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👉Strange Food Review: The Angry Whopper🔥😠🍔 | Hannabal Marie

A nice big bite! 

Hello ladies and gents
This will be a new section on this blog called "Strange Food Reviews."
Not quite a unique name, I know but the name doesn't matter right now. lol
I just want to document some of the strangest, oddest, coolest, unique-est?, different types of meals and/or foods I will try in my life.
I also want to remember some of the coolest "LIMITED TIME ONLY" foods, as well. 
Special holiday meals, treats and other things like that.

Very rarely do I ever go out, truth being told. I don't really like fast food as much as I did as a kid BUT I do like novelty, and that is what this section of my blog will be about.
To see what the "buzz" is all about and/or just try out something new. 
(Also, I let myself have 'cheat days' on the rare occasion. 
So, I am going to allow myself to 'cheat' with these cool treats!)

Now, I probably won't do EVERY SINGLE THING on planet earth--
some things aren't interesting enough for me to even care about but the ones I do want to try, I will--full force.With detailed description and photos.

Enough with the introduction, allow me to show you my first cool meal. 
I got the whole meal deal. Came with the whopper, large fries, 2 BBQ sauces and a drink! 

"You Mad? Get Angry! Our Angry WHOPPER® features ¼ lb* of flame-grilled beef, piled high with thick-cut bacon, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crispy onion petals, jalapeños, creamy mayonnaise and angry sauce all layered between a toasted sesame seed bun."
Burger King was my thing growing up. All the kids on the block were team Mickey D's, but our household was all about BK! Not going to lie, most of our 'want' stemmed from the fact that BK toys were A LOT better than Mickey D's toys. McDonalds was all about Barbie, Mattel and the sort. Maybe they tossed in a few Hot Wheels but BK was where it was at, in terms of cool toys. 
Disney stuff, The Simpsons, even cool glassware that had Batman on it!! (I collected EVERYTHING!) I even still have my Hunchback of Notre Dame hand puppets from the 90s.

So, a lot of the time--me and my brother were screaming to get a BK kids meal just because of their toys! 

It's been almost 8+ years since I last walked into a Burger King. 
But much like riding a bike, the TASTE never truly leaves you. I could still taste their flame broiled patties. The smell of their thick cut fries. The service that lets you truly have it YOUR WAY! It brought back some very vivid memories--so the fact they came out with something new on their menu--worthy of a 90s child novelty lover...just made me proud to be a BK kid still.

The Packaging
Not that it matters but I really LOVE to see novelty.
If a brand is going down that path of novelty, damn it--I wanna see it!
"A" for Angry~ 

Not going to lie--I was a bit taken aback from the packaging. 
I was expecting something more "themed"--maybe a fire inspired wrapper or a box with an angry face to offset the "Angry" name. But it was just a plain brown bag with a brown basic wrapper. The only difference between this and a normal whopper is that they stenciled a big "A" on the front of it. 
Some promo shots found via Google Search! 

I've been reading articles, seeing people post about this Angry Whopper being the new coolest thing ever...but the packaging just says "meh" to me. Just look at some of the promo shots. They make it seem so cool, so interesting but when you receive it--it's just 'oh.' 

I would have loved to see the whopper wrapped in something like the top left image--a black wrapper with flames all over it. With the name on it somewhere other than a simple little "A" jotted down on the front like it's some ABC multiple selection exam.

But I guess they did a good job with keeping it "angry" because I was pretty angry with the packaging being so plain. Not that it's a deal breaker, by any means but definitely takes the fun out of the novelty part of this burger for me.

Maybe I am late to the game and they decided to just hand them out like regular whoppers. I see that they've made a few other "Angry" burgers and in fact, this is a "return of the Angry Burger" maybe the novelty is no long novelty anymore. That OR I confused the Angriest Whopper with this one--where hot sauce is baked right into the bright red buns. idk but still my opinion nonetheless.

Some Other Mentions Before The Burger Review
The following images were shot before my trying out the Angry Whopper. 
I just wanted to include them in this post, as well. 
I got a few items for everyone in my household. Couldn't possible just buy myself a meal only. lol

I know a lot of people who claim BK's fries are horrible. I beg to differ. I like the big cut fries a lot more than Mickey D's tiny things. Don't get me wrong, no fry is a wrong fry but I just really love the taste of these guys overall.

