Thursday, August 4, 2016

EVB "Proline Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener" // Hannabal Marie

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One thing I have encountered in my journey to finding a great quality flat iron is that they never truly live up to my expectations, they either flatten to the extent of breakage or they leave those dreadful creases between strokes.
All of which is quite unacceptable, considering the money amount you invest in a good quality iron.

I am quite pleased with EVB Proline Ceramic-Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron.
Not only is it presentable and wonderfully displayed inside a beautiful black box (Ideal for gifting!)
but it really gets the job done and quite well, at that.

The construction and design of the flat iron is relatively lightweight.
I have had some irons in my past that weighed more than a ton (laughs)
but hardly were worth the lifting due to the poor quality straightening job it did for me.

It has a bit of a texture on the device, which allows you a proper grip without the struggle of slippage.
It has adjustable temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (140 being the lowest) that can swiftly be changed by turning a disc located on the center of the device, right beside the power switch.
It heats quickly in under a minute with no cold spots.
So you can be sure to get your hair done in your specific desired design without waiting a long time for the heat to set in.

A lot of people have been reviewing this device under a 3 star or less (out of 5), but I really and fully believe this Ion Flat Iron deserves a little more credit than what is being mentioned.
I have a Conair one myself and I paid just about the same amount for that one, both of which heat fast and look almost identical but the quality of this EVB Ion Flat Iron really impresses me far more than my Conair.
It also delivers a far better straightening appearance than my Conair, too.

The 1-inch ceramic-tourmaline ion plate is the perfect size--Wide enough for all hair types and it allows you to reach down to your roots safely.
It's slim enough to manage bangs and create tight curls.
Also, the design and construction protects delicate hair follicles from damage, unlike most flat irons on the market. 

Another mention that I have seen floating around is that the plates don't grip well, though that is the case for them, I will have to add that it grips well enough for me.
I have naturally kinky/curly hair and one swipe through created the perfect amount of "Straightening".
Everyone is different in terms to what is ideal for their hair, so this is something you will have to experience in order to figure out.
Coming from someone who has used almost every iron on the market, this Ion Flat Iron is actually very good.
I have suffered a lot of heat damage with my Conair, I have to always watch how high I put it and even at the lowest setting it still tends to bring out the frizz in my hair.
But with EVB, I didn't experience any of that.
Actually, It helped to maintain and get rid of my frizz.
I have nothing but silky, shiny and downright beautiful straight hair now.

Now, I do have a little bit of a negative, but it's mostly personal preference than something to down-rate based on.
But the buttons and the temp disc are center in the device.
Truly centered and when the iron is at the highest setting and hot...I would believe you will end up burning yourself trying to turn it off.

So my bit of advice to those who are buying:
Make sure to let your iron fully cool off before you touch the dials and buttons.
This can get hectic, especially if you are on the go and rushing but it's something to consider. 

All in all, for the price and what you get.
I truly believe it's beautiful, sleek and truly amazing.
I highly recommend and approve!
If you'd like to purchase a iron, follow the link HERE!


FTC Disclaimer: I received this product for free for my honest evaluation, all thoughts/opinions are 100% my own! Thank you!


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