Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thrift Store Haul--Odd Jewelry Mystery Grab Bags & More Antique Dolls // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I bring you another thrift haul.
Like I mentioned in previous posts--I got some money from Christmas Cards that my friends and family sent me and decided to use it on some stuff. 

I only ever shop at thrift stores anymore--so, it seems fit for me. lol

I really love thrifting odd things, so this was Christmas all over again.
I found some amazing little finds--mind you, these items were collected throughout the month from Jan 1st til now...every once in a while I'll pop into a thrift shop (we have a TON where I live, hence the frequent thrifting posts! lol) and I'll find something that catches my eye.
Majority of the time it will be relatively cheap--like a few dollars to maybe even some cents but a good portion of the time I have to sit back and contemplate if a item is really worth the double digits or not. lol

I don't know what is wrong with a few shops here but most of 'em have become department stores as of recently. Literally selling at the actual price-tag or even more.
I remember when Thrifted meant finding a good deal for ridiculously cheap but I don't even know anymore. 

It's used items, you'd think you'd get a smaller price tag but alas, 

I am just a sore purchaser who hates spending but loves finding the wares. lmfao

Anywho, here are my finds.
I hope you enjoy your stay~ 

I then found this pack of dolls that came together.  
One is a Bed Pillow Doll and the other is a Porcelain Angel Christmas Tree Topper. 

This is the Bed Pillow Doll in all her beautiful glory! I am so in love with these types of dolls. I have a tiny growing collection myself.
Her face is so cute. I love love love her expressive eyes.
She has this wooden block under her. To keep her sitting upright on a bed.
I can't quite make out what it says due to the netting but the tag is still there nonetheless.

She also had this little antique price-tag fall out from under her. I surely didn't pay no $17.95 for this doll bundle. As a set, I didn't pay more than 5 bucks total.
This is the other little lady. 

Here is this little lady in all her glory.
She also came with an identical price-tag. Both worth the same amount. Both bought for under 5 bucks as a set. I think I found a good find here! hehee
This last thing was actually another blind grab-bag. There is a specific area in my thrift store that sells a bunch of trinkets, items, jewelry, ect in random plastic baggies. You gotta search them all to find the right bunch to select. All for around 10 bucks each. I found this set and this was all the trinkets inside. 
The first thing I found was this little vintage ram pin. I love the little green gems for the eyes. 
The next thing I got was this beautiful doll necklace. It's actually very big and heavy. I love it so much.
I love the little cherubs alongside the mirror behind the doll. It's all made by hand, of that I am pretty sure. The doll has been hot glued in place, on top of the antique mirror.  She has beautiful tassels and beads that accent her every detail. I love her so much.
I really love her. As you can tell with the frequent posts. lol
It really gives me a Alice in Wonderland vibe with the doll popping out from inside the mirror. 
The next bunch of things were these pins and Bolo tie.
Please excuse the white hairs and messy bits--I live with shedding animals and the doll with the big o' puffy dress has some dust and debris on her dress that left behind a mess. lmfao I tried to dust as much as I could off but velvet tends to grab EVERYTHING. I'm so sorry! lol
The Bolo Tie is made out of a hard wood. Carved into this beautiful face. 
I am so in love with these--They are of  Frida Kahlo and I am in LOVE with her! 
The next necklace is of this black and white beaded vintage bat. The bat itself is made out of a resin material.
The hook that holds the bat to the necklace is rusted over. 

I especially love the little plastic beads gathered together. It really makes this necklace so elegant and gorgeous! 
The next necklace is this odd little doll face one. It has the words "Darkness Gathers" under it. So eerie, so me~ 
The front and back of it! Also the size compared to my dainty hand. lol
Sorry that the image is white-washed and hairy (I live with pups! Sowwie! lol)
but it's the best I can do with a white on silver necklace. lol
These are much better in terms of exposure. The little porcelain doll is hot glued in place. If you look closely, it's screaming in pain. It's so odd, I love it! 
The next necklace is this beautiful vintage photo of some strange lady inside a rustic spoon. 

I love love love this one. I adore the odd and eerie feeling this gives off. I don't know who this lady is, is she still alive or is she passed on? Why is she inside a old spoon? What does the spoon have hammered into it on the back? All these questions and I love it so much! 
I love it so much! 
The next necklace is this beautiful odd face one. 

I really like this one, too. It reminds me of the Magic Mirror on Snow White. "Mirror, Mirror...On the wall..."
The actual necklace cord reminds me of snake scales, too. And, like a few of the necklaces previously--it is held together by a spoon. A lot of spoon jewelries. Smart idea--it's inspiring me to create my own jewelry now. 

The next necklace I got was this odd "teeth" one. Made out of a thin cardboard. It has a ton of beads. Also, the teeth seem to be made from clay or resin, as well. 

I really love the beads and stones on the actual necklace. It's so beautiful. The back of the cardboard material, it has a thin piece of wood to support the heavy teeth puzzle pieces and accents. 

And the last necklace from this bundle was this "cat" framed necklace. The piece of paper, to me, looks like something out of a coloring book. Maybe a vintage piece of school paper from some innocent child's first words to spell? Idk but it's so cute. The words "CAT" are written with a purple crayon. It also has a kitty clasp and buttons all around. I love love love the "Admit 1" cat ticket on the front! So cuteeee! 
And that is all for this post until next purchase. lol
I plan to do something with all these new pieces of jewelry!
I am so happy and so very thrilled to own all these new items to my name.
They shall go great with the rest of my wares and oddities~ 

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