Sunday, February 4, 2018

Some Old Photos I Found // Hannabal Marie

This was the very first images I took of our babu Charlie using the crappy webcam on my laptop.

Hellou ladies and gentlefish--
I was going through a few USBs and other data storing things of that nature
and stumbled onto a few images I never posted to the interwebs.

This, my dear friends, is not a good thing.
All things MUST be viewed by the general public.
And it must be done pronto otherwise my existence is in vain and all for nothing.

Also, I need space and it's either dump the crap or post for memories--so, I chose the latter of the two.

I don't recall a time-stamp, so forgive me when I say that some are old as f*ck and others are fairly new. Like last year new.
I have some stuff from holidays and some stuff from moments I wanted to snap and remember for giggles-sake....
so yeah, I hope you enjoy and tune in next time...
for when I dump a whole lot more from USBs I never checked. HA!

Babu Lily (aka Lil Bit aka Gong Lee aka Miss Kiss A lot!)

My parents at Comicon--They were men (and women) in black! 

I don't own these images--the watermark proves just that.
I only wanted to post because I am sitting in the back. lol

My brother.
All rights to Nerd Gazette for the photography.
I love this image of me. You probably didn't notice but I also painted my boots with flames! :'3
Another one I forgot to post. Have it and enjoy.

Another one I never got around to post.
All rights to 'G33k-HO.COM AGENT P.' for the photography.

My parents as MIB.
Edit by: Ghost Lee Photography.
My birthday cake I got a while back.
I don't remember when but I took pix I never posted.
An old pic of me. Back when I had jet black hurr and red eyebrows.

Me and my brother were just munching some Snack-mix and stumbled upon an omen--666

Charlie likes to do "High Fives" with my bro.

Cuddle time with the puppu.

Sometimes Charlie looks like he's on crack.

Charlie likes to do this "digging" thing on the couch, especially on pillows.
He'll dig the hell out of the sofa until he finds gold, man. 

Good boy in big trouble. lol

When someone leaves to do something--he'll wait on furniture like this.

Deep Sleepy Boi

Crack dog.

Happy boi.

Untamed mane. 
Me and my bro. 
This is the best thing in the entire world.
Coming home from a long day only to have extreme cuddle time with the pups.  
I love this photo so much. Not only do I love Charlie's face in it but I love the scare in the background! lmfao
I was reading a magazine while Charlie does the bum resting thing. 
A friend, a looooong time ago, sent me a Christmas Card and drew a little elfie me inside.
The friend is no longer a friend anymore but the memory is still with me. 
My Bday Party Last Year. This was the pre-setup look. I had so much fun and I got a tonnnn of sheeeeit.

The Christmas Card Wall keeps growing and growing every year. :')

These are me and my family's Christmas stockings--always hung, hardly stuffed. lmfao
I also got some stockings for our pupperino's. 

We found this beautiful kee kee sleeping on our front steps. We took him in for a while, gave him foods and water. Let him sleep a little bit on my mom's bed until he wanted out--so, we let him leave. I guess some kitty's just want a little company once in a while.

I loved the kitty's feets.

The kitty loved playing with my toys. lol

He had a hard day--so, we let him sleep on my mom's bed.
As soon as his little head hit the fluffy softness, he passed out into dreamland.

So peaceful. Cute kitty paws, too. :'3 They probably walked a long time outside, so he needed the rest! 

This is Charlie. Charlie likes to cuddle in blankets while he sleeps. He has over 3 different beds to his name. All with blankets for those cold nights. He is very spoiled and he knows it.  

Bad Boy Doing Bad Boy Things. lol

The best part of waking up, is Charlie in our cupppp! 

Charlie hates Dancing Baby Groot. lmfao

I let Charlie take his own selfies.
He boop the snoot.

He likes when people hold him upright. He also looks like he's in trouble with all that whites showing in his eyes. lmfao

More candid doggo selfies. lmfao I spent a total of 10 whole minutes just laughing at these because the nose. THE BIG O' PUP NOSE! AHAHAHHAHAA

During those hot summer days--we let the dogs have at the cruel water hose. lmfao
Charlie has made it his mission to always fight for what is right--even if it means he needs to bite the water that comes out of the water hose each and every time it turns on. lmfao 
Water Hose-0
We tend to get a lot of strays that come by the house, thanks to the Freeway that is a block or two from where we live.
It's a sad reality but the truth nonetheless--people seem to LOVE to drop off their animals by or ON the actual freeway.
So, we get a lot of pop-ins and passerbys. 

This little guy just waltz his little bum over to the house like he knew where he was going.
We gave him some food, water and let him play with some toys before we called up this really awesome Dog Rescue Center to come and pick him up. They hear from us a lot, so we have them on speed-dial. lmfao

My beautiful mama striking a pose.
Charlie likes to bite and bark and bark and bite. lmfao

Lil Bit and her dog toy that looks a little suspect. >.> lmfao 
Some random pic of our christmas tree one year.
Again--I have no idea when but it looks nice.

My Georgie playing around and being goofy.

I said "treat" and this was the face he gave me. lmfao

Lil Bit likes to show off those bottom teefs so much! :'3
Our Nativity scene ALWAYS has La Befana in it.
The Christmas witch! 

Lil Bit and her yummy treat. I made home-made peanut butter dog biscuits and I think she likes them.
Maybe just....a Lil Bit. ;D 

All I want for Christmas is my two front teef.



