Monday, January 30, 2012

Conair Infiniti Vs Revlon Ceramic!!! (Review&Compare)

Hello Ladies and Gents, 

I Come with a lovely review and Comparison for your eyes. . .your wonderful and tasty eyes!!!
So Lets Get This Started!!!!

I Have been Using My Baby, The Conair Infiniti for as long as I can remember, Back when I was a wee baby boy I suppose! (Haha)
But putting all joking aside, I have had that Hair Straightener Since Freshmen Year of highschool. . .I am no longer In Highschool. . .I guess Since I was 16 or something and I am 21 Years Old now. . .So YOU Do the math! 

So 5 Good Years Of That Guy and He Is Still Going As Strong As The Day I First Got Him! 

(Isn't He A Beauty? Slightly Old But I Still Love Him Soooo!!!)

(Just A Close Up Of The Name So You Guys Won't Suspect Me Lying Or What Have You!)

ANYWHO, I Have Recieved A Revlon Designer Series Ceramic 1" Hair Straightener As A Christmas Gift From My Mother, Its Cool Because It Comes With A Heat Protection Pad and A Venting Hair Brush All For Around $20 At Kmart! My Lovebug, Conair Infiniti, Didn't come with anything other than its sweet shinny and 2" self but for an arm and a leg! ($30-$40 Dollars, Depending Where You Get Yours!!!)


 (A Pix Of The Gang! ;D haha)

(A Close Up Of The Name And Hair Brush And Things!)

(And Here's Me. . .Being STUPID. . .With THE AWESOME, ALMOST FREE, BRUSH!!!)

Like I Was Saying, Its Fairly Cheaper Than The Infiniti, But It Lacks In Size *Not The Size That Matters, Mate. . . Its How Ya Use It!!! HAHA* 
But It Claims To "Straighten" My Hair Like Any Other Professional Brand Would SOOOO I Put It To The Test. . .

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(FTC Disclaimer: I Bought/Was Given All Of The Products Used In This Review Myself. I Am Not Being Paid Or Compensated By Any Company For Making This Review. I Am Not Affiliated In Any Way With Any Company Mentioned In This Review. All Of The Opinions Expressed In This Review Are 100% My Own. . .So I Also Understand That Not Everyone Will Agree With Me. This Is Not A Sponsored Review! So Please Don't Sue Me ;D)

The Following Couple Of Pix are that of my hair. . .IN. THE. NATURAL. STATE!!! 
(WARNING: what your ABOUT To See Might Disturb You!!!)

(Yes, Its CURLY AS A MOFO!!!)

(>.< Goodness, Look At Dem LOCKS!!!)

ANYWHOOOOO. . .I Turned Both Of The Machines On At The Same Time So They Both Could Equally Get The Same Rest Time As The Other!!! The Conair Took A While (As Usual) To Heat Up But Within 15 Minutes It Got Hot Enough To Do Its Stuff!!! While The Revlon Surprisingly Got Heated Within 5 Minutes Of Turning It On! 
So When Conair Got Hot Enough To Run Through, I Went Ahead and Straightened My Hair With The Love of My Life! 

I ONLY Used 2 Swipes Of The Infiniti and It Ended Up Looking Like This:

I Only Did 2 Run Through's To Be Fair, Since The Infiniti Beats The Revlon In Size Already, Any More Run Through's Just Wouldn't Be Fair!!!


As You Can Easily See, The Infiniti Is Mighty When It Comes To Hair Straightening, To Get Them Locks Looking Like THAT!!! There MUST Be Some Form Of Magic Hidden In That Bad Boy! ;D

I Switched Him Off And Went With The Revlon Straightener To The Other Side Of My Head, It Ended Up Looking Like This With 4 Swipes!!!!

(I Had To Do 4 Of Em To EVEN COME CLOSE To Infiniti's Magic)

But I Honestly Can't Complain, Coming From A Smaller Machine And With The Cost. . .WHO COULD???
4 Swipes Is A LOT Better Than Nothing at all. . .Believe Me, I Have Tried Almost EVERY Cheaper Version. . .and NOTHING Satisfies Me Like Revlon's!!!

AND Here It Is, Ladies And Gents. . .The Moment Of Truth. . .Side By Side Comparison. . .I Am More Than Certain Ya'll Agree With Me When I Say That Conair Takes The Cake, But Revlon's Isn't All That Bad. . .Exp Seeing My Hair In Its Natural State and then seeing THIS. . .If It Came Down To Only Having Mister Revlon I Wouldn't Mind Having To Go The Extra Couple Swipes!!!

Wanna Purchase These Machines?
Link Here For Infiniti
Link Here For Revlon 
(Sorry that this last link isn't the exact replica, but I tried to find the same one within the cash range. . .sadly, I think the one I found ya'll is a little more prettier than the one I got! xD haha)

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

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