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❤️💙Zombie Walk 2019💙❤️--The Making Of & The Actual Walk!

Hello ladies and gents
Zombie Walk 2019 was upon us.
Compared to many of the other years we've attended--
This year has got to be the most active one yet.
(Image found via Facebook!)

There is so much to talk about, which I will include in sections.
Starting with the making of my costume and why.

So, enough idle chat for now--allow us to get into this long awaited post.

This took me about 2 days to construct in total.
Not going to lie, the day I had to wear was still in the "drying" phase.
I had to smell the inside of a wet paper mache mask for a few hours,
I deserve an award for committing to a character, damn it. lol

I learned a lot from the previous Mache projects. Less is so much better. I thought you had to Mache EVERYTHING!
By that, I mean--I thought you had to have a solid piece full of Paper Mache. I didn't know that you could Mache a shell of a piece. Which is what I did for this mask. It was light-weight and very nice to wear. Despite the wetness I had to endure, it wasn't that bad. 

I let it dry as much as possible before painting. 

I let it go outside for a while, to air out the fumes.
Also, if you noted correctly--I cut out the mouth hole.
I made a chin piece later and thought it would be pretty cool to make this mask a "puppet." 
After about a few layers of Mache and it drying the outsider layer (at least) I painted it all white. 

I ran into a problem, which was it fitting around my head. It was a bit flat, which wasn't the look I wanted.
I didn't want it to "float" on me. I wanted my face and head to be pretty covered.
So, I ended up wrapping the whole piece in some old Nylon Tights to better wrap around my head.
(It worked GREAT in the end, I promise ya!)

I was originally going to have little black glistening eyes but later ripped them out because it blocked a lot of my vision! 

Thankfully, we had a lot of HOT HOT SUN ACTION!
So, I took advantage of it with many many hours of cook time for my mask. 

I did a pretty good paint job, it was kind of difficult to get the lips right with a moving jaw.
But I was pretty happy with the end results.

I coated the whole thing in a matte sealer and protectant, in case it rained.
It rained once upon a time one Zombie Walk. I didn't want to take any chances.
This is PAPER Mache we're talking about here. Not Plastic! 

More sun action because I wanted to make sure and make sure double.

After the cooking, I had another lovely hurdle to overcome.
I had to get it from being a pretty little art piece to a mask I could wear.
I went through some trail and error but eventually found a nice comfortable way to get it on my face. 
And there ya have it, from sloppy paper sludge to a mask I am proud to call my own.

I will definitely be using this for so much more than just a mask. Since the mouth moves, I want to make this an actual working hand puppet of some kind. Getting this from being a mask to a puppet will be a new project to endure but I am excited regardless. 

I wore my vintage clown outfit, some white gloves and other little accessories.
I want to practice my Balloon Animals so I can actually perform them in Next Years Zombie Walk. 
I did come home and play around with my balloons, just so I can take these pics. lol

How amazing did this mask turn out? I am so proud of myself! <3 

I definitely want to give out balloon animals next year or whenever.
I still need some more learning but I promise ya, I will get this down! 

Here is my first Balloon doggy ever! Not the best but damn it, I'm proud of him!
Look at that sun shining on him, letting the world see his gloriousness. lol
This was us at our 5th annual Zombie Walk. We made the front page of our local newspaper! It was amazing! 
As I've said before, this will be our 10th annual Zombie Walk. A few hits and misses with this year, I will admit.
Unlike the years in the past, this year was packed butt to gut.
And with any large mob, there is going to be some shoving and pushing around. It's just to be expected and this year was exactly that. Bumped into, pushed around, lost within seconds of turning our heads for a minute. Touched and fondled. Tugged at, pulled at and all of that jazz. I'm at this point in any public gathering that I am expecting things like this to happen now. Like I KNOW this will happen, so I brace myself before it does. Sad to say but true.

Aside from the actual physical, there was also a lot of name calling and taunting.
People trying to be funny with their immature jokes and that good o' fashioned comment of;
"This is a ZOMBIE walk, not a PORN walk!" or my personal favorite;
"Is all of that really necessary?"

Yes, Susan. It is. Very much so. It's a damn costume event where we decided to create a costume for. Sorry we took the shine away from your Walmart cat ears and store bought costume. Maybe instead of being a rude individual, perhaps shut your mouth and be happy that you are celebrating an event tailored made for FUN! I hate to sound so rude but I'm sick and tired of hearing this repeated every. single. damn. year. We get it, you dislike people going overboard but do you really need to say it? What pleasure do you get?

