Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss Spider Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, 
It's Me, Hannabal Marie Bringing You A Makeup Look I've Wanted To Attempt Since Grade School! xD HA!
It Would Have Been A CRIME To Leave This Little Cutey Out Of My Makeup File. . .


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The Cutie From The Movie, "James And The Giant Peach". . .Just The Only Difference Between Mine And Her Is That My Face Doesn't Come To That Extreme Heart Shape.. .Slightly But Not Quite Miss Spider Material! 
Even Though, I Hope You Enjoy This Look! 

 I've Been Obsessed With Her Since I First Seen Her! Her Accent, Her Look. .. Everything Reminds Myself Of MEE! <3 

And Another Just Because I LOVE HER! :D <3

And Now, Here Is MY Attempt At Her:

The Products I Used:
Purple Eyeshadow/Black Eyeshadow/White Loose Eyeshadow Pigment And Dark Brown Shadow For Contour
Black Lipstick
Ivory Foundation/Press Powder

I Had My Black Sclera Contacts On But Added Through Photoshop Some Yellow Contacts Because I Didn't Have The Eyes Miss Spider Has And Didn't Want Miss Spider To Seem Like She Was Possessed! 
It's In The Name Of Art So I Am Sure People Will Not Care I Edited Some Fake Yellow Spider Eyes! :)

Again My Face Isn't As Oddly Shaped As Hers But I Made The Best With What I Had! :)

I'm SEMI Heart Shaped, So I Suppose I Could Pass As Her! xD HA! 

And The Last One! :3 

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie


  1. You're so brilliant! You had me at "Miss Spider"...

    If those contacts existed I bet they'd be perpetually sold out-- you should submit that idea pronto!

  2. That is fabulous!!