Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day. . .According To A Hopeless Wreck

Valentines day is coming up and well…with a gal like me I can’t help but be reminded how LOVELY and WONDERFUL single life can REALLY be! :3 But its not like I don’t get weird strange men after me…oh I have been asked out by soooooo many men who are far from the definition of “trust-worthy” 

So without discussing with all ya fine folks, I thought I’d tell you…In sing-song:

If You Love me prove it
Don’t say it…DO IT!!
there is one thing you must understand, boo!
if you lie to me or cheat on me
Sleep around and try to leave me
I will take a knife and kill you! 

Like A Fish, I'd Gut You!
Pickle your intestines and fuck you!
and I'd keep all your eyes in a jelly jar!
Next to me in bed would be your petty little head
and your penis? I will keep ya right where you are!

Since you told so many lies, I'd cut out your eyes
and stuff them down your very throat
rip off your lips and tie a brick to your hips
just to make sure you don't "accidently" float

"Be Mine Forever" 
How About Not Now, Not Ever?
So Enough With Your Stupid Confessions
I'm Beyond Despair, Been Damaged Like Dirty hair
Its FAR From Teaching Spoiled Brats New Lessons!

Lets Not Talk, At ALL My Dear
So I'll Chop Your Mouth, From Ear Ta Ear
"How 'Bout A Smile, For Old Times Sake?"
Reach In and Find, Just In The Nick Of Time
Stretchy Vocal Cords About To Quiver and Shake

Your Really Quite Meaty
So I'll Make Sausage Out Of The Rest Of You
Have Your Flesh With Wine
Right Before Dinner Time
That'll Do Pig, That'll Do!

Or Maybe I'll Let You Talk
(If You Even Still Can)
About How A Woman Is Pathetic
and How YOUR Such A BIG MAN
I'll let You Decide Your Fate
Stay Alive Or Die Like A Hero
Since We All Know Your So Damn Great
But Make It Fast, Cuz I Hate Having To Wait!

Time is running out, No time to scream and shout
Whats the use of the definition of mingle?
For this is not the work of a weird and creepy jerk
this is the sad and lonesome state
of a girl without a date
On valentines day when your still fucking single!

Yeah. . .serious Shit. . .Haha! I was bored and since Everybody On Facebook Lately Has Been Posting Lovey-Dovey Kissy Kissy Crap, I Couldn't Help But Be Forced Into This Sort of Emotional Wreck-like Thingy! x'D 

Plus, I'm Not Good With This Holiday. . .It makes me all jealous of other happy couples and whatnot! x'D hahhaa


I HAD to do this. . .someone had to stand up for the single revengeful folk! x'D haha <3

Thanks For Reading! xD
Hannabal Marie

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