Friday, May 4, 2018

Geeky Haul 2 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
today I have another geeky themed haul for you all.
I got this set of dolls for fairly cheap at the store, at discount price, and I wanted to add it to the small collection me and my family have.

So, enough with chit-chat, here is the stuff:

We got the doll set recently, to go with the rest of the stuff we already owned. 

I can't believe the deal we got on this whole set from Target.

My dog dressed up as Rocket to help with the photoshoot. 

He is such a good boy.

Ready to bite heads off, eh Rocket?

Very good boy.

Sleepy Rocket.

Outside seemed to have better lighting. 

The back of the box also had detailed information on each character.

I really loved the artwork on the characters so much.

Rocket is adorable.

The toys are such great quality figures.

I loved the detail on her face.

Very nice sculpt. 

Loving the mask. lol

I. Am. Groot.

(Here is a small video clip of one of the toys in action.
This was a present me and my brother got my mom one year!)

That is all
Thanks for reading/watching/viewing. 

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