Friday, September 30, 2016

Demon Milk Jewelry Review // Hannabal Marie

Hello boils and ghouls,
today I have a lovely review for a company called
Demon Milk!

"Demon Milk, or now called "Love From Sirius" began as a Gothic jewelry and clothing brand. 
They make tons of image jewelry, with gemstone jewelry as a side project. However, as time went on, Demon Milk found that people were far more attracted to their gemstone jewelry. 

Rebranding the entire line, they just ended up creating whatever felt right, regardless as to whether or not it fit a specific style. 
 Demon Milk ended up getting more attracted and connected to semiprecious gemstones that come from our earth, rather than the extremely high quality glass beads they once were used to using. 
Even though each gem stone may have inclusions, or imperfections, they find it more beautiful than something that is perfectly, uniformly cut. 
While they do source gem stones of the best grade, Demon Milk can find online, there will always be some imperfections because they are not made by machine, but by the earth itself."

What makes you different, makes you beautiful.

Demon Milk was so kind enough to send me a bunch of items to review.
She initially asked via email what type of jewelry I was interested in and let me tell you was the single most hardest thing I had to do--narrow down to just one specific thing. lol
Because, quite honestly, what this shop they do it..and the fact that Demon Milk and myself both live in our own world of loving whatever you want because variety is the spice of life...just all this was so hard to narrow down. lol

but after looking at all she had to offer, I instantly feel in love with all of her religious items. 
I, personally, believe in the earth. Everything having a reason and a reason being in everything.
But I don't know, this religious stuff really spoke to me. 
Personally, religion is one of those things that I try to stay away from due to everyone seemingly having an opinion and wishing to bash others about it. I just don't like to discuss it BUT even as a child, I was drawn to the imagery of religion. Be it Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, anything.
I just think it's so undeniably beautiful...dark and morbid but beautiful nonetheless.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate anything...I don't condemn the belief of anything. 
I just dislike people who push and poke trying to force it down your throat.
I can adore the imagery without needed a reason to wear it, can't I? ;) haha

I can't believe she went to all this trouble by giving me pretty much everything I was eyeballing.
I was only expecting a necklace or something, but I am so very thankful for the lot she bestowed upon me.
I think it's safe to say that I will end up dying in this set! :'3 It's so beautiful, I don't want to ever take it off! 

This necklace was the first thing I seen.
Just look at it, look at the imagery.
It's called "Judith" and well, in the Biblical's rather dark and morbid but oh so lovely! 

The necklace itself is framed in such a gaudy antiqued frame, the chain is the perfect length and it's set with ruby red beads! 

 Note: The spilling blood! Ah, I love it so much! <3

 Alongside the necklace, I was also sent some beautiful earrings! 

Of course it's the sacred heart of Christ.
I personally have a strong connection with this image, above all.
Growing up, trying to be a good little "Christian girl" in school...that didn't work out so well but this image....this alongside the crucifix one...will always be burned in the back of my head. 
Those eyes of the Christ will forever haunt me.
It's a scary thought yet a very beautiful thing. 

So it's kind of amazing how she sent me these. 
She does have tons of other Christ-inspired earrings but this out of the bunch? 
I was amazed and forever thankful! 

I shall dangle the the end of my ears...forever and ever! 
Amen! lol

The back of the earrings are equally as beautiful.
So if the earrings flip around, you will get a glimpse of this metal cross.
The earrings are set with beautiful sparkling genuine garnet beads!

This next piece was a surprise to behold.
I thought it was such a sweet thing to see a common soul who also adores the dark and macabre tales of our history. 

Elizabeth Báthory, The Blood Countess, is one of my personal favorites.
Her and Vlad, The Impaler have always been my obsession.
I just couldn't get over this beautiful ring!

 The ring can easily be adjusted, just squeeze it into place if need be.
For me, I tend to have small dainty fingers and wrists. So everything she has sent, fits me beautifully.
I really adore this ring to bits! 

This last piece is really personal for me, she didn't have to do this but she did.
I am still blown away by the sentiment behind this bracelet.

This bracelet is custom made just for me.
She hand-picked all the little pictures, all those beautiful gemstones, all the trinkets--everything. 

So much thought has been placed into the creation of this.
The energy is divine, my lucky charm for sure. 

I am utterly in love with this custom bracelet because it was created with the hearts intent! 

 I can't even believe she went through all the trouble but I'm forever thankful. 
Beyond thankful.

This bracelet, the love it holds.
I'm never taking it off. lol <3

This custom charm bracelet consists of Quartz, Glass beads, Religious Images set on photo frames, Key charms, Cross charms, Bird Charms, Razor Charm, Garnet, All types of precious gemstones, ect.

I am just overwhelmed with happiness and love when I feel and see this beautiful charm bracelet! 

Demon Milk/Lovefromsirius is just an amazing company.
I truly admire their items and everything they have to offer.

I even have my eyeball on a few more items at their shop, so I will definitely be coming back again this time. 
Not as a reviewer, but as a customer.
If you'd like to check out this shop, follow the links below:
Demon Milk Etsy
Lovefromsirius Storeenvy

 FTC Disclaimer: I recieved these products for free for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own! Thank you!

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