A new comment was said to me this year, among the above mentioned;
"This is a ZOMBIE walk, your costume isn't even a ZOMBIE!"
This one does hold some truth into it. I wasn't a gory zombie like I've been in the years prior, I will admit. I don't know why but I just didn't feel like doing that traditional zombie thing. In truth, we weren't even going to go due to some of the crazy stuff that has been happening this year. We thought of this day as "if we feel like it, we'll go...if not, oh well!" and quite honestly, I didn't know what I wanted to do unlike the other years were I'd literally plan out a blueprint for the Zombie costume I was going to create. This look was just DONE~ Simply put. I wanted to create something I could use all year round. So, I create the Gacy mask and last minute, when we knew for certain we were going to attend...I thought; "Ya know what, I'll just go as Gacy!" And TAADAA! We are here! lol

But I do wish to mention that this isn't "Zombies ONLY!" Our town has dubbed this event
It literally states in the description online--
"Come Dressed for freaky fun as your best Zombie OR FAVORITE HALLOWEEN COSTUME!"
My favorite Halloween Costume was Gacy, so POO ON YOUU! LOL

❤️💙To sum the whole thing down💙❤️
It was an experience, to say the least. Rude people abound. Good people that made the rude people worth dealing with. Bumping into a lot of folk, saying sorry but retracting the sorry because they were just plain rude as shit. Clouds of weed smoke floating around every corner of the streets. Screams and not in the good sense of the zombie word. A fire ended up starting in the World Of Wonder Museum, which ended the "haunted attraction" experience early with tons of firetrucks around every corner. I'm sure that sucked for the $50-$100 dollar purchasers who obtained a wristband to get into the haunted attraction. "No Refunds" apparently and when people complained, as a friend of mine did, she was told "what did you expect?" in retrospective. She expected a haunted attraction, any sound minded person would have dished out a refund but nope. Just "what did you expect?" Not really fair, but who am I to complain, right? Aside from all that, people were just all over the place. Too many crowds gathering in the middle of the walk, which made you loose touch of where it started and ended. A bit messy, in truth. The only good thing I got from the walk was the people asking for photographs because they loved what me and my brother did. In honesty, that is the ONLY reason we keep coming back. For the people. To see their faces light up when we walk by. To meet awesome folk who are inspired or otherwise in "awe" of what we came up with for this year. I would walk through hell and back to experience that alone. I really would. It feels so good to be appreciated and have those people smile at you saying you did an amazing job! It's great, it really is.
I like to take a lot of random shots, I want to apologize now.
I just want everyone to have the same experience I did when I was there. lol
Some of our local shops had Halloween stuff in their windows! 
People starting to gather around us, which was awesome! 

I loved the mask, reminds me of Krampus! 
Classic Dracula waltz down the path from us~ 
The jester fixing his decorations! lol
There ya go, buddy! 
Ya know what the say about ghouls with big swords? lol

My brother's costume.
This maggoty vixen! 
He looked so freaking awesome! 

He took some shots with a Cenobite. 

Let go of my brother, you filthy demon! lol

Loved the lipstick and the smile~ 

Awesome costumes! 

HAha I love that dudes expression! 

I hope someone shoves their monster finger down this priests throat. lol

Face Painting area. 

Kids and scream. 

Look at those maggots! 

I love seeing children's reactions of our costumes. It's always so pure and real. lol


Hey look, Joker in the background.

Hi everyone! 

More shots of the kids.

I really loved this costume.
I think I'm seeing double here. lol

La Llorona~ 
More people.

Haha The mask always cracks me up!

I love blurry images so much! 

My brother doing his thang.

My side profile is everything! lol

My neck hurt for hours after Zombie Walk. I had to walk around scrunching up my shoulders.
I wanted the neck to match my torso, so pulling up my shoulders was the only way to achieve said look.
You can definitely see it in this picture.
Who me? I'd sever~ 
I love the facial expression on the girl on the left.
I think I remember the girl on the right saying she loved clowns~ <3 
My vision was still pretty limited but it was all worth it.
I mean, just look at these shots! <3 
Hello, you can call me Stacy Wayne Gacy! 
Hey, How're ya?
She's a maniac, maniac on the floooooooor.
That blue light really was something else.
Can you spot me out in the crowd?
Right behind ya~

They loved me, they really loved me. lol
I was twirling in this picture. lol
Gacy loves the kiddies. lmfao
Us doing a shoot.
I loved these kids, man. They kept complimenting us.
The girl with the yellow wig was so polite and sweet.
They really restored our faith in children of this generation! :)
Another fan of our looks.
Me strutting my stuff. 
lol I look so snarky. lmfao
"What did you say, buddy?" 
Oh shit, the Po-Po! The 5-0! The Coppers! 
"Collins Family Funeral Home"
I put the FUN in Funeral! 
These ladies wanted some pics with us. Awesome!!! 
I loved the lighting in this image. The light behind the dumpster really accentuates my eyes. lmfao
Standing in the corner. 
Hello again, to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play.
Fun and learning never ends....
here's what we 
me and my mom.
They're coming to take us away...HA HA
look at this cute dude wanting a picture with us!
(Image found via Facebook!)

This cool guy wanted a picture with us, too.
(Image found via Facebook!)

I kind of always want to include a form of video in every post, if I can. 
Especially when it comes to events like this. It's not everyday to see a piece of your own history and sometimes blank text just doesn't do it quite right. So, I want to include clips, parts, sections, segments of the event and mash them all together in a sort of silly vlog. For myself and my own. 
That is all, for this year. 
Some crazy experiences, some good memories. 
I just really am happy that we decided to go even despite the fact we didn't feel good enough to. 
If anything at all, I am just happy to say we did something and didn't let a year go by full of regrets. 

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