Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Music Haul: Records & Books // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Today I bring you a Vinyl Record Haul.
I love records and have been collecting for a long time now.
Some found at various thrift shops, some at libraries willing to part with old ones and some found while window-shopping online.

Today, I got a good bunch of them.
I will include some Tom Waits items in this haul, just because I have the records to show you, as well. So, why not? lol
I love love love Real Gone and I never been able to get my hands on it until now. I'm happy that I found it and in great condition! The price wasn't too shabby for eBay!
My brother surprised me with Mule Variations.
And he also surprised me with these books.

I included the Tom Waits books merely because I only got three in total, so why bother with a separate post. lol

But I already had the lyrics book, my brother surprised me with the other two for my collection.

I have a small "Tom Waits" section in my room I call the 'Shrine of Waits'. lol
I got these next two albums for relatively cheap, as well. Aphex Twin was an eBay purchase for my brother and Kate Bush was found at my local thrift shop for a few bucks!

I got another Aphex Twin for my brother & I got Laurie Anderson for me! Gawd, I love her so much!
Found these at a thrift shop--Nat King Cole & Jimmy Rushing!
I've had Cabaret already but it got really bad and damaged--so I was thrilled to find another one at the thrift shop, alongside lil Marlene! hehe
 Like I said, a tiny haul but still something worth posting.
I love my new records so much and I hope you enjoyed seeing them! 


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