I assume these were some gifts I got for Christmas. Some bath stuff and a cute Christmas tie.  
Christmas goodies.  
We always have Roast on Christmas. So, these are the fixings. Carrots/Potatoes, Gravy and Mash Taters.
My brother also made this amazing Citrus and Cinnamon aroma boil.
(To make the house smell good! Like essential oil therapy!)
Charlie's first hair cut and wash. 
A random look I did but never posted because I didn't like how it looked, I guess. lmfao
Another Charlie image.
The makeup from the above look I never posted.
Idk why I never did, but ya gooooo.

Me and Lil Bit Cuddle Time! 

Some have potted plants or flowers as a decoration for their kitchen tables--I have Audrey II


I'm your own....personal...Jesus. lol
When we first got Little Charlie, he'd just sit in corners of the kitchen and eyeball us.
(We got Charlie from this cute little homeless lady who was giving away dogs.
She was crying and needed someone to take him home.
So, we did.
His name before he became Charlie was Louis Vuitton!) 

I don't remember when this was but it looks nice enough to post. lmfao

I assume I took a ton of these images to show off my Corset Silhouette. 

Brown Eyed Girl

Burt Reynolds. 
In the middle of doing "the dig" lmfao
I assume this was Thanksgiving Last Year. idk
Turkey Lurky.

Gravy boats and Stuffin.

Getting drunk on that good-good. lmfao


Carving The Turkey.

The Setup. 

Dad got pretty smashed--on Cider. lmfao


The plated dinner. 

I was mama to this baby birdy that feel out of our tree. I feed him and took good care of him until I had to let him go.  
Baby Charlie into a box.

I also found some old pics of me as a baby, so I thought I'd share them as well.

Me and my little brother. '95 or '96. 

Me with my Bart Simpson shirt. lol

Me and Faith, our bull dog. 

My mom and me on the day they renewed their wedding vows. 

My older Step-brother Jacob, My mom and me. 
Me at Grandmas.
Nice presents huh? None are for me, she just wanted me to stand next to them for this photo. lol

Me with some of my Bday gifts.
My parents were excited to be able to get me all these Pocahontas stuffs.
My dad worked his butt off to get me all the Disney things because I wanted them so badly. And when he could, he threw me a HUGE Disney themed bash. It was so awesome! 

Me and my brother on Easter.
You can tell I was going to be a fashion victim, even at a young age--with the unbuttoned button. lmfaoooo

Charlie was helping me reorganize my room. As you can see, it's serious business to watch over the stuff I move around. lol

Charlie likes tummy rubs.
Charlie also likes to twerk. lmfao

This is a very special picture for me because this was the FIRST NIGHT he slept in our home.
He was so scared and so tiny--he slept around the lamp next to the sofa. He literally claimed onto the counter and fell asleep around the warm lamp. So precious! 
Big nose for big boi.

Double Rainbow.

Baby Fluff-ball.
Cuddle baby.
Mister Play-Stuff. 

Teeny Tiny One with flat butt.

So tiny, so cute.

Me on The Fourth Of July.
He's plotting something...I know he

My mom was holding him and he gave me this face.
So coooooot.

Me, my brother and my mom at Christmas one year. idk when, but still pretty.


This was Joey. He was all feet. He ran away as soon as he got bigger but I still miss the feet.

Corset Training.

When it gets cold--we put socks on Charlie's feets. He seems to like them. That is, he hasn't tried to rip them off. lol

Old pic of me when I had very thin jet black hair and bangs. lol

Another old pic of me. idk when this was, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. idk

Me and Georgie. There is always time for the kisses. 

Bigger Moon.
I love that damn purple cat hat. lmfao
Me and my bug eyes. 
There's this little place where I live that doesn't have no sign nor any indication of what the hell it is used for--
but it has a door, a red satin door to be exact. >.>


I love the fall. Those leaves and the whole weather in general. 
we got a lot of motels here. lol

I don't care if these hats are for kids, I will wear one and wear one proudly. 

The store we were shopping at were giving these out to all the kids and well...
I wanted one, too. >.>
The shadow shows all.

Cookie Monster. 
I really liked my makeup.
I really really liked the makeup.
I really very muchly liked the makeup.
I was given this Sally toy from a friend as a Christmas Gift one year. I still have her. Alongside all my other toys and trinkets. :3 
I like to doodle on my letters and cards.
This was a sketch I did on a card I gave my mom for Christmas.
Another doodle. Why? Because it felt right.
I used to always doodle little pics of me after my signatures--especially during my High School days. This was a doodle I did for my mom on a card I gave her for her Bday. I just like goofing around. lmfao

My brother taking the opportunity to model in front of the grocery store. lmfao

Grump. Grump. Grump. 
I still missin my two front teef.


Look Ma, NO TEEFS.

Deep thought.

My first Orchard Corset! :3


Another Moon.

No makeup.
No Makeup Again.

Gingerbread House In The Ghetto. 


Hat and Skin.

Sleepy Babu Pup.

So Sleepy.  
After A Bath and In New Clothes.
She hates me so much. ahahaa
Smart Boi.

Good Boi.

Idk I thought this was SOOOO COOL when I first made it.
Now, I'm just posting so I don't forget. lmfao

Baby Charlie.

All Dolled Up 




Me and my bro on The 4th Of July.

And to end this all on something recent--me and my brother the other night laughing and being stupid af.

I'm glad I found these images before something went wrong--like my accidental deleting them or something.
Some of these I can't ever get again, some memories lost by time.
Animals I loved and will continue to love.
Baby pictures of my babies and all sorts of cute things.
I hope you enjoyed taking a private peek at something so personal yet so amazing as my little life.
I will continue to dump a bunch of random shots I have here, because I always tend to snap away at something/anything really. lmfao
I just store them on USBs until moments like these--where I stumble on them and feel compelled to post.

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