Saturday, May 21, 2016

☕ Rosso Caffe Review + Taste Test ☕ // Hannabal Marie

I am loving Rosso Caffe!!!
I love the fact that they are just the right amount of capsules to try out!
Not only is it a smart alternative to the more high-end, expensive brands...but they actually taste really good for being that alternative!
Many alts lack either taste or quality but I am here to justify the claim that Rosso Cafe is such an amazing brand with such an amazing product AND for such an amazing price!!!

They sent me this huge box!!!

I am going to be so bold to admit that Rosso Cafe is probably my personal favorite among many other Alts out here.
You save so much money AND you get a variety in taste, what is there NOT to love?
They have such a collection for you to select from; Light Roasts like Decaffeinato, Medium Roasts like Carmello and the more intense Dark Roasts like Maestro. But that only skims the surface of their selections but you get the idea!
There truly is something here for everyone! Each box contains 2 packs of 5 pods. The pods are color-coded to go with their name, so you can be sure to know which pod is what. So if you are not much of a morning person, you don't have to fumble around trying to find your perfect pod..all you have to do is recall the color and you'll remember! 

First Impression Inside The Box!

Also, every pack makes clear whether or not it is suitable for various types of drinks; Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo.
So if you like the hard stuff or if you're like me (who likes a bit of cream in your coffee), everyone should be equally happy!
Inside the box they sent me a little brochure about all the different pods and a FREE capsule Holder code card.
The pods are perfectly designed. From the foil top to the plastic bottom, they look so gourmet that it's ridiculously amazing!
They do, however, have a "best by" date. Meaning: They are probably not going to last very long. So, it's good to drink as soon as you get them.
Also, They are a product of Israel but with a US distribution based out of Florida. 

All the different types of roasts!
I have taste tested each pod I received and the verdict is out:
I love Ricco! The rich and creamy taste combined with a tinge of something bittersweet. I adore it so much!
It's full of intense flavor that it had me begging for more. 

These are the pods I was sent.
For the sake of not keeping you too long, I will list the taste of the rest of the pods as limited as possible:

Strong and fruity. Reminds me of the Ristretto pod.
Has a slight redness to the crema, which tells me it has some robusta.
Though strong and intense, I find it's mellow compared to Ristretto!

Not much with the Cocoa taste, but I do taste the Hazelnut.
Very rich and creamy, with an amazing crema.

A mild taste with a bit of an acidic aftertaste.
As an espresso, it's too acidic but as a lungo, it's perfect!

Rich and dark
acidic aftertaste
Has a bit of a sweet, smooth taste

Fruity is the only way to describe this.
Great for just a relaxing drink, rather than a morning "pick me up"
It's very soothing and smooth. 

In conclusion, I love these smooth tasting pods!
I have never been judgemental when it came to coffee shots or coffee in general but these are too good not to feel something special about them.
Would I buy these on my own? You better believe it! I recommend Rosso Caffe to everyone who loves a smooth cheap alt!!! These are amazing! 


-FTC Disclaimer: I receieved this product for FREE for a review. But my opinions are 100% my own!

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