I heard news that Surge was coming back to Burger King--so not only was this a good idea to get the new Angry Whopper but also check to see if my BK had my childhood favorite in stock! 
Yep, they sure did! lol

For those who don't know about Surge (everyone should know thanks to the internet! lol) but it was a citrusy soda sold around the 90s. You could drink it straight from the can. The soda was a direct result of the Pepsi vs Coke showdown at the time. Pepsi had Mountain Dew, so Coca-Cola invented Surge to shake them up a bit.

For a while, it was a close contest between them both. They started to have their controversies until Surge was banned from several schools. After the ban, Surge started to dwindle in sales...which resulted into it's undoing around 2002. Mountain Dew also had it's nasty rumors at the time, one being that the drink would 'shrink your testicles' hahaa

But for those curious about the taste of Surge--It is like a cross between Sprite and Mountain Dew. A Hybrid. Not as lemon-y or lime-y like Sprite but very similar. Not entirely like Mountain Dew, either but again, the notes are there. It's like a smooth citrus soda with a taste that is neither lemon nor lime but on the brink of almost being there.

Quite honestly, it tastes like a mashup between Hi-C, Lemonade and Mountain Dew to me. Add a few more spoons of sugar to get the kids really hooked and WHAM, you got Surge. 

Now, the time we've all been waiting for--my initial review into this burger. lol
You saw the wrapper, you read about my fries. I also included a mini review about Surge...
now it's time for the finale. 
Unwrapping the burger I get greeted by this. Not quite like how it's shown in the promos but quite honestly, they probably paid a lot for the toothpaste and toothpicks to help display the burger like I've seen in false marketing techniques. lol Not going to lie, it's a damn fine burger. Better than I have seen from several other chains. Especially for a BK burger, AND especially with one done at my location whose goal is to slap it together as quickly as possible with no servicing with smiles. Kudos to the kids who created my burger, not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. 
Opening him up, we see pretty much everything they promote in the photos.
Iceburg lettuce--nice and crisp. Nice looking tomatoes. Enough mayo that it's not going to gag me like I am used to by BK.
The patty with it's pretty grill pattern, the bacon piled high and cut thick, american cheese oozing from the sides, onion pedals piled higher than the bacon (which is niceeee!) beautiful slices of Jalapenos and that angry sauce.  
The onion pedals were my favorite. Crispy and thick.
That batter they used on the onions was golden and absolutely delicious. 
Holding up an onion pedal. Is that spices I see in the crust?
BK getting fancy with those spices, me likey~ ;) 
A better shot of everything combined. You can definitely see that "Angry Sauce" which was a tangy almost sweet n spicy sauce. I dabbed a little onto my finger and tasted it. 
The Verdict
Quite honestly, this had to be my favorite fast food burger in a long time. 
I'm a huge lover of spicy foods. Mix that into a famous BK whopper (which was my all time favorite thing ever growing up) and you got yourself a damn good burger. 
Me and my brother got the Angry Whopper. Two Angry Whoppers came out to be $17.98 with the LG fries and LG Surges.
So, each meal costs roughly about $8.99 per person. Not that bad, for a full large meal. 

The heat in this burger is exactly how I like my hot foods. Tasty yet growing on you with each bite. Not too hot where you can't enjoy your food. Tolerable yet building up to a point where you have to stop every few bites to take a sip of your drink. lol The "Angry Sauce" mixed absolutely well with the heat. Having a balanced combination of hot and sweet, tangy and savory. Divine! Absolutely divine! 

The lettuce, tomato, mayo, all the rest just comes crashing into the heat/tang mixture to mix it up into a creamy melody of mellow spice. 

The funny part of this all is that I am not a big bacon/pork fan (Nor am I a fan of American Cheese, either! Usually tastes like plastic to me!). But yeah, I usually don't like those things at all. I actually despise the taste of pork but this burger was such a great one that I couldn't stop eating it. Tasty is an understatement. I can't quite explain it--but when burger joints come out with specialty burgers that include Bacon or traces of pork, it's usually very overwhelming and overdone. Like they know their burgers suck, so they just chuck a bunch of bacon on it to make up for the fact it is a horrible burger. But this one uses their bacon as an accent, not the main course. The salty bacon balances with everything. Take it out and the burger is ruined, that sort of deal. It works, it simply works and I am happy to have splurged on my "cheat day" with this Angry Whopper. 
Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! 
A flame boiled burger, A tall cup of Surge, crisp fries and Burger King--
Nothing says 90s nostalgia quite as well as this. 
I highly recommend those folk who love hot foods to try this big boy out. 

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