Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cookie Monster Inspired Makeup/Fingernails

Hello Lovely Ladies And Gents,
It's Been FAR Too Long Since I Last Posted Something Makeup Related, So Since I Found Some Precious Time I Went Ahead And Made A Makeup Look And Dramatic Fingernail Art Based On My One And Only True Love. . .COOKIE MONSTER!!!

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Instead Of Doing The Expected Same O' Same O'. . .I Went Ahead And Jolted My Freak Meter A Bit! Since The Cookie Monster Is Well. . .THE COOKIE MONSTER. . .I Made It My Own By Living Up To The "Monster" Title! ;D 

I Didn't Want To Just Be Another Pretty Makeup Design With Glitz And Glam And The Typical Pretty Glittery Thing, I Wanted To Not Only Create A Creative Makeup/Fingernail Look But Also Create Art, Art That Would Single Me Out From The Norm! :P 

SO. . .If You End Up Finishing This Post And Start Thinking To Yourself "What The Hell Is Wrong With This Girl?" Then I've Done My Job Correctly! ;D HA!

The Products I Used:

Blue/Dark Blue/Black/White/Brown/Dark Brown Eyeshadows From ELF
Black Lipstick
Liquid Black Eyeliner
Ivory Foundation/Press Powder
Contouring Shadow In Brown

Cookie Crumbs
 My Fake Fingernails
Fake Monster Teeth

Now Let Us Enjoy My Take On "The Cookie Monster"

Me Love Cookies But Me Love YOUR FACE MOAR!!! <3

It Was So Funny Watching My Parents Question Why I Had A Cookie On My Forehead. . .They Didn't Care About The Creepy Makeup (Because As My Mum Stated "It Doesn't Look Like Anything Different Then What You Do On A Daily Basis! HA!) But What Bothered Them Was The Damn Cookie!  xD 
Gotta Love Your Parents! xD <3

Oops, I Made A Mess! ;D <3

They Don't Call Me "Cookie MONSTER" For Nothing! ;D <3

Everything Was Mapped Out Perfect For Me, Down To The Smallest Detail! I Got The Cookie Monster Shirt A While Back, We JUST Got Some Choco Chip Cookies That Day, And The Makeup Products Where On Their Last Legs! (If They Had Any! HA) 
I Can't Wait Until Halloween Time To Stock Up On More Makeup! ;D <3

"C" Is For "Cookie" And "M" Is For "MURDER!!!!" <3

Me And My Cookie Monster Dolly! <3 
He Sings "When The Saints Come Marching In" With His Little Trumpet! <3

I Love My Damn Cookie Monster Doll! <3
Did I Happen To Mention I Have This Strange Fascination With Cookie Monster? ;D <3

(If You Didn't Happen To Catch It In The Previous Photos, That Is)

 A Late Night, Some Nail Polish And Finger Nails, And Plenty Of Free Time Equals These Babies! ;D <3

Note: The Little Cookies Are Acrylic, Hand Made Myself And I Added Some Black Rinestones As The Choco Chips! ;D <3 
(Everything Hand Painted And Done By Yours Truly)

I've Searched For "Cookie Monster Nails" On Google A While Back And Was Disappointed At How Not Many People Care To Make Cookie Monster Inspired Art, SO I Had To Break That! ;D <3 

Another Shot! 

These Nails Are Insane Long! <3

And Here Is My Nails With My Lace Gloves! <3

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

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  1. *stands on table applauding* the nails are amazing!!!