Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Female Gambit Makeup Look

Hello Ladies And Gents, 
Today I Bring To You My Superhero Look I Did On Superhero Day A While Back. . .
Why I Took So Long To Upload? I Thought I Deleted A Bunch Of Photos And These Ones Were What I THOUGHT I Lost! xD I Am Lucky I Found Em Like I Did, It Made Me Happy Like A Camper! :3

Here Is The Main Inspiration Behind My Superhero Look! (It Was Hard For Me To Pick A Fav Since I'm More Of A Villain Lover Instead Of A Hero Lover! HA! But This Upcoming Mention Is My Exception Along With A Few Others Like Batman And So On. . .)

 For As Long As My Mind Can Go Back, I've Always Fancied My First Toon Hero Crush. . .GAMBIT!
His Voice (AHHHH). . .His Care For Rogue (AWWW). . .His Smexy Card Throwing Tricks (Hubba Hubba). . .

So Ladies And Gents. . .I Present To You The Reason I Bring You This Here Post. . .
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But The Real Idea Maker Here Whom Made Me Think About Doing This Was This Image. . .

Yes, The Female Take On Gambit. . .And Since I Didn't See Much Females Doing It, I Went Ahead And Put My Twist In! xD 

So Without Further Delay, Here Is My Female Gambit:

The Products I Used:
 Purple/Black/Pink/White Eyeshadow From ELF
Black Face Crayon From Wet N Wild's Fantasy Maker
Brown/Black Pencil Liner
Black Liquid Liner
Red Lipstick
Ivory Liquid Face Foundation/Press Powder

"Bullseye" Contact Lenses
Photoshopped Gambit Card And Magic
(Since I Lacked A Flaming Card Laying Around The House For That Added Effect! ;D)

I Used A Washable Marker And Drew His Signature Lines Acrossed My Brown Jacket. . .
It Wasn't As "Washable" As I Thought. ..BUT THAT'S THE DEDICATION I PUT IN FOR THIS HERE LOOK!!!! xD <3 The Joys Of CREATION! xD HA! 

Pick A Card. . .Any Card. . .

And The Side View Of My Face! <3

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie