Tuesday, July 18, 2017

✩ Antique Haul: Bed Dolls, Topsy Turvy Doll & More Bailey's Cups! // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I have another bunch'a hauls that I have been collecting throughout the whole month of June and July.
I have no life and most of what I DO have is spent thrifting--so that is why I post a lot about my many various wares than my actual face. lol

This post is going to be specifically about some awesome vintage antiques I gathered at my little hole in the wall shop!

I hope you enjoy your stay and please...do come again!

I found all three ladies. I couldn't believe my eyes. Two of them are actual vintage boudoir bed dolls. Old and in rather beat-up shape but that just means more to love! hehee

The first little lady is this beautiful vintage yellow and black bed doll. After close examination--I noticed her little dolly dress had cuts around her little dolly boobies. So, the previous owner was a sick little f*ck who liked to cut holes in dolls private of areas...and thought that covering it up with brown lace would hide that little fact. Heh. lol
Here she is, in her full glory! I love the headpiece!
This one is my favorite. I also found a shirt that resembles this cutie. I will do a OOTD soon with her as a prop. But anywho, ain't she darling? Her little broken eye just makes me love her more! The lace is so beautiful and she smells of a dusty attic. Lovely~
And here she is, in her fully glory! Love love love the dress!
And the last little bed doll is just as beautiful as the one before--she is a cream colored country gal with huge baby blues. She is actually a lot more "fluffier" and "lacey" than the other one. I loves her oh so much!
And here she is, in her full glory! I fell for her baby blues, what can I say? hehee
The next on this awesome list, is this vintage topsy turvy doll. One of my personal favorite story tales. Little Red Riding Hood with dear o' Grandmama.
I am in LOVE with the sculpt of her face. Those little pouty lips and chubby fingers. Gahhhhh.
And when you turn the doll inside out, Grandmom shows her face. I also loveeeeee that when you flip Grandma over, the wolf is there as well. Attention to that detail!!!
My grandma, what big teeth you have! hehe
I'm so glad I found this gem. I will cherish it forever!
These little bitty thingies are the last of this haul. I found 'em in between shelves. I couldn't be more happier!
I am sooooo giddy as a school girl because I JUST found the first cup and then another trip to that same store brought me into contact with these two beauts. The only issue, the seller told me, was that the female cup was broken. I have no issue about that at all, but heck...it let me off a few cents! hehee
But sheesh, both the girl and both as a bundle. Soooooo hap hap happy! I will glue the handle back on the lady, so she looks together a bit more.
Ain't they darling, too? So cuteeeee! I dunno, I just love human faces on mundane things!
This little guy was only a few coins but I couldn't pass him up. I think I will make a paper mache Alice and put him in her hands. I dunno yet but I instantly thought of Wonderland when I seen him.
So odd, yet so beautiful!
I think I have a new obsession and it's in the likes of these little dolly ladies. I was told by the seller that she is a Little Missy doll. So, I have been keeping eyeballs out for more of these little girls. I want to collect some more, so much that I get overwhelmed because these girls are too cuteeee. The devil HAD to come home with me. She is made out of a tiny plastic doll face, a piece of Styrofoam and some material and pins.
And this is the last piece of this beautiful puzzle. A witchy vintage theme for my bedroom. I am thinking of putting this in my room to decorate the walls a bit. I already have a witchy curtain, so it will look quite heavenly. (giggle giggle)
 Anyways, that is all for this time, folks.
I do hope you liked it and I hope you come back around...ya hear?

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