTstrange" hosted a giveaway and I won! 
I never got around to posting my goodies due to illness and a few other things involving me and mine, so I am so sorry for the long wait but nevertheless, I am posting now. 

 I was so darn happy to see my name pop up in her "winners" video. haha

 My parcel came pretty fast! 
You had to see the look on my face when I seen this little bugger on my doorstep. 
To be quite frank, during the time of Val announcing the winners, I was busy with work and didn't quite make it on time of the official announcement. (On the due date, that is) 
So I didn't notice my winning until a few days passed but Val was so sweet to still consider me despite the lack of my communication. 
Such a sweet and wonderful friend!

 USPS Tracked and everythinggg~

 You can believe I ripped into this package like a child into xmas presents, I hardly could contain my excitement. 
I will admit, I used teeth! lots of teeth! 
I know, I know. I'm an adult, damn it!

 Here are the goodies in their full glory! 
She sent me 4 quads, 1 lippie and a baggie of jewelry!

 Now I shall get up close and personal with my loot! :3 


 ♥ 4 Revlon Colorstay Quads

She gave me 4 Quads of Revlon Colorstay Palattes!!!!
So many looks, So little time! hahaa

She did mention that most of the stuff she was giving away had been swatched a few times but to be honest, I don't really mind at all. 
Makeup is makeup is makeup is makeup!

The first quad in Serene!

The next one in Luscious!

Third one in Seductive!

And the last one in Bombshell!
(Which is the one I choose to do a makeup look based on! Pix to come shortly!)

 Along with the Revlon Eyeshadows, She also included this beautiful lippie!

 That's a lot of product! O.O

I've never seen this brand of lippies before, but now I am keeping my eyes peeled! I am in LOVE!

It's such a beautiful color!

I instantly fell in love with the color when she first showed it on youtube! 

The Jewelry

 Among the many goody baggie of stuff, she put in these cute little earring cuffs!

 As you can see, they are a cluster of tiny skulls! :3

 Just showing the details!

Some Extra Goodies

 The baggie of goodies!

 Another reason I had to join in on this fun, That snail ring screamed for me to win! 
 She also put in a Hello Kitty ring, too! <3

Aside  from the skull earrings, She also gave me some cute Guitar dangle earrings too!
so...for the sake of this post...I went ahead and put all the earrings on! hahaha

My Makeup Look

As a "Thank You" towards anyone who gives me makeups, I feel like I should put some on my face!
To give them thanks and to give me a reason to play dress up! haha

So the makeup Quad I used was Bombshell. All of the products are on my eyeballs. 
I also put on the lippie, too. Why? Because I JUST HAD TO TRY ITTTT!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

So there you have it!
I will update with more looks using all the other quads at a later point and time but for now, I hope you enjoyed what I presented you with thus far! haha

This little post was also a "Thank You" to my bestie and to also give her some mention to those of you who haven't checked her out...
you should....You really should, if you love beauty related stuffs and a really down-to-earth FUNNY AS FUCK gal...You should, you wouldn't regret the sub, either! ;D 
Why are you even still here? GO CHECK HER OUT!
lovelyBUTstrange Youtube Channel

Thanks for reading and viewing